January 26, 2023

This is my story about taking prednisone and how it made me gain 15 lbs in two weeks! I’ll also discuss some of the other side effects I’ve experienced along with why I have to take it.

Baby alex and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about one of medications it’s called prednisone okay someone for medication prednisone is like the main one that causes me problems the other one really don’t bother me but this hi my name is beverly it got a lot of side effects so in this video i’ll tell you about the side effects that could occur the ones that i’ve

Experienced personally and then also why they prescribed it so i mean like the benefits of taking it but yeah i’m gonna start with the benefits base so the reason that i thought i personally got prescribed prednisone is because it’s a steroid that helps fight inflammation in the body so my kidneys whenever i get a flare-up they become inflamed and that’s like

Means that something’s wrong with them or that they really irritate or that means that my body’s attacking them more then more than they should be which they should be talking about all but wait loop is my body thinks that my kidneys are a foreign invader innocent like they’re not supposed to be there but they’re your kidneys so they are supposed to be there so

That’s why i got prescribed prednisone to fight the inflammation prolonged use of prednisone has a lot of side effects and a lot of yeah a lot of side effects so i haven’t experienced all of them but the ones i have experienced are the increased appetite i had to acne before what else have i had i’ve had a moon face or like chipmunk cheeks i like to call them

And i think that’s really it for the i’ve experienced but i googled it too because not everyone has the same side effects but you can get blurred vision swelling rapid weight gain feeling shortness of breath um blood or like bloody stools you can get coughing up blood you can get pancreatitis dangerously high blood pressure sleep problems increased appetite acne

Increased sweating dry skin thinning skin bruising or discoloration oh i have that that whenever i get bruised i get burned it was like it’s big and it’s purple um i’ve had slow wound healing i never had that i usually feel pretty fast um headaches dizziness spinning sensation nausea stomach pain bloating changes in the shape or location of body fat storage i

Haven’t had that either i don’t have a lot of body fat but those are all the symptoms or all the side effects that could um occur when you’re on prednisone but really i only had the increased appetite the bruising i had acne before like i said and like the chipmunk cheeks and i’ve had the weight gain i recently got the weekend so the first side effect that i’ve

Ever experienced was um the moon face so whenever i get a flare-up i get prescribed a high dosage of prednisone and that’s when you typically can tell when someone is on prednisone as their face gets really chunky i’ll put a picture right here but my face before this is real like it’s a really really skinny and contoured but yeah it’s pretty chunky now still

I’m on like a thirty dosage of prednisone i started up at 16 august i’m 130 now they slowly titrate you off because of the side effects that could occur with um prednisone and also prednisone is a medicine that can lower your ability to fight off infections or contagious diseases so that’s why right now with the whole crona virus thing going on i have to be

Really precautious because if i do contract anything if i can tract a cold it takes me forever to fight it off and i’ll get like more sick than someone who is healthy who doesn’t have lupus would be able to fight it off that makes sense you know your body creates antibodies to things and so when you get in contact with it again you’re by able to fight it off so

You won’t be a sick but with me i guess my body doesn’t recognize the um like a cold virus i was like a foreigner like a foreign thing but for some reason everything i guess my kidneys as a foreign thing so that’s the whole thing so yeah um being on prednisone for a long time it makes it hard for you to fight off viruses so yeah i’ve been and not indoors you

Know spongebob indoors long clip yeah i’ve been indoors for the last since i’ve been booted off the campus now hmm over a month ago i hadn’t really been outside since then because i can contract anything and i won’t be able to fight it off and right now with the hospitals being so overwhelmed with car buyers cases i don’t really want to contract anything or have

Time so yeah um that’s one the acne i really haven’t had to acne in years but when i first got diagnosed with lupus in 2013 my acne was terrible yeah it really was only like right here i don’t have acne i never had acne before but besides that i only had it like right here and it was like whiteheads and they were small so they lasted for like a good month or so

I was trying out different um like facial washes and i started using aveda and that really cleared up my skin and they they went away you guys are drinking a lot of water you know water makes good skin you also drink water that may give it am i and yeah increased appetite is another side effect that i’ve had i recently just got that well i want to say recently

I like to eat i always like to eat but i’ve never had the weight gain aspect of the increased appetite so i would be able to eat whatever i want and my metabolism was so high that i would be able to burn it off so i would never gain the weight um i was a hundred pounds my whole life recently since the last leg up in august like i said i’ve went to 115 if you know

Me i’ve been trying to gain weight my life so i’m really satisfied with the weight that i’ve gained um it’s not just because the prednisone an increased appetite i also got on this birth control called a purveyor which is a depo shot and that causes a like increased appetite too and people were to gain weight so that plus a prednisone gave me 15 pounds in two

Weeks um what else have i experienced the the bruising i have to be really careful because when i bruise i bruise i don’t think i have a picture of it but if i do i’ll put it in here i was at track practice my freshman ice not icicle in college and we’re doing like little stages and i was so fatigued and i told my coach i could not jump these stairs anymore

He’s like no just do one more just do one more and my legs gave out and i end up smacking my thigh really hard on like a concrete stuff and the step was like probably not even kidding it was a big step i’ve smacked my thigh and it bruised really really bad and it took forever to go away but um vitamin e oil helps everything and cocoa butter so i went away um

What other side the i think that’s really it the biggest one for me was the cheeks welding because everyone can see that so yeah so that was it that was okay so those were my side effects of prednisone and i all told you guys why i wanted make sure that if you see someone whose body appearance has changed that you’re not rude about it i’m in college now so i

Had to develop tough skin in high school because people were assuming things that weren’t true nearly oh she’s pregnant i her face is getting fat or um that was the biggest one even in college people like oh she’s just pregnant it’s not pregnancy it’s literally the prednisone and if i don’t take it my body will not be happy with me and i can get really really

Sick so just make sure you’re kind with your words i know social media it’s easy to be a cyber bully but you try to spread positivity um and that’s really it in my next video i’ll talk about another medication that i want which is hydrochloric win or plaquenil the president trump he recently has talked about it and it’s um i guess it’s used to help combat the

Kovat 19 so there’s been a decrease in the availability of it because people have been able to stock up on it somehow i don’t know how people i’ve been getting it prescribed but you know the hysteria and the what’s what i’m thinking of the anxiety over the cove at 19 and people being fearful over it they’ve been able to get access to this medication i need that

Medication to live one so in the next video i’ll talk about that but make sure you like and subscribe stay tuned for more video and make sure you educate somebody about lupus and some medications that people come there on okay

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I GAINED 15 lbs IN 2 WEEKS! | Prednisone | Moon face | Acne & More!! By TheRealToniB Life with Lupus