May 29, 2023

Some call this the real-life limitless pill (from that Bradley Cooper movie). I wanted to try it, as well as a few other brain-boosting supplements, also known as nootropics and see how it would affect my productivity and performance.

This is what some might call the real-life limitless pill which comes in this box that costs 400 and i’m going to try it as well as a bunch of other powerful brain boosting supplements but working my way up starting with the cheapest one this one costs 10 bucks comes with only two pills i don’t feel it yet on a good day i get about four hours of really deep focused

Concentrated work done if this stuff could stretch it to five six maybe seven hours that would change everything these brain boosting pills also called nootropics or smart drugs are kind of like potions in a video game they give you a short buff that can increase your concentration memory and overall immortality and a lot of top performers in the world are using

It to their advantage and is that the secret why they accomplish so much all right got a couple of hours of work done i feel a little bit of a buzz i want to work out i think i could take a second this was a mistake because as it said on the packaging this amino acid rich liquid is the source of the adult hornet’s strength endurance and seemingly boundless energy

I definitely feel it now i feel like i can do another personal best in the squat your eyes are bugging i think it’s the caffeine i never take caffeine i hope it’s gonna wear off soon i’ve been working until just now i think this gave me a good caffeine boost so this cheap one has already had these effects what is the 400 one gonna be like but apart from that what

Are the real secrets of the world’s most productive people who get insane amounts done i’ve spent countless hours studying them and there are three things i’ve found that they all have in common and they might surprise you but first it was time to try the second one which is called alpha brain i want an alpha brain so this is supposed to help with focus and memory

And i’m gonna be taking it with chris it’s from on it the company that joe rogan owns 50 of supposedly he takes it before every episode because it helps him form sentences we’re like we’re in like this wave of like if it helps with memory and focus i hope it doesn’t bring back any suppressed challenges oh no i’ve got some planning and writing to do for the next

Video let’s see i feel this one a slight buzz like my senses are heightened and i’m just able to focus a little bit more how you doing no super amazing effects sorry joe rogan so what are the real secrets the first thing i learned from the most productive people was a game changer for me in my first business i decided to sell in all european countries instead of

Just germany because more countries equals more sales it took months of paperwork i built systems hired someone to manage it and finally after six months or so i added an extra 15 of revenue with almost no profit if instead i would have focused on launching more products i would have doubled my business in six months and that’s when i learned this lesson that

Productivity is not about efficiency it’s mostly about effectiveness just one hour of planning can save you an entire day an entire week an entire year even an entire decade because think of that guy who a hundred million dollar business for 10 years realizes oh i actually hate my life i actually want to just live a simple life and spend time with the people i

Love or you could have done that 10 years ago if you just would have reflected a little bit more getting more done is not just about putting in more hours somebody else is working 50 hours and you’re working 100 you’ll get twice as much done in the course of a year as uh the other company i mean he’s the billionaire i’m just some you kind of ruined my point now

Today we’re taking the new pept and hunter is here i’m a little bit nervous about it trust me i’m an expert in this the guy on youtube said the work ethic goes way up infinite it basically grows on trees it’s very potent apparently you feel it immediately what happens if i take this notice pass out well do you have health insurance so i had an idea recently for

This youtube video of like his downfall i was blind but now i see avalanches of creative ideas started flowing into my consciousness everything would change now so you’re already feeling it right i’m feeling it yes the tingly sensation that i’m feeling like yeah when i was starting to brainstorm i was like man i’m just like so zoned in when i read stuff i’ll be

Reading and then i’ll zone out and so i have to go re-read stuff but right now i’m just zoned in if it helps you get focused for a few hours a day and just crank it up more it can make a big difference next up i tried qualia which is 140 bucks they smell a bit fishy i like it and you gotta take seven capsules in a day i feel good but most people only notice effects

