June 1, 2023

Do your research people!!

Hey guys uh i’m coming on one to give you all an update about uh my allergic reaction to uh the blood pressure medication uh lisinopril and the funny thing is i’ve been on it for years uh i had this reaction some years ago before from um blood pressure medication zestaria which i find out later that it’s in the same family as the center premium but uh it’s it’s

Going down my lip is going down and uh it was it was much much bigger this morning when i woke up and now this is so uncomfortable i was actually i i started seeing a little swelling on the right side last night before i i was ready to lay down so i trying to be be a trying to counteract it the the swelling i got some ice and uh i put ice on that side and

It didn’t it didn’t help so i held ice on my lip for about 20 about 15 to 20 minutes and when i removed the towel i could see that it was it was it was gonna swell anyway and it uh my bottom lip and my top lip um is it’s like i said it’s going down it’s much uh it didn’t swell this bad with the zestaria and it’s it’s fright it’s scary it’s scary when just

Out of the blue uh without any warning your body can react to something that you assume that the body should be used to when i get prescriptions from the doctor i i do do my research before i begin administering it and taking it so but anyway i wanted you guys uh be be counteractive and uh be a part of your treatment be if be informative ask questions uh to

Make sure of what it is you’re putting into your body and if you’re like me i’m i’m trying to get off of all of this all of this stuff i’m trying to uh get off of all this medication i was uh told i was diabetic last year and i i was told i had high cholesterol and i mean anything that uh sometimes they can throw at you oh they’ll throw at you and i know some

People they they embrace this stuff they embrace it like it’s a trophy having ziploc bags of um medications as prescription appeals i i don’t understand that but um right now i’m only i’m only taking the hypertension medication when i left uh i had my last checkup uh the doctor said that my numbers and everything looked so good and was it was uh maintaining

A normal level that he wasn’t going to even prescribe uh metformin and and uh uh lower stat which is a cholesterol meds so we can do it with prayer faith and belief and discipline you can you can master you can take control over uh the the uh you know your body’s chemistry when it when it when uh the levels start to go awry and uh and and when when things

Start to uh go arise and elevate when your levels start to elevate you can take control of that you really you really can it just takes uh discipline and modification and behavior good behavior it’s faith and prayer you can do it okay i don’t want to wear myself out uh talking too much but again be mindful be mindful of the medication that you’re taking and

Um i will be back with an update this is dave this is day one i woke up this morning and it was way out there so as soon as my doctor’s office opened i was in the parking lot and uh they gave me uh a steroid and shot injection and a steroid pack to take over the course of i think it’s five days so uh but it is going down and i thank god for it so i will be

Back um in a day or two to give you update of uh of uh this is this um allergic reaction to the center pre of the hypertension medication god bless you and have a wonderful evening i’ll talk to you soon

Transcribed from video