February 8, 2023

My mysterious (not so mysterious because I am eating like I just discovered food) weight gain has been solved! I am planning on new tires (oh the fun of being an adult). AND another RV trip?! Yes!

Hello my team my subscribers say moi it is me uh it is faithful thursday thankful thursday how are you i’m doing okay i’ve got one of my headbands on because i’m not feeling my hair today so this is what happens um so what is going on well a couple of things so if you follow my page or my um i don’t even know what it is if you follow me on my ms team you

Will know that i got an official award um for my long-term disability my private long-term disability private long-term disability is something that most employers they have for you when you’re working and thankfully my employer was very smart and had employees pay for a long-term disability out of after taxes were taken out this was using after tax dollars

That means my long-term disability benefit is tax-free so i’m getting money that is not taxable income for me so awesome and i um will get that until i’m age 67 uh which is really nice so number one super awesome news right uh number two i think i discovered my um issue with overeating so uh i was doing that um disability uh conversation with my third

Party that interacts with me in social security to make it easier because i can’t write right so one of the things that was in that questionnaire was side effects of certain medications i’m taking and one of the medications i take which is gabapentin uh reported um people with weight gain like it’s happening all the time but and i read up on it and people

Uh will eat when they’re not hungry which is me i’m like oh this is exactly how it’s impacting me so gabapentin gap pen be warned um it’s definitely useful um but it also has some drawbacks weight gain being one of them so that’s number two number three for today i am getting new tires tomorrow on my car um these are the original tires from when the car was

Made so i have a 2016 car and so six years later i probably need to get new tires um they’re cracking and um i found this really good special um with my dealership where it’s buy three tires get the last one for a dollar so i’m gonna do that and then um planning for a couple rv trips uh with my husband coming up so a lot going on in my world lots of different

Things um but all good things and so that is my story um now in other news i did get some kind of disappointing news um about my mom i’m not going to go into it because i’m not going to explain other people’s medical conditions or anything else but just know that i definitely i’m thinking a lot about her um and will be uh for the foreseeable future not

That i didn’t think about my mom before but just like she’s always on my mind now so leave it there leave it there um but that’s what’s going on going on in my world so next time i see you i see you have a great day be well eat well do your physical therapy do your stretches drink your water and um so mom farewell happy to sing goodbye

Transcribed from video
I see you Gabapentin! By Move Forward