After taking it consistently for two weeks which is too much for this video so before moving on to the 400 nootropic what’s the second secret this second pattern i’ve noticed among the most productive people might be the hardest one to implement but the results are exponential see in my circle i see a lot of entrepreneurs who have a successful ecommerce business

And then they start a second brand in a different niche and everyone’s making banking crypto so they spend months studying the latest moon coin then nfts are popping off so they have to get in right now and then they also decide to build a personal brand because tick tock is currently making people blow up like crazy and to be fair they end up having multiple

Million dollar businesses that if they put all of that time and effort into that one business in the beginning instead of making a million in consulting crypto nfts and whatnot they would have a 30 million dollar business right now because in almost everything growth is exponential the deeper you go into just one thing the higher the returns get they were tempted

By all these low-hanging fruits that made them miss out on this one gigantic fruit on top of the tree which is really hard to reach and you have to ignore all the ones that are dangling right in front of your face so the second secret is their disgusting focus they say no to everything because nobody has ever changed the world building five companies at the same

Time god damn it elon stop maybe this final nootropic is gonna bring me closer to elon’s real productivity secret it’s here i have big expectations you make these customer tropics who are your clients the world’s elite the people that monetize their minds ceos executives we’ve got some of the top actors in hollywood it comes with an app it says i’m supposed to

Start with the nectar x1 3000 experiments i was looking for a solution to help people get off of oxycontin and really really hardcore drugs my wife at the time had become addicted during the last birth of our last child they gave her four oxycodone and she fell in love with it a decade later she committed suicide on oxycodone and methadone so that kind of set me

On a route of going okay i’m gonna i’m gonna resurrect my biochemistry background and go let’s go make this thing after 3000 we hit on this little nuanced part of the formula that changed from being pretty good to very good to exceptional um to the point where the the last group of guys on the beta test said hey that looks that’s a lot like the thing from that

Bradley cooper movie world domination here we go tastes a bit like medicine but it tastes good damn i feel good like this calm focus wow i feel motivated a little stimulated it’s subtle i want to try more of this take three to eight sprays anytime you want a boost in your mood start with three sprays and see how your brain reacts literally tastes like candy i

Think i’m getting a headache maybe we should wait yeah yeah seven pumps is all i need i really feel it now i was in a pretty bad head space earlier and now i feel like i can’t be the next day i wanted to try their strongest stack for deep work combining two of their capsules together what are some other weird hacks that you see these people use i mean let’s just

Be honest a lot of nicotine i mean coffee’s in the tropic listen i know people that know the goat i’m not gonna name his name does he use things to keep himself functioning yeah i’m going to take focus savagery together with upbeat just looks like an evil villain pill i’ve gone through pretty much everything focus savagery and upbeat oh you take those and just

Like let’s get to work there’s an intensity high performers have that normal people don’t i’m sipping on the power solution today and it tastes horrible but it kicks in man some of it was super helpful for me it’s definitely not for everyone but if you’re interested there’s a link in the description they hooked me up with a discount code leon so you’re 10 off but

For everyone else for the everyday entrepreneur what are the things that you would tell them to really optimize their productivity and their performance which brings us to the third and biggest hack there’s this story that i read that drilled it into my mind of this guy who asked richard branson you know you’ve built so many successful companies what’s your secret

To being so productive and richard branson leaned back and revealed his trick in two words work out the best advice is always the boring fundamental stuff sleep diet exercise nothing beats great sleep that is the ultimate recovery tool we look for hacks and tricks and tactics but if you don’t have these three things dialed in you don’t even have the right to think

About other productivity methods but the most successful people have these fundamentals dialed in where do you sleep tonight tonight’s in a factory you sleep in a conference room in the not finished factory tonight yeah it gives me a good feel for what’s going on i quit also make sure you check out this video over here i put a ton of work into all of them i’m sure

You’re gonna like it thanks for watching i’ll see you in the next one

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I Tried $400 Brain Boosting Pills By Leon Hendrix