March 22, 2023

This is the story of how our GreatDane, Milo ate a bottle of ibuprofen 800 mg (about 12-15 pills) approximately 12,000 mg and SURVIVED!!!! There is a very slim chance of surviving 3+ times the toxic level of ibuprofen toxicity. Milo survived mainly bcuz of how fast we acted and because of his huge size. He may end up with acute kidney failure, but we’re still in there process of determining his long-term prognosis. He was only 10 months old when this happened to him. Fortunately, he’s still here with us and is just as active and playful as he was before his poisoning.

I overdosed on a bottle of ibuprofen and lived to tell about it i really don’t care what it tastes like i just ate it all i even chewed up the plastic model that came in dad saw some white stuff on the floor and on the couch and just thought it was trial because you guessed it i do eat the drywall too i looked fine but i started to get an upset stomach and that’s

When the vomiting started it was time to go to the vet boyet animal hospital here we go i had a lot coming for me that day comprehensive physical exam iv catheter placement iv fluid therapy announced labs electrolytes injections i received a thousand thirty three milliliters iv fluids and my blood and urine allows for a good range however it did show signs of

Dehydration i was discharged to home with mesa pro stalled serena santech and sucrose eight i was doing well on my meds but i was still not in declare yet next morning i had my first meal since my eyes opened toxication and my first duel was really dark basically black not a good sign most likely and was still bleeding on the inside mom called the vet to see what

We needed to do wait or come back and now basically they said it’s up to you so mom and dad decided to wait for my next door that day to see if i loved the same and it did so back to the vet we went again i had my blood and urine labs repeated and my labs were all elevated i needed to be hospitalized my b when was 50 creatinine 2.9 and my phosphorus 7.9 the only

Thing that was resolved was my vomiting so i was hospitalized and blue pearl with a long problem list dark tarry stool with a with a visible blood the passage of fresh blood through the anus elevated bui non creatinine levels and elevated phosphorus levels in the blood i even had signs of ugi i was recommended to have my blood pressure checked hospitalization in

The icu gasher protectant and iv fluids repeat blood were daily and iv medications if needed recommendations we declined was the hemodialysis this was my first time away from home i didn’t want to eat but thankfully mom visited me for breakfast and dinner every day and i was super excited to have mom and dad there at the same time my best sleep was the quiet

Time i have adjust my four o’clock labs were complete and the results are scary with a be 150 to 300 feet 3.9 and phosphorus of 9.3 at this stage of my toxicity my vet was strongly recommend analysis upon further investigation it turns out that i no longer am a candidate for dialysis i needed it in the first 24 hours or a qualify again at my current mean rise to

6 4 7 i only hope was continuing iv fluid therapy on day four i have my first decrease in lab values but creatinine remaining the same day five great signs all labs are decreasing incredible then there was day six even better to live value so it at normal regions and creatinine is greatly improving guess who’s about to go home me i’m sitting on my couch

Again laying i’ll pay back again and play with my toys again three days later i had my first recheck at my bed i’ve completed most of my medications spell an antibiotic urinating a lot – drinking tons of water and these are my new values even though my creatinine didn’t decrease i was very happy to know that it didn’t increase since i’ve been a fluid therapy for

Almost 72 hours one week later at my second recheck my creatinine continues to decrease i am now at one point seven thank you to dr. esposito dr. strohmeyer dr. john and all assistant fat tax at boyett animal hospital also dr. o’hara dr. paces dr. jansen doc dimension and dr. harris it’s all assisting attacks at me girl special thanks to mom and dad grandma and

Grant that tom i’m becca and engines were always checking on me

Transcribed from video
I Overdosed on a Bottle of Ibuprofen 800 mg By The Benavides Family