May 29, 2023

This a video describing my experience the first week taking Phentermine.

I’m sure you clicked on this video because of the title so i’m going to discuss my experience being on phentermine for the first week the video might be a little all over the place i was literally on my way to get on the treadmill when it dawned on me that the house is finally completely quiet everyone is gone so i want to go ahead and make an introduction and

Kind of update on my status video really quickly if you hear anything in the background the washer and the dryer are going but this was just the most presentable room for me uh to record in in the dining room so i threw this hair around some earrings on so i don’t look as terrible but let me let you know about my experience um right off the bat i don’t want to

Have to click all the way through or wait in a week’s time i lost 11.4 i started contra mean last week on wednesday my weight this morning it was actually 183.6 this morning but after i make my coffee my stomach was hurt really bad i went to the bathroom i had a huge anyway i had to do number two and after i did that i got back on the scale and i was

182.6 so let’s get into it first off i’m just telling you my experience i am not suggesting that you mirror my experience do what i do you know tell somebody that i told you to do this that i told you to start taking it none of that make your own decisions do your own research consult your own doctor prior to doing any of this so phentermine is an appetite

Suppressant um it’s also a stimulant so it’s supposed to give you a little pick-me-up a little energy that you can use to then go and work out you’ll see me glancing down because again the video was like real last minute so i jot it down and took some notes the dose that i was prescribed is 37.5 milligrams is to be taken once daily before breakfast the first

Week i was instructed to take a half a tablet and then move on to taking a full tablet the next week it was prescribed along with an antidepressant prozac which is also supposed to have some appetite suppressing capabilities but also because one of the side effects of intermediate is kind of for some people essentially making you a raging emotional and so i’m

Sure the antidepressant helps to offset some of that um i didn’t i haven’t taken the antidepressant i’m a bad patient and i haven’t had any weird mood swings or emotional breakdowns or feeling like snappy at people anything like that um where did i get it from i got it from an online weight loss clinic i literally googled like no i was referred but i’m sure

If you google weight loss clinic something comes up i had a virtual visit with a provider they asked me some questions about my health i had to submit some information my weight you know things like that take a blood pressure appointment probably took all of 20 minutes and they sent my prescription off to the pharmacy uh picked it up the next day the prozac

Was covered under my insurance i think i had to pay like two dollars for it and the phentermine is not covered by insurance out of pocket it was somewhere between 20 and 30 dollars he added a discount code to it i think it was closer to around 20 some dollars out of pocket which is fine all right so after getting all that out of the way i’m not going to go too

Deep into i guess information about the medication in particular i’ll let you do that on your own i just want to tell you what my experience has been taking it over the last week day one i weighed 194 pounds oh shoot let me tell you what they told me to do and with tone also so as far as the dues while you’re taking the medication of course it is recommended

That you you do need to eat it’s an appetite suppressant um meaning you don’t necessarily feel hungry some people don’t feel hungry at all all day if you don’t feel hungry you still need to make a conscious decision that you need to eat okay but eat healthy they recommended a low carb diet they said not keto but i guess that depends on what keto means to you

Because keto can be healthy if it’s done the right way i also recommended that you drink a lot of water i think she said a gallon i’m not drinking that much water and to add electrolytes to the water if possible if you struggle with anemia she recommended taking an iron tablet and a multivitamin i already take a multivitamin i only have some supplements that

I take so i’m not doing anything extra if i work out i might do a zero like a zero sugar zero calorie gatorade for electrolytes and that’s it um one cup of coffee per day the phentermine is a stimulant coffee is a caffeine is a stimulant so she recommends one cup per day if you have to drink coffee side effects differ person to person i’ll let you know what i

Experienced again i didn’t get any like raging hormones that snapped on anybody i don’t feel angry nothing like that the first day i took a half appeal and i wasn’t sure if i felt something or not like i didn’t know if it was like a placebo effect where because i took something i was looking to feel something but i feel like i might have felt a little stimulated

They won what i ate i had a protein shake with spinach blended in for lunch i only had coffee for breakfast and then for dinner we went out to dinner that night i had just like some bites of different appetites that we ordered what i did noodle was drink even though she said if you got a drink drink in moderation drinking dust slow your weight loss and if

You’re taking the antidepressant you don’t need to drink really at all but i wasn’t taking it what i had to drink was tequila and fresh lime juice that’s the closest i can get to my absolute favorite drink which is a margarita but it’s you know you know all those calories and all that sugar um day two there was really i kind of still felt like is it really

Something going on i remember i got up i took my medicine i take it first in the morning like seven o’clock and i got up and i had to clean like the whole bottom level of my house which is fine some people might do that but what i caught myself doing was i took my um vacuum like my upright and i started to vacuum my robot vacuum because i also have you know

