March 28, 2023

Dark face spots, blemishes, acne are big skin problems for many of us. Try this on easiest but effective method to remove spots and get porcelain skin . Try Aspirin – Turmeric botox mask and look ten years younger than your real age. I Mixed ASPIRIN & TURMERIC, Removed WRINKLES and Dark Face SPOTS in 20 Minutes! Botox At Home

We are making a super mask with aspirin, i have tried aspirin masks before, i saw a lot of benefit, it instantly cleans the skin and instantly lightens its color. we will 1 tablespoon of yogurt . if possible, use home-made yogurt, otherwise you can also . one of the best whitening products, that’s enough, a quarter teaspoon of aspirin, yoghurt, turmeric, i’ll add some

Olive oil to it, because it will dry our skin. yes, that’s why olive oil, apricot kernel, grape seed oil, st. john’s wort oil, all of them are very good, but we make these easy products. it can be olive oil, so i added 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil. okey. now let’s mix it well, take it with a brush or with your hand and apply it all over your face. we won’t get too close to

The eye, guys. i used very strong products under the eyes, it is very delicate, thin texture, so before you get too close to it, let’s go all over your face, neck, décolleté, apply this well, i will wash my face and wash it right away. i will apply it to my skin, you do not neglect your hand care of course, definitely do it on your hands, friends, you can even do it on

Your armpits, knees and elbows, but it is one of the recipes that removes the for 30 minutes, then we wash it with warm and then cold water. this. we applied and washed the mask, do you know what to do? let’s be much more beautiful. let’s cotton soda, wipe your skin with this, friends, we made a great mask, if we apply such a nice firming on it, the yellowness that may

Remain from turmeric . on top of this mask, soda cotton is going very well, if you say no, you can apply rose water cotton to your soda water. it will be very nice, too, rose water will be very nice on cotton, friends, if you apply it’s called natural creams that you make yourself, don’t eat it, lie next to you, your skin will really thank you. look at this. i applied the

Awesome mask with aspirin all over my face, i didn’t get too close to my under eyes, but the chin , or what happens when you get older? sagging will increase here, it is very good here, so aspirin for wrinkles, spots, sagging it works very well, use it regularly for a month once a week and you will see the difference yes , i applied this to my entire face, neck and hands,

The measurements i gave are correct, now i will wait 20-30 . after 30 minutes, the mask is dry. it’s ready to take off . be careful with what you are wearing, there are no such stains. after removing the excess of this mask from my skin, i go to wash it first with warm water, then cold water, i washed my face, i dry it gently, okay, now let’s make soda cotton, we don’t need

To wash soda cotton again, jaundice taking it, i used turmeric because it’s a little the yellowness may remain, but it is very good at removing the stain , now we will get rid of it, it is getting less and less now the last cotton is two cottons with the second cotton, there is no more color now what to do, it’s the last step, moisturizing, beautiful, one of my own creams,

Tahini cream, i’ll leave a link here, try it out i hope you too you will use it, it will benefit you, you recommend it to your loved ones , leave nice comments below, do not give a like, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet, please don’t forget to subscribe where it says cc on the top right, if you click on cc on the top, subtitles will open, if you click

On the three dots, you will see hello my dear friends. i have prepared aspirin mask and waited for 30 minutes then i washed my face with mineral water, then i used one of my best homemade face cream, and get a porcelain skin. hope you give it a try for this mask , get good result, share your comments and subscribe. love all of you .bye bye.

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