March 24, 2023


We’re gonna spend the next 50 hours in my school bus but every time we stop at a red light we have to pull a mystery challenge run out of gas on purpose is that our first red light first red light we got a pool challenge this is our bucket of challenges i’m gonna pick a random one call preston all right easy enough yo what’s up preston i was told to call you i’m

Giving it to the middle of the desert wait you found my wallet delivery it’s going to be done so quick backstory two months ago when i went to preston’s house i lost my wallet we haven’t been able to find it ever since but i guess he found it now he’s shipping it to the middle of the desert bro where’s the closest desert i don’t want to interrupt you but we’re

Coming up to a red light drive with all the windows open or turn the heater on full blast i would much rather open the windows every single window every single window yo look at this window back here it’s massive preston just sent me the address of the desert it’s in new mexico bro oh i’ve never even been to mexico this is new mexico there’s an old mexico we’re

Gonna need a lot of gas all right bro what does the card say shop blindfolded whatever you touch you have to buy all right james find us the closest store what is that oh we need a bluetooth speaker we have no aux on the bus all right there we go one two it feels soft six all right that’s all we need what did we just get six off he also grabbed this on accident

So we have to grab it why does your hand go to the same direction all right we’ll get this and something else grab something out yeah did i do a good job helicopter what is this a tent i’m in the tin tile yo so what’s this over here sorry now i have to buy both of these we’re leaving 817 later oh no guys we’re stopping at a red line bro we just got in the bus

And it’s another red light all right we got another red light so i’m going to pull out a card let’s see what it says the good thing is we’re about to get on a major highway for the next 300 miles and there’s no red lights on a highway but this says try and hand out tacos at the next red light did i touch tacos back in walmart you did not touch any tacos all right

Well i guess we will do that in 300 miles it’s not really easy to fly a helicopter in a bus this is one thing i’m glad we got did i mention that there’s no ac on this bus yeah broke and we can’t fix it thanks gabe for picking this you’re building the gt huh oh yeah you already know look boys we got a lot of time to spend in this bus and i got a lot of things to

Do yo this thing’s big this is a bluetooth speaker yeah we have a leak going on in the house right now so go to unspeakable 2.0 we have candy and we have a pinata you thinking what i’m thinking hang it up all right whole bag of skittles whole bag oh baby there it is the ford gt baby i am terrible at building legos that took an hour and a half hey you want some

Gum yeah let’s take some gum all right it’s in the pinata here’s your tool oh yeah all right beat up that pinato oh bro there’s so much candy in here oh bro is that a red light are you kidding me we got a red light hi boys go through a drive-through but you can only whisper i am kind of hungry we do need tacos so let’s go a little bit of a problem i don’t know

If we fit through the drive-through you’re good bro am i yeah you got like a whole foot bye cedric we’re leaving you here can i get a chicken quesadilla i’m number six number six okay number seven number seven uh yes diablo can we get the the blue raspberry freeze water okay 2056.99 100 hours on a freaking bus why do we agree to do this i don’t know but you’re

Quality entertainment so if you could subscribe right now because i’m overheating there’s no ac in here driving to a desert i’m just surprised this thing still runs after the cereal there’s still cereal on the ground there’s a lot of charms thank you look at all these tacos bro we’re trying to figure out how to fix the ac do you check number 19. well none of them

Say ac they all say heater bro i’m not a bus maintenance man bro we literally have oh is that it working oh you know it’s working it’s working right here i can pull next to this bug guy bug man you want some tacos i got 12 packs oh he said no he turned me down immediately yeah i mean would you accept that one pack of tacos out of the bus from strangers yes with

What speak well y’all got to pull a card bro so it says every green car you see you have to add some legos in your shoes it doesn’t say all of your shoes this has your shoes this is unfair that’s that’s good enough two doors and some leggies double green the quicker you find green cars the faster you’re done with those that tickles the membrane oh yeah so in

Meanwhile you get some trick shots that red cup this white ball yay now there’s a fan blowing the ball away from the cup yeah i thought you made it that was really close honestly first that drake got some trick shots coming your way we’re still really far away from this desert but we’re on our way and this bus is not gonna break down we even bought some

Coolant that is called preston prestani we are making it to this desert i’m getting my wallet and then we’re gonna drive even more the turn green is not gonna turn korean bro this is a solid red pull a card i’m getting the bucket buy an iphone in the next 30 minutes that’s all it says bro we’re in the middle of nowhere where are we gonna find an iphone you think

We can buy someone’s iphone well we got 30 minutes to buy an iphone there’s a walmart 27 minutes 27 minutes bro we got to get that iphone now we have no time to waste go bro they got our iphone bro it’s walmart they’re passing us that’s where we’re going bro gotta make it come on baby hit him bro flip him why we gotta get that boys eight minutes and 20 seconds

To buy an iphone and as you can see we’re in the middle of nowhere wait do we have to get back to the bus in four minutes no just find the iphone oh okay green lights only baby let’s go how much time we got left we have three minutes and then 29 seconds what’s this bro who’s got a credit you all gotta literally run in that walmart bro i got daddy’s money let’s go

