January 26, 2023

I am diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse with blood flow regurgitation, chest pain, heart working too hard, critical value heart inflammation.

You know i have to get more testing to find out whether i need a heart surgery to fix the valve or whether it’s just worth it letting the valve stay leak had the the flu really bad i almost died and i didn’t realize that it can damage the heart directly and indirectly she says okay what medications you taking and i said i’m taking rasuvastat and she goes that’s it

Rasuvastatin she’s like that has a ton of side effects my heart attack issue i think i may have had a heart attack at least i was having a lot of pain a lot of pressure in my chest i didn’t have the symptoms like the numb arm and all these other symptoms but i talked to a lot of friends that have had heart attacks and they said that sometimes they didn’t have any

Of those symptoms and that the symptom of just the pressure on the chest was enough to indicate maybe having had a heart attack so i went to the laboratory and i got all this testing done and my inflammation came out really high so i i was worried that maybe i was having heart inflammation pressure on my chest that caused a heart attack in conjunction with all the

Bodybuilding chemistry that i use so what happened was i i had the the flu really bad i almost died and i didn’t realize that it can damage the heart directly and indirectly so it damages the lungs and then because the lungs get damaged the heart pressure gets backed up and it damages the heart people can have heart attacks from lung issues also so i it probably

Caused damage directly to the heart because that’s what the virus does to the endothelial lining in the arteries and in the heart and then cause damage to the lungs which then cause damage to the heart so there’s no question about it based on the severity of the symptoms that i had in the near death experience and my d dimer score being over 2 500 normal being

Less than 500 i was i had the amount of clotting that someone has when they usually die from the virus so i got that under control and i always intended to get my heart back into shape i intended to do cardio and do more and more cardio but i never actually did the cardio so four months four and a half months went by of me doing cardio an average of one time per

Month when i should have been doing it more so my biggest mistake number one was i didn’t do enough cardio mistake number two is i didn’t take enough of the peptides like tb 500 and bpc157 which those are growth healing peptides that people usually use for injuries like when they tear a bicep you know we used it on joe we use it on uh i don’t know if no i’ll use

Ended up using it but i recommend it to noel and all my other friends that have had tears around me there’s so many of them we use it on all of them and they recover so fast like every doctor’s like oh my god i can’t believe how fast you recover from that but the truth is the tb 500 is mainly made for cardiovascular disease to because it allows your body to build

New vascular pathways you know which then brings blood pressure down and increases circulation prevents heart attacks so i should have been using the tv 500 but i wasn’t using very much the most concerning thing about all this is i went and got a test an echocardiogram so this is after the heart inflammation so first i tested my my see cpk and cmb and they’re

Pretty much off the charts my ldh was elevated my cpk was 1379 normal is less than 200. so i’ve got more than five times the normal maybe i’ve got 10 times the normal and it says critical value that means like dangerous like you need to see a doctor is what they mean when they put that on the lab work then ckmb that’s an inflammation marker more specific to the

Heart tissue usually so you have cpk can be from damage anywhere in the body that can be from working out but then you have ckmb which is also elevated maybe four times normal which that’s four times normal right that’s pretty significant so there’s also potentially damage to my heart i’ve actually talked to a few cardiologists already and we’re going to go over

That too but then my troponin t was 6.9 which is normal so and i talked to a cardiologist later he said okay your cpk being high that can be from weightlifting your ckmb less likely to be from weightlifting but it still could be from weightlifting or some temporary strain on the heart maybe doing you know they’re saying like okay maybe you did like really intense

Cardio too hard but i didn’t do cardio i’m only weight lifting and my heart rate’s not going that high like i’m not working my heart that hard the mistake that i’ve been making is i’m babying my heart i should be exercising my heart post having the flu and rebuilding the heart but instead i’ve been bathing it because i’ve been so nervous about my heart because i

Feel that pressure has been building so i show these lab results to a doctor and she says okay tell me all the medications you’re taking i’m like okay steroids this and that you know surprisingly she didn’t think the steroids had any negative cardiovascular impact from what she’s seen okay that’s a surprise because usually steroids are blamed for everything okay

