December 8, 2022

I took spironolactone for 3 weeks and this happened! (Before and after pictures)

Hey girl welcome to my channel my name is esther thank you so much for choosing my video today we’re going to be talking about paranormal latin i’m so glad you chose my video because girl i have a lot to talk to you about just come down and relax if you are not subscribed to my channel please click the subscribe button below because guess what i have a lot of videos

Coming up for you so you better subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything okay why did i stop spreading reluctance what am i taking instead of spraying a lactone and why am i discouraging you from taking free reduction i’m going to be talking about all of these today this is this foreign that i got it looks like this let me show you how much i’ve taken from this

I took all of this you can see i took this it sounds really like four for me to be done with this okay one two three four i took it for like three weeks i got the 50 milligram on and you know it has um 100 milligrams and then there is 150 milligrams my goal starts as high as 100 milligrams or even 150 as a case maybe but i decided to start small because i didn’t

Know how my skin my body was going to react to it does it work yes it does work right it worked i’m going to go over all the work that i do very soon so just calm down okay relax and don’t skip the video because if you skip the video and you come to ask me any question i will not be there to answer you i noticed that first of all i peed a lot okay i used to be

The one that have small bladder before i used to pee like honey steady i peed too much okay but when i started taking spray no lactone oh my god like i would pee and pee later on again i just i started noticing that my lower abdomen was like swelling off and it was very painful like from the two sides because i was always just being like constantly just going to

The toilet don’t get me wrong i know some some people have used brand relation and it has worked for them and there was no any side effects yes i know so but i’m just telling you my own like you know i’m just telling you my own experience anyways even with those symptoms i still decided to continue taking this relation because i’m like um maybe because i’m just

Starting up you know maybe it’s going to stop later or something but guys it did not stop and then to make everything worse i got yeast infection when i browse the symptoms or causes of yeast infection everything actually matched because it says if you are taking something that is hormonal or um your blood sugar level or something that because when you are

Peeing it actually causes the yeast infection to grow and everything kind of like just clicks and matches the things that esperanto does like in my body so i decided to go to the to the um pharmacy so when i got there i complained to the man and i just told him straight so that if he’s going to give me any medicine you know what to give me so i said i am taking

This for an election oh my god like the man just screamed he said you are damaging yourself you are ruining your health blah blah blah i just said you should not be taking strength just because of acne yeah too young for that um he said he was going to give me something else to take instead of spraying lantern which i’m grateful because if he had just complained

And did not give me anything instead i’ll just be like so it gave me something else to take instead of trying relaxing and i’m going to be sharing it with you in this video the man said um the acne could like get into my nails actually i’m losing my toenails like my big toenails they have like this big hole in them like when i was saying it i knew this man knows

What he’s talking about i’m like uh yeah i have to listen to this man so he told me to stop taking splatoon immediately and guys let me tell you after two days the swelling started coming down just imagine i’m gonna go over all the work that it does like my hair would grow back very very slow my skin just feels soft because when i’m ovulating i have acne as well

And when my period is like one way to come the acne becomes worse so my own case i don’t know and then it leaves this dark spot that before the next period will come that’s i’m still treating this dark spot and it’s just that circle of treating and treating so that’s why i said i have to fix this from the inside but i actually like because it was like taking

Off my acne you can see this is the only side i see our small dark spots if i share the v the some pictures of what i took which is not even long ago you’re gonna say wow okay like and then i’ll share with you guys in another video what i’m using like what i used to get rid of the dark spots then so fast on that one week guys the dark spots hyperpigmentation they

Disappeared like asap generally i felt um so flexible and i actually know that it’s a feminizing um medicine or something because i feel so feminine i started noticing some changes in my voice i wish it did not um you know give me all those side effects that i had if not it wouldn’t have been any problem at all like for the yeast infection it gave me this so this

Is the medicine that the man gave to me and it is um 10 tablets in it so he told me to use two every day like once one in the morning and one at night no i’m not recommending this or anything but you know you could talk to your doctor about it you know and i noticed that the drug is actually working on my acne and then there’s this other one i’ll put a picture

On the screen so don’t worry about it and this one is also ten one in the morning and one at night is yellow in color so that’s what the man gave me and i’m so grateful to have met the on promises so what do i think about rhino lactone i feel like the consequences of spreading reluctance might be too like too big i’m not going to say that what happened to me must

Happen to everybody because i know you know i know some people that have taken they’ve taken me for more than a year and i only took mine for three weeks so but i’m just gonna like if you look look forward like ten in ten years time all the struggle about acne and the self whatever it’s not going to even matter anymore you need to just weigh your options and see

Which one is better you know i don’t know if that makes sense but you know what i’m saying like just wear your options and see if it’s worth the risk don’t go straight ahead to take spread relax and look for something else that is not so strong because i’m trying lactone is supposed to be for diabetic patients although it’s meant for women if a guy you cannot

Explain relaxing or you start behaving like a lady okay it is not for me so i surrender i’m not taking spring relaxing anymore i’ll take this and if this after taking this if my pimples start coming out again i’ll just treat it with um topical things that i have i’m not going to take any of that drug or anything i’ll just leave myself and enjoy my life because

Life is worth living okay thank you so much for watching my video today let me know in the comment section if you ever take into a new lantern and what is your opinion about spring lanterns i will see you bye

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