January 26, 2023

So I wanted to share my experience so far survivng COVID BA.5 . I can tell you I am still scared but God ain’t make us to live in fear . So I am a use this experience to be a testimony and a sign of hope for anyone dealing with C19

Hey guys it’s me tina marie with tina’s world hey so i’m waiting to pick up my medication and i told y’all let me turn the air on because it’s like really high it’s 94 degrees even though um we’re at the beginning part of fall it’s still 94 degrees here in texas it’s crazy but i wanted to give you um my update post covid where a couple months past covid just to give

You a little back story i caught covid um july 15th i think it was i i’m thinking it was that i can’t remember i think it was the 15th or the 18th of july i caught covid um and it was crazy since the second i caught it like crazy and it just keeps getting crazier and crazier i have not been to work since i actually suffer from what is called long-term covid um

And if i slur a little bit with my speech i’m sorry about it you’re about to actually find out why i’ve been talking a little bit different lately and i’m a little bit off like mentally off and everything but people that have long-term covets some of the side effects is fatigue problems with memory and stuff like that covet brain they like to call it numbness and

Weakness throughout the body uh some other things that are affecting even your menstrual cycles can be affected as well um from it so normally you’ll have a regular five-day period now your periods are out of control they’re wonky especially people with pcos that had it under control and then they got out of control some people lose weight some people they put

On a few pounds and you’re just you’re not yourself you’re not yourself sometimes people just like oh just get up and be your old self again and it’s not that simple and from it it causes a lot of depression and anxiety because you know you’re not who you used to be so if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms after you have had covid um you may be a sufferer

Of long-term covid and it’s funny because when i went to go see my waxer she got coveted twice and she’s like i ever since i had it i just been extremely exhausted every time um and to this day i’m tired a lot that fatigue is one of the issues with long-term covet well my long-term my long-term covet has gotten so bad um as you guys know i haven’t been to work

Um and then i had to get my eyes done because i got weakness on both sides uh basically it comes to find out i had a mild stroke and i’m on stroke medication and on top of being on stroke medication i had to get mris done and i’m trying to hold back the tears because i just got the results from the first so they mris they were done yesterday like i went two weeks

Prior to get them done you know three weeks prior to get them done but the medication did not keep me asleep while they had me in this tiny tiny machine and i woke up and the crazy thing is i woke up i panicked really bad and then after panicking i passed out so i was high off medication passed out they couldn’t wake me for hours it was so bad the doctor even had

To come in and they thought they were gonna have to rush me to the er but i finally came too so because they thought they were gonna have to give me medication to reverse what they gave me and they end up didn’t need to do that but i went nonetheless they put me in a bigger machine this time but they still put me to sleep yesterday um and i woke up towards the

Tail in like the last like five seconds and um then i passed back out but um i had to go and get a follow-up appointment with my doctor today because one of those things i was telling y’all about with long-term cover is the period problem um i’ve been bleeding for a month straight i’ve been on a period for a month straight and when i tell you is one of the most

Aggravating aggies things you could deal with like it’s like it’ll bleed real real heavy b bleed clots and clots and clots will go for a while and then it’ll act like it’s about to go it’s like okay it’s getting lighter then it turns brown you’re like okay and then you’ll go like a couple hours with nothing and then boom you’re full-blown bleeding again and i’ve

Been dealing with this for a month so i’m going to pick up medicine for that but um she was like yeah your mri for the first set of mri’s came back the first set of mris was for the brain the other ones are cooked for next week um with the sedation is going to be for the body but this time it was for the brain um and i’m going to read you the results now all

This is happening from my aroma covet i never had a problem with my brain before never never you know even though i gave myself some slight concussions y’all know me at least we’ll see y’all give us some concussion sometimes but this is austin from what has happened with covet okay so i’m gonna read you my results sorry if you can see the paper like angle um but

I have iih um is idiopathic um i probably said it wrong um edo pathic intracranial hypertension um i suffer with basically a swelling that comes i guess up from the spinal cord or something like that it affects the brain um it’s two things that i need to do for it they have a medication for me and i’m also going to be getting really tiny here soon um one thing

I was not trying to do and that’s why i put on a couple pounds in there stress put on a couple pounds but of course i’m nowhere where i used to be because y’all know i used to be in the 300s but i didn’t like myself really really small like i was i did not like that i wanted to be in the middle but now i have no point and no purpose to be even at this way i need

To get really small and i need to do it for my health uh basically because weight loss can help um with the iih and anything i can do to keep me on this earth long enough and longer for my children i’m going to do so since um you know getting down to a healthier and i’m looking at the bmi i’m not even going at the body because i did not like my body like that

Like i didn’t have no hardly no booty at my everything was not worth nothing like what i wanted but um now it’s about the bmi not the bbl booty you know what i mean so it is what it is um but let me just give you some of the symptoms of iih okay fatigue headaches loss of vision uh side vision nausea vomiting shoulder and neck pain temporary blindness and ringing

In your ears now y’all may not know this i posted on ig but i didn’t post it on here but i got into a mini fender bender with cars in my own yard okay my own yard all right because i was turning in and i was so tired and fatigued and i kind of like went blind for a second like i couldn’t see anything and i scraped a little portion of my car just a little bit um