Uh she says okay what medications you’re taking and i said i’m taking rasuvastat and she goes that’s it rasuvastad and she’s like that has a ton of side effects and i’m like but the side effects i’m having are with my heart and rasuvastatin as a statin which is supposed to be for the heart like that’s supposed to fix my lipid panel fix my cholesterol so that i

Don’t have harsh heart issues how can a heart medication be causing me heart damage and we’ve been talking in the bodybuilding community recently with more of the cutting edge chemists and coaches that we should be taking a little bit of a statin uh in order to offset the damage to the lipid profile that we’re doing by taking the steroids so she’s like no watch

Come off it completely and watch a lot of your symptoms and side effects and go oil okay and so i said okay well let’s get a echocardiogram she said to see how your heart is performing see if there’s any left ventricular hypertrophy see if there’s any other problems with how it’s pumping or size or if the steroids did damage to your heart what was happening inside

My heart it’s a it’s mitral valve prolapse prolapse means like a bending of the valve so every time your heart pumps in order to prevent the blood going back you know like when a pump happens you have to stop where the flow came in so you have this valve that that you know sta goes like goes like this opens and then it closes so the blood can’t come back in opens

The blood comes in stops the blood from coming back while it pumps out so the mitral valve is bending like this and it’s causing leakage all around there’s blood leaking back into my heart left ventricle ejection fraction so this is the fraction of 100 cc or something 100 percentage of that that goes out of the heart versus what doesn’t go in the heart so like how

Much gets pumped in versus actually how much new blood leaves the heart so that you want a high percentage as possible now my i think my previous echocardiogram was in the 70s you know maybe 71 75 75 ejection fraction which according to the doctor like okay that’s great that’s perfect that’s normal back then i had an echocardiogram in and uh all this cardiovascular

Testing done about three years ago which i’ve been doing steroids for around nine years so that was six years after i started steroids and after i did all my most extreme experiments remember most of my extreme bodybuilding experiments were in the first six years like i’ve been a lot more cautious since uh the last three years so i wouldn’t expect anything worse to

Have happened to my heart in the last three years but my previous echocardiogram was flawless the doctor said wow your heart’s perfect and i actually did that echocardiogram for the enhanced 2 movie because we had the other doctor on the other side saying that bodybuilders are all going to die from heart attacks from using all this research chemicals and steroids

And then we had me on the other side who was blasting and so you know people say abusing steroids for six years with zero side effects with that back then were you taking the myosin like the like the pharmaceutical things everything i experimented with that those were the old days it was like i was rotating between experimenting with yeah i was experimenting with

Like phallostatin and ace and all every peptide and you know and then i do a video i do experiment on myself and then do a video about it i mean the difference is i wasn’t i wasn’t blasting myself all the time with high dosages of chemistry i was experimenting so i was i used all the different types of chemistry and short periods of time at high dosage to see

What the benefits were and the side effects were to my body so no heart damage from six years of doing that and the doctor said he said yeah you know the bodybuilders taking steroids and damaging their heart is like overestimated like that he’s like usually we don’t usually see that in steroid users as much as we see it in just extreme athletes in general like a

Natural athlete that’s pushing their heart to the limit every day whether it’s cycling or running he’s like that’s when we see it not because it’s not because of the steroids as a primary cause but i mean of course combine the two combined pushing your heart to the limit and taking all the steroids and then of course not managing your blood pressure and your blood

Glucose and of course then you have a recipe for for a heart attack and heart disease i’m not saying that these compounds are safe and that because i had no side effects from them that that anybody could do it not had side effects i also have very healthy diet and i take a lot of health supplements that offsets a lot of the potential damage that steroids could do

To my heart so back to the echocardiogram was perfect three years ago then i just get this echocardiogram now and it comes back have mitral valve prolapse and the doctor looks at it and she’s like you know this is pretty concerning like i don’t know what what you did to your heart but uh later i would research and find that maybe i broke one of the tendons that

