May 29, 2023

I refer to: dr. eric berg’s channel on ADHD

Adhd symptoms all right first one she said there are three groups inattention hyperactivity impulsivity yo attention deficit hyperactivity disorder yes it’s a disorder it is supposed to be some malfunction of the brain but i do not really i don’t really i don’t really relate to that argument i think it’s a bunch of bullcrap because i mean i mean one of the

Symptoms yes i mean as a kid as a kid growing up i was always fairly active i always wanted to play outside but which kid doesn’t i mean any kid is active and then maybe in primary school i could not really focus on one task no that’s true because it was very crowded in the classroom okay so the vast majority of behavior problems in the classroom involve minor

Breaches of discipline the troubles with your attitude you don’t pay enough attention in class you don’t do enough work outside of it you don’t know what to work-study mean you haven’t acquired by day to go to school because that’s how the system works so you sit at school for eight hours a day and they require that you sit still for behind a desk and just

Through a teacher with teachers to say but it’s very hard when you’re not interested in the i mean we’re not challenged like intellectually then it’s very hard and if you have to learn things that you can’t really see the benefits of learning then it’s very hard so does not actually mean you have adhd anyway i’ve been diagnosed with adhd when i was 18 there’s

Seven years ago right now i took medication for two months to concerta and there is only one benefit to taking medication to prevent adhd or to suppress it and only advantage is that you can you can really the disadvantages use you sleep very poorly vivid nightmares i had outbursts of aggression sometimes even tears of nowhere then we’ll be happy again very

In stable emotional state number three appetite was gone there was also maybe some people consider that as an advantage you lose a lot of weight due to the to the active substance i can’t pronounce the name this is it so and the fourth the fourth disadvantage the fourth not calm about about the maths was that my empathy a lack of empathy empathy a total lack of

Empathy when i like to dissect girls did you know i’m utterly insane when for instance i saw somebody choke in a piece of bread i couldn’t care less if that man or woman would just have died in front of my eyes because because the medication your your empathy just goes away so after two months i i stopped taking the meds i think it’s all due to if you have if

You have a kid or if you are diagnosed with adhd i think it’s very important to first of all i don’t believe in it but if you do is fine but you have to look at what you eat you have to look at already exercising enough and are you doing what you love are you doing something which which which i wish you’re passionate about if that’s the case then there’s another

Focus it does it may be maybe more focus on the normal people because meanness at the end of the day still just it’s a label i think so dietary intake to healthy foods stay away from all the sugars all the processed foods try to get eight hours of sleep in and every night so a human body is not made for sitting still eight hours a week so we – yeah see your to

Use your body and exercise regularly – to feel your best and if you don’t well you get all kinds of all kinds of complaints but in today’s world stays modern world all the doctors and physicians are very very quick to draw a conclusion so when i care is a bit overactive the kid has adhd or maybe a td when it can’t focus when the kid can focus on some some boring

Uninteresting tasks they are diagnosed with a dd maybe autism also lots of cases so one more important thing was i read the book creme brain the surprise truth about weed carbs and sugar your brains silent killers by dr. david perlmutter all these patients that were diagnosed with adhd when he tested the patience for a gluten intolerance and they have certain

Markers at wish to look at so they do they do a blood test and any check like there are certain categories and one percent of the time the children with adhd they also had an gluten intolerance and i mean not like not like a fully intolerance but a bit and when they switched to another diet without gluten the so called adhd disappeared too completely so yeah

Just so that’s my experience just want to share it with you today i would recommend getting off the medication and start eating healthy sleeping enough and something that you are really interested in and don’t believe the that they say to you because i went to in the 11-day if he passed my course where he sit still for 11 days meditate for 10 hours or 10 hours

A day you can talk have no phone no newspaper no books no tv no external stimuli and i felt pretty pretty damn calm so i’m supposed to have adhd so but you can believe whatever you want because you’re free to so

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I think ADHD IS FAKE – Don't be mad at me (methylphenidate hydrochloride) By Colin Stoltz