March 24, 2023

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What’s up youtube it’s your boy today and i’m back with another one bro and i’m telling you i’m doing some crazy right now i’m at the hospital just bro i’m at his house right now and this let me and he let me take his drinks out we just had some zaxby’s earlier yeah i’m trying to just pour some legal i’m trying to pour a legal lead in this but i don’t know

Why the he was just let me get a cup you know he just did the i mean you know we just did yeah i don’t even know how much time i have for all that being there that bit is gonna be he’s gonna get a little surprised i’m basically doing the same he was doing but i’m giving this promethazine i’m not giving that to him i’m gonna tell him that’s that though it’s

Basically like our laced his uh because that would that would be damn near dead if you just drunk all that we just gotta wait until this gets back now everything looks normal drinks in the cup holder and youtube video yeah we’re trying to go to the movies i’m gonna go to the movies and then we’re from the vlog what the big did you even ask me to go on the

Move but i’m not gonna go no movie date with your uh we’re trying to go to the movies and vlog but i need some i need like get a bit done with a bit yeah drive around a little for a bit i don’t want to drive around we’re trying to drive around looking for a girl yeah we’re just say crazy that’s the challenge you go first i go first i thought this was actually

Deep this is not deep oh shut up perfect perfect it’s a perfect example oh god living the road man i love it that wild bro look at the sky and that look cool hey this look good astronomical bro no bell no bell i love my hair like this look on the camera that should be so hands i gotta feed you gotta fade and then the yeah let’s talk about the uh let’s

Talk about the nba bro i don’t watch the goddamn nba bro you don’t know man i mean i know a little something but i don’t just watch that man they don’t want to hear about the damn nba you got a sports channel yeah i’m trying to turn to a sports channel but i love playing like madden and you might as well start doing videos that sports well i’m gonna get you in

There boy what is this i forgot what what what what did i get you got a strawberry lemonade the sky is freaking crazy bro hell yeah you really just keep talking about the sky i don’t think they really give a yourself the movie footage or some i mean what oh yeah we gotta get some amstar damn right okay then i ain’t got i ain’t even properly attired to go to

The movies that’s a default ass charger bro that’s just no default that is a stock especially the stock as hell okay that is stock is so bad i mean you had a 2015 dodge charger that’s all he has like just street like straight from the standards straight for no oh gosh straight from the warehouse like they just made that beer and just gave it to us dang but i

Want to smash more drink i don’t got no more bro no i don’t like drinking from like i don’t like drinking from the same uh truth or dare not not truth or dare not truth or dare not truth or dare yeah what the i was gonna say some crazy i was gonna say something not not crazy but i was gonna say something to say no weird i think we’re in the wrong city i think

You need to be here right now with a big fan it’s like you in bit mode that is why they play truth or dare yeah yeah we so handsome i’m a handsome man i ain’t gonna catch you how you feeling bro i’ve been at life right now yeah yeah i can’t be number grateful fam i’m just happy to be alive you know my happy too bro i’ve been getting second chance in that shirt

But take a chance with what in life and bro are you trying to roll with my face because you get a second chance i’ll see it i got more so i got more than 60 seconds 50 chances but that’s what i love about life man you get the chances with this i love life i don’t know everything about life you mean that i don’t even want to say it anymore you said what to

Do what i was a dumb like oh god that’s the good thing about life fam yeah it’s like when you just said that fast it’s like i heard that but like five did i respond that late well it’s like i’m hearing you’re saying kind of late that’s hot as hell you’re tired we’re supposed to go to the movies yeah who’s about saying i was going to movies with your wife

How are you trying to go there you trying to go to sky zone i can go hungry i don’t have to go nowhere i don’t really want to go nowhere like that oh take her to urban to my urban air oh god jumping on trampoline geeking funny as hell bro who the said don’t eat i’m just saying man you want to get eat yeah we can get you man i’m not gonna jump around with your

Ass up broke fam they didn’t feel like you got seat ones on friday they feel good in his head it would feel like my bed you feel like yo i got a seat and my back hot i’m dropping this huh you dropping this yeah what you gonna name it from we’re not even doing whatever call it i put that what the that dirty that dirty soda spike lee it’s my dirty soda and

A style from hey on that dashboard i put deserve in your what the i put deserve bigger promethazine yeah this is a room same thing deserve not that bad bro it’s like it’s like robitussin not no robitussin that say promethazine it says take five millimeters by mouth oh that doesn’t matter i poured a whole lot of that so remember that time you got to be

Fair oh god okay that’s two different shits legal lean and real lean it’s two different things you so stupid man like you do dumb bro that’s the same thing but that’s what’s in legal lean but i searched it up bro no the they’re like promethazine is prescribed drugs is it prescribed fan no it’s not funny i couldn’t lock this this some real in my i’ll be put

Thc and yo this putting real oxycodone i have promethazine man you’re putting real oxycodones in my fam that not this is league too much it’s illegal man that why i got my hair store and bought this that you didn’t go no goddamn store about that i’m gonna see if he is that’s what happened cbs fan what’s cbs on god officers happen when you give dumb ass

Just random ass and they don’t know about that is not thc syrup it’s not that’s not weed syrup they say promethazine where the on it do i say thc we’re only do it say thc syrup can you give me a definition of promethazine man it’s not nothing you should put in my goddamn drink that’s that’s what it is i should want to put that in my drink on recreational on

Recreational use on myself i don’t need nobody else putting that on my drink because that if i drink too much of that damn was this full when you got it man that was yeah i told you so you really pulled all that in this bro you poor too much bro i did i did uh i didn’t go to the store and get that i actually got it out of the cabinet got it at the cabinet

For my hair bro pour it that bit can you be playing too much i’m gonna so when you start doing pranks you’re not playing bro what then you know how to play like all right bro i definitely can’t beat your ass right now if i can come stuck his head like my body stuck as i can only move my head fam that’s that gorilla glue gorilla glue that ain’t no gorilla glue

That’s just gorilla glue oh my god slow motion man i’d rather die with it than without it foreign legally that’s all i did you know real permit you’re crazy as what the hell of hell oh you putting a fake one yes but you were just still drinking it with the promethazine because they got me right as hell man i was like oh yeah i foreign it’s

Like you know it’s like when you guys it’s like it’s like damn we were like damn oh drink got a burping hey don’t do lean though never do lean promethazine codeine never be able machine never never shop on shame on me yeah you never have no little pin tell your come be on his winning team oh david did one time that she turned into a fan oh my god glizzy

On my hill yeah she like the way i lean this man going crazy off the off the illegal meme i’m playing fortnite right now but on high as full i feel like i got 200 pins i’m not forget this does this all the time but for real uh she sucked my dick i’m the king no i don’t know how to do outro i’m gonna just say for that kind of hard fell i said i’m playing fortnite

On highest foot i feel like i’m on 200 ping oh are you here i said that i didn’t hear that but that was fun yeah i’m playing fortnite right now high as you feel like i’m over 200 ping i mean it’s like i’m lagging this teleporter so good that hard

Transcribed from video