The robot vacuum that vacuums myself so when i saw myself like at some point when i’m taking out all the parts and vacuuming the inside of the robot vacuum it was at that moment that i knew i was tripping so that was day two by day two i had lost four pounds from the day before i don’t know how it happened but i did i’ll try to insert some um the little i

Have a smart scale so it sends the weights and things to my phone so i’ll try to insert the trends where it’s tracking my weight that day i had a protein shake for lunch and i had like a few slices of turkey bacon for dinner just because i felt a little bit hungry one day three which was friday the only thing i noticed was that i felt i felt a little bit hot

And i don’t think nobody else was hot maybe that’s my fat burning i don’t know but that’s the only thing i felt that day it was the same i had um it wasn’t the same i had coffee for breakfast that’s every day period even before this is gonna be coffee i had like eggs and turkey bacon and turkey sausage for lunch and then went out for dinner that night and

Just had some a few taste or bites of an appetizer i had a second cup of coffee that day okay day four which was saturday oh on day three i noticed that i was hungry and so i was like wait a minute why am i feeling hungry i decided that the next day i was ready for the whole pill now that wasn’t the doctor’s instructions and that’s why i’m telling you not

To exactly do everything that i do the next day that saturday i took the whole pill and i remember texting my sister and i said i think i feel my heartbeat like i feel like it’s being hard not fast but i was like i can feel my heartbeat i do check my heart rate and my blood pressure every day because i’m kind of extra and it’s been normal there’s been

No changes also that day i did not feel that kind of boost of energy or that like feeling like i need to do something so i was kind of disappointed about that because i was um on the road to being very productive in life you already had the same thing to eat um almost coffee for breakfast eggs and turkey bacon or eggs and sausage one of those for lunch and

Then that’s it i got kind of from day four up until even today i got stuck on eating one meal a day and i’m not saying that that’s the best i need to work on that at least getting in my protein shake because it’s packed full of a lot of nutrients and i can put some greens in there and blend it i like to do that for lunch and then make sure that i eat dinner

But i just couldn’t make it work today i was not hungry enough that one meal a day eggs and sausage is really all i’ve been having um i forgot what day i was on but essentially nothing else was different from about day five up until now everything has been the same i wake up in the morning i take my pill on an empty stomach i drink my coffee i eat i get

Hungry it’s later in the day so probably about two o’clock 2 30 is when i realized that i’m ready to eat so that’s when i will have my whatever meal that is eggs and bacon turkey baby eggs and turkey sausage you know something like that and then i’m really just done for the day i try to do better about drinking my water but i can’t do if you got in the water

I’ve tried before it’s too much water i struggle to drink a half a gallon of water even that had me going to pee every five minutes um i did not take the medicine yesterday because i had something to do i was fasting at the fast for some things for work um but i’m back on it today again i took it i don’t know what time it is it’s gotta be like 10 30 so

I took it probably three hours ago i feel completely fine completely normal i will say that it is not a miracle drug i’m sure that even if i was not taking this medication if i ate the way that i’ve been eating and i worked out five days a week like i did last week i would have also noticed a significant amount of weight loss with that being said what i

Believe this is doing for me is curbing all of the the cravings the hunger part the part that makes me normally go to the pantry and eat you know some chips or eat a ridiculous amount of candy sugar sweets i have a i have a snack problem that that’s my downfall but that’s for a whole nother video um you have to put the work in right alongside taking the

Medication i am extremely satisfied with my results so far i am hoping that they will continue you know to be as drastic as they are i really only want to be on the medication for one month if you go through and you get some opinions and read some side effects of you know taking this medication some people’s experience it will scare the out of you i you not

There are some people who have some lifelong problems after taking this so it’s not something that i want to be on long term by any means but right now it is giving me that little nudge that little kind of boost to get myself back to where i need to be um when i’m working out five days a week i ran three days a week on a treadmill like a run walk i’m doing

A little training program and then um in between those days actually double time some of those days i was doing an online workout program that i have so that has been my experience so far i’m gonna go ahead and probably try to update i’m terrible at this but try to update my experience my weight loss for the entire 30 days that i’m taking the medication now

Thanksgiving is coming up next week it’s next week so that’s gonna be a toughy we will see what happens i was in the 190s a week ago if i can hit the 170s by next week i will be elated because even if i have a few setbacks on thanksgiving and i already know sweet potato pie is gonna set me back dressing is gonna set me back macaroni and cheese and mashed

Potatoes they’re gonna set me back but i feel and i hope that i’m able to just get right back on the horse and recover so if you would like to follow my journey go ahead and subscribe to my channel like this video if you have any questions feel free to comment them down below i will check periodically and i will try to respond and answer what i can but again

This is my experience not telling you to do what i did make your own decisions your own research speak to your own doctor and if it was all over the place i’m sorry again it was very last minute that i decided to do it i’m about to go right now and get on the treadmill so i guess other than that have a good rest of your day

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