Holds the valve and then i’m like okay well i’m i’m used to being able to fix everything in my body with chemistry like there’s there’s almost no disease or problem in the body that i haven’t at one time figured out a solution for fixing with chemistry outside of western medicine unless there’s like a break a mechanical breakage like if you tear a bicep and the

Tendon rips off well the chemistry won’t cause the tendon to reattach you have to have the surgeon reattach the tendon and then we can use the chemistry to heal and make the tendons stronger and recover faster say so what i my fear is is that with the echocardiogram and the metro valve prolapse is that the tendon actually ruptured in my heart and i can actually feel

This like every time i feel i can actually feel my heart beat like i can sit here and i can like i can feel i don’t know can everybody that can you feel your heartbeat in your chest like just sitting and feeling it if you just focus so i could feel it i think i’d have to be really mindful i like just going possible so maybe maybe i’m just really mindful or maybe

I’m paranoid or maybe i’m a hypochondriac about it but i was feeling all this pressure go in they tell me metro valve prolapse left uh so the ejection fraction was 59 so i go online and i research at 59 with metro valve prolapse they say uh you are a candidate for surgery you could have that you can they can go in and they can repair the valve you know they can

Stitch it together whatever wherever the leakage is or wherever the bending is they can they can fix it they can fix where the tendon is but that’s a that’s a pretty invasive surgery or you can get a whole new valve put in but if you get a whole new valve put in your heart then your body could uh have an autoimmune reaction to it and blood clotting and so then

You have to be on blood thinners the rest of your life anticoagulants so that your body doesn’t uh you know have a reaction to the va the the foreign valve that’s not part of your body i mean the future of medical technology would be to take your own cells and and stem cells and build a valve that your body recognizes as being bioidentical to your own right but

That’s that they’re not quite there yet uh there are i think with some organs they’re getting closer to that that’s going to be the future so in the future it’s not going to be a problem you have a mitral valve prolapse you go in they grow you another valve using your own tissue and they slap it in there and no problem right i mean we’re getting that air so that’s

What i’m actually thinking about these things i’m thinking god if i if i’ve got a leaky valve the problem is it’s going to keep getting worse and worse over time like it’s never going to get better if it’s a mechanical defect then it’s broken and it’s never getting better so i’m thinking how did how did this mitral valve prolapse happen well i am now realizing

How important blood pressure is to cardiovascular health and bodybuilding blood pressure is everything and guess what blood sugar is everything now i didn’t manage my blood sugar good when i was younger because i was eating as much as i possibly could to gain weight which is not healthy it would have been much healthier for me to use steroids than to overeat as

Much as i did to try to gain muscle so my regret is i started steroids at age 30 and i went age 21 to age 30. so nine years of making no progress in the gym because i already reached my natural potential at age 21 and yet i was still eating so much food which is not healthy and i was still training so hard damaging my shoulders and my elbows and my joints and

Spending all this time in the gym where i could have just taken a little bit of steroids like a healthy cycle and built more muscle and been low maintenance and had the same physique i had with in my opinion being a lot healthier using performance enhancing drugs than doing it naturally from age 21 to 39 now it was healthier for me to build it naturally until age

21 until i reached my natural potential of course but after your natural potential then you’re pushing your body in unnatural ways to gain unnatural amounts of muscle but you’re fighting nature and you have to push your body so hard with the training and the diet that that’s also not healthy healthier to use chemistry in my opinion so it would have been healthier

For me to manage my blood sugar and that would also prevent a lot of potential heart issues and prevent plaque buildup and just with steve in the gym and steve said i have to be careful not to aggravate the left ventricle hypertrophy which is what steroids do because that can exacerbate the mitral valve prolapse so he said to avoid things like deca and cabergoline

Which is one of my favorite i have to research more about the risk of cabergoline causing less ventricle hypertrophy because it’s one of my favorite supplements because it increases dopamine makes me feel happier most importantly massively improve my sexual performance

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