Boys electronics you think it’s in the back right oh because that’s on that side oh toys are right here iphone iphone iphone iphone phone phone phone okay i think james is uh getting a worker right now oh yes good boy okay no what they told us was the person that works in the phone section left 20 minutes ago so we can’t buy an iphone but now we got to show it’s

The news can’t buy one yo yo we got it did you get it it must have been like 10 seconds but we got where’s it at in the store what do you mean so we found the challenge yeah maybe the next thing we’ll pull it will be something good i don’t know now we got trusty old gabe driving the bus gabe please do not hit any red lights i’m just trying to get there without

Stopping bro i’d rather get there in one piece i’m still bringing um breaststone e with us just in case the bus breaks down it’s gabe’s first time driving a bus game how’s it going no bro there’s a red light up there no it was red when we see it so by the time we get there it should be green right no it’s still red homie oh it’s green we’re good we’re good it’s

Green oh the other one is red look at all the traffic lights all the way up there that’s a lot of red lights oh no oh it’s green it’s green they’re all green that’s like the fourth green light green another green light let’s go i have an envelope run out of gas on purpose on purpose so we can’t fill up that’s what it says we got hitchhiking the rest of the way to

Mexico new mexico oh my gosh my bald spot is growing okay boys this is a problem we have half a tank of gas now we have to run out of gas on purpose that’s the next challenge bro as of right now we arrive at 4 30 a.m game is not the best bus driver but i do have a tent that we’re gonna build because it’s getting dark i’m the best yeah what do you mean gabe anything

Past 80 is sketch just fyi yeah i’m like four miles per hour away from that this never ends well when you don’t look at the instructions there’s no instructions it’s supposed to look like that oh dude this is easy i’m locked i see stick that pole through the kerning aye aye captain bro this is a massive tent they said it was a kid’s tint bro look at this bro what

Is that bro is that keep your eyes on the road that’s nice mate i’m gonna stick this one in here i’ve never built a t inside a bus before it’s kind of difficult is it busting yeah it’s tinting bro why are you flooring it and then breaking because it’s trying to make the cats come on no i’m just trying to get there quicker i think we got a freaking tent we got a

Tent and a bus yeah i guess we just wait till we run out of gas right now they can’t fire that’s not a good idea gabe i have an idea we’re about to run out of gas i have a friend that has an rv i can text him and see if he can come pick us up and help us how long would it take i don’t know if i can text him right now bro look at our gas gauge it’s getting lower

And lower you know at this point i’m just chilling since it’s asleep look at him i am so excited to run out of gas and get stuck in the middle of nowhere for hours i have not seen a building for 30 minutes bro do we have a flat tire we might have a flat tire oh bro wait wait definitely a flat tire legit i feel it oh your engine’s blown bro no i think we have a

Flat like legit well we didn’t even run out of gas we got a flat before gas oh dude i smell it oh yeah bro look this is obviously an issue the problem is it’s almost midnight there’s not a single tire shop around us the closest gas station is 50 miles away but good news geez my friend brian is on the way with an rv he’s two hours away he’s gonna pick us up and we’re

Gonna continue the journey we’re gonna leave the bus on the side of the road so what do you want to do for two hours they’re here they’re here oh my gosh it’s been so long is that it that’s it let’s go boys i’m here to grab my stuff mate life savior screw the bus boys we got an rv i know what you’re thinking unspeakable this is not 100 hours on a bus anymore it’s

Still a bus hop in boys i’m getting in yo thank you for the ride man oh my gosh yo this is nice oh this is really nice hey wait till you see the giant bed wait bro is this considered cheating no this is not cheating it’s just a nicer bust oh you’re not wrong thank you brother for the pickup i appreciate it flat tire we’ve been stuck on side of the road for two

Hours and now we’re here yeah i’m going to the bed bro wait there’s a bed oh there’s an auch plug-in back here you can finally take a wee week as you can clearly see we’ve made it to the desert 500 years later we’re approximately one minute to the address that preston sent bro we’re literally driving on the sand right look at this i hope my package is actually

Here this was such a long journey yo boys we’re here look at me do computer stuff look jimmy yeah i understand we’re at the beach no there’s a ups guy oh i’m gonna go get my package boys there’s no way that’s it no that’s it he’s got a box homie all right let me go grab it let me go grab it what’s the chances that’s that’s actually it yeah he’s making him sign

Something oh he got it oh no way that was actually it you think he was just camping here the whole time waiting for someone to sign the package maybe there’s no way we got it i don’t know why the box is so big to put my wallet inside you can’t let your enemies know your next move bro right what if it’s another challenge is it just empty wait wait so we don’t

Have your wallet no we don’t have my wallet it’s not in there so uh we go back to home yeah let’s drive back home well that’s two days of driving oh bro

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I Survived 50 Hours Driving My School Bus By Unspeakable