And that was all coming to find out due to um the intracranial hypertension that i am going through so i have to be very careful when i’m driving as you see i’m driving now but i have to be very careful i have to wear my glasses and i just need to not be behind the wheel a lot um now uh how is it diagnosed how you know you have it they do a brain ct scan or mri

I had the mri you can find it from your eye exam so i actually have to go back and get another eye exam scene if i have to change my prescription um they can do a spinal tap and visual field test and i have to get a visual field test as well because i see things very blurred now like it’s blur lines for real you know so um again like i said weight loss is one of

The things that does help if you have a weight problem so they say your health care provider recommends even if i lost 10 percent so um i put on like about 20 pounds from my lowest weight so if i lose just 10 of those pounds it’s going to make a difference you know what i mean um but i do want to lose i just want to lose all the all of it plus a little bit more

Just to make sure i i’m doing all i can to help with the iih medication some medications um you could take is diamox or topiramate and i think that’s what she gave me topiramate i probably said it wrong to help reduce and lessen the effect of um all of it um and uh there is also a diuretic pill that she’s put me on as well in some cases surgery made me needed

I will find that out because i have to see a neurologist and it’ll let me know if i need anything and it’ll help with the optic nerve and stuff like that so i will find that out in the future uh it’s not seeming like it’s going to go that far but i am not sure now that wasn’t all they found them you would think okay that’s what they found okay boom we can tackle

One thing no that wasn’t all they found um they found basically let me see here um i have a subtle whitening aneurysm in my brain and the reason why it makes me cry is because my mom my mom’s mom passed away because she had an aneurysm burst in her head and she passed away from that so hearing i have a subtle widening aneurysm that scares me um but they said

To go back in 12 months for another one so they can you know in 12 months for another scan to see how it’s doing but to know that they’re saying 12 months is like they’re not really bugging over it and the doctor’s not like freaking out about it um i honestly don’t know what helps with that she didn’t give me any paperwork on what helps with aneurysms um but i

Would think like just getting weight in check makes probably will help help it i mean it it couldn’t hurt you know what i mean but i have that as well now i know previously last time i had an mri done i didn’t have that problem you know because remember a couple years ago when i had to get the shots of my neck you know they did one of the brain and the neck and

All that that’s when they found out what was going on with my neck and my brain was fine okay now we fast forward to after i got covet and now it’s a problem in my brain okay um and one thing from covet people get clots and stuff like that so when people just say okay you got covet oh now it’s over sorry guys hold on let me fix this real quick my bad um i had to

Because my low my low battery thing popped up i was like oh gotta turn it off but people say oh well you got covet now it’s over you can go back and live your life that’s not always true all of us is not that lucky where we can just go back and live our life some of us we have long term lasting issues and one thing i say about it though we all know god gives

His strongest warriors the biggest test cause what they’re going to be the biggest testimony so i’m gonna be a testimony and this is why i’m trying to do all the things i’m trying to do in life like i wanted to do music um a kid is coming over me very very happy to do music so that’s why i’m getting into my music bag when i know broadcasting is my thing sorry

Guys hold on i know broadcasting is my thing but i want to get in my music bag because i know i’m good at it i’m good at it but i just never explored it because i always wanted to just do the youtube thing but now i want to explore all my potential okay now i’m about to take y’all through a journey as we recover and try to get better from long-term cover because

There’s a lot of people why is this demon i don’t know but there’s a lot of people like me out here there’s a lot of people out here like me that suffer from long-term covet and they don’t know what to do who to turn to what what to do but guess what god put one of their warriors is in there put me and i’m gonna guide y’all along the way so y’all are gonna come

Through this journey with me as i recover what’s going on with my brain and the issues with my brain with the iih um and the issues like what’s going on with the aneurysm thingy and also next week we’ll find out what’s going on with my body with the weakness numbness and all that stuff uh because that mri is scheduled uh for next week they’re trying to get me a

Different machine uh so they don’t have to reschedule if they have to reschedule they’ll let me know but you know we’re you’re not alone you’re not alone i’m here i’m going to be going through this i’m gonna be going through this with you um because i am going through this and we gonna make it like god puts his strongest warriors with the biggest test and we are

The strongest warriors like you may not even be able to see but you may be able to see like i got false lashes and stuff but one of my eyes this one my eyes lower i always had a lazy eye but now it droops more because of what’s going on with my brain like it all is making sense and she explained it all to me um but you’re not alone i’m here and we are going to

Make the most of it and we’re going to come through and we’re going to be victorious because guess what we lived through it god didn’t make us pass away like some people didn’t have the luxury of living through it now we can live through it we can be a testimony so here’s my journey here’s my story as we get through the long-term covid and um whatever else came

With it that destroyed my body but nothing’s going to destroy me because god is for me then who’ll be against me period so that’s all i got for you guys make sure you subscribe to the channel make sure you continue to subscribe follow this journey and remember i am with you i love you and any questions drop them below um and if you experience long-term covet let

Us know what you’re going through below we can help each other out deuces

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