January 27, 2023

Prednisone is a great drug to assist while you’re in a flare up or crisis but as a long term treatment plan things get a little complicated. One of the greatest pitfalls of taking prednisone are the side effects such as weight gain. Here’s my breakdown of what happened to me while on prednisone for 2 years.

I probably would friends and when two who makes you feel good thank you so that’s the truth like some of that weight gain yes the weight gain was called by the prednisone because that’s what that’s the side effect of it and it triggers and you the knee and desire to eat more but sorry i lost my train of thought brave roll but look brain oh well what i was saying

Is that you even though you’re eating your body let me grow it and then once you get into the but honestly i don’t know if i wouldn’t agree to be on prednisone on high dose of prednisone i was on for the length of time i was born and i had known or knew that i would have gained so much weight i was thinking maybe 10 pounds and i also didn’t know how long i wouldn’t

Have to be on it and those are just things that you really really have to consider i am thankful to prednisone because during the worst time of my life it was there for me and it definitely helped as far as mitigating some crises and flare-ups but on the back end of it i definitely don’t feel like it was worth it because it is so freakin hard to get this weight

Off but i’ve been trying you guys i’ve been trying ever since i was diagnosed to well not since i was diagnosed i have been trying ever since i gained this weight to get it off and it’s not going anyway i mean it’s going but it’s not going as fast i would like for it to go there are a couple of other own people iphone or instagram who have dedicated their pages to

Just talk about weight loss with md especially while being it just really really hard especially when you can’t move your body and do the different things that’s what helped you burn the way if you need to burner so that’s a really really kurt and frank discussion about prednisone if you are pregnant all especially high dose of prednisone for a extended period of

Time you will gain weight there is no way around it it’s up to you to talk to your doctor to advocate for yourself and so what you’re comfortable with i’m now off of prednisone a hundred percent and i still can’t get this weight off and yeah i’m older now cuz you know i’m an aussie not in real life but i’m thirty males so i feel like you can put it on t in front

Of my knees a young kid can i say kids you know i’m now using terms like back in my days i feel like i’m on t now but honestly you guys like an all jokes aside it’s real and so one of the things that i have really really been focusing on is a body positivity one of my friends told me you have to channel your inner bad being no matter what stage you’re at so wow

Sometimes i look at myself and i see brittany rasputia from norbit and sometimes i’m like oh kinda cute i see you doing it banker i see and then i look at my fifties when i’m too late delete delete so that’s why i work so hard not just on exercising but also just on focusing on affirmations and body positivity and not allowing me not being what i think i should be

Get to dictate how i feel about myself because i’m not overweight or i’m not bigger than i want to be i just sat down from the tv at home but bombon never exercised i’m just playing because i had these every one medication medication gave you this i don’t have to deal with it the best way i know how but it does put a weight on you both physically and mentally so i

Would say think twice not think twice because if you need it you need it that’s just the bottom line of it but you just have to mentally be prepared for these types of side effects which is weight gain and just possibly not ever being rid of it so i know i was rambling i’m sorry you guys i lost my train of thought brain fog is real can you set it again brain fog

Is real but if you have been able to successfully lose weight after being on prednisone while taking into the limitations of your chronic illness please drop me some comments let me know what’s helpful for you what helped you lose the way different exercises different eating habits i tried everything from aip to juicing to smoothies this weight just doesn’t want

To go anywhere but it’s gonna go i’m determined to make it go somewhere and that’s all i can do this is my best but in the meantime i’m definitely gonna love myself at all sciences and one day i will get to the side that i want to be a so i guess if i have to sum this whole video love because i probably wasted at least 10 minutes of your time i would say you’re

Gonna gain weight it’s okay love yourself regardless and as soon as you can do everything you can to get off of the prednisone as soon as possible but that means exploring different medications means do that activity i don’t know but i definitely would not encourage anybody to be a friend a little longer than they backed it y’all

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I Gained 30 lbs taking Prednisone for Myasthenia Gravis By Is Was Will Be