November 29, 2022

please I don’t need advice on just explaining how it impacts my life

So this video is going to be a little bit more serious or a lot more serious all right i i suffer from bad chronic insomnia it’s just i’ve even been in bad situations where if i spent the night at somebody’s house and i didn’t have sleep medications or i remember i went to a casino with a friend of mine and you know none of us drink you know checked in he he got

Comped all right double bad everything because i get i miss dude goes all the time right and uh this dude snoring right in the bed next to me and um i got to stay up the whole night hearing the sly i couldn’t go to sl because i didn’t i didn’t expect to spend the night uh he ended up he ended up spending enough money where he got like a bunch of award points and

Winning that they comped them and um it’s been something that it’s always in the variable it’s always what if i can’t sleep what happens if this what if all right so and the thing that helps me is if i if i go running if i go running if i run at least five miles a day it helps me to sleep at night right so right now i’m up to about 150 milligrams of trazadone

And that’s a high dose so every once in a while i’ll get this headache the headaches i’ll get and it’s either you take it i take it i sleep for the most part like like 75 to 80 of the time i don’t take it i don’t sleep and then i’m even feeling worse so what do i do right and i can’t take ambien because of the um the the side effects is i i end up making

Food i end up doing uh you know in a house it’s not too bad okay but imagine taking ambien living in your vehicle all right you might i might drive some who would who would know who it wouldn’t be a good idea right it wouldn’t be very responsible for me to to to be prescribed that medication so so i told the doctors uh no i can’t i can’t take it right i didn’t

I didn’t 34. i didn’t tell him you know i sleep in my car right okay but i don’t think it’d be a good idea if i’m gonna do all those weird side effects from ambient i don’t think it would be good idea for me to take him take that medication regardless but yeah that’s the thing is so like today i i had like a bad headache but i still um you know i’m still up early

It’s just it’s one of the sometimes that the side some days you get used to it and then sometimes there’s like the side effects it just depends if you wake up in the middle of the night if you’re not able to sleep right away it it all varies right um so i went to the park to a run but what happened is um i don’t know who’s to blame i mean i don’t know if it was

Already something that was gonna happen or but phone sorry um but apparently there’s a problem with a lot of a lot of illegals uh crossing the borders you know they’re you know they’re blaming different people and and okay and whatever and from what i’ve always experienced is it seems like you know immigrants are always crossing the border illegally right it

Seems like it’s a okay but i guess texas is now cracking down so i guess they got their own operation i think it’s called lone star operation or operation lone star and i went to the park and and yes the the lady there’s no physical proof the lady with the 15 kids and the other two ladies uh i’m guessing i’m gonna put my money more that they were illegal all

Right okay and then because one of them one of them started custom that’s all over with right but a lot of them hang out at at that particular park that i go running at sometimes they’re in the field not the fields the um the terrain uh the trail area okay somebody they’re just with their family just you know trying to enjoy themselves but you you can tell that

There’s right so so i show up to go run and you got uh the border patrol you got police there wasn’t anybody inside the park so to do anything not not to i mean they got a little playground they do got a little bit of calisthenic area um but nobody was running it was all it was literally it must have been like 35 it seemed like border patrol and police officers

Right so then i could get back over here and i start uh i start to run and it starts to rain and i didn’t want to i didn’t feel like getting soaked i didn’t feel like my head i just didn’t want to get soaked so and then as soon as i i said i turned around then it stopped raining but um that’s the thing i go through and then sometimes you know i i get irritable

Because i can’t sleep or i get irritable because sometimes you know the but the medication sometimes will give me some headaches or give me um a little bit like a hangover feeling in the morning but i usually i get through it but there’s certain days it just depends you know i got woken up at night um there’s little things that can ha happen and and stuff like

That but i go i go through things too but no the the biggest thing that i go through is with the with the chronic and no male melatemptonin doesn’t work great juice none like that so um but yeah and it’s already uh it’s already a high dose right because 50 doesn’t work 100 don’t work so i’m taking 150 milligrams of trousers don’t so i mean i do i do okay for

The most part but then there’s days like today where i was and then what made it more annoying was just me trying to still work out and it just it was like one thing after another so i’ll talk to you guys later take care bye-bye

Transcribed from video
I suffer from chronic insomnia.(150mg) of Trazadone By Taylor Made Man