February 1, 2023

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Smoke yo what up today in there i’m begging under the video you feel me damn why am i dread did you stick it up like that god damn fool but you feel me right now i just got done dropping the video and guys um it’s sad to say bro but really this channel is tasty hot channel i don’t know i how to explain it but it’s some type of block or like a blacklist or like

A shadow band or just mommy no none of that they just don’t like to push my content out there no more but it’s like this channel was like you know kind of it is too much restricted on so like the taking time to go be in the link in description bro some of you get popping off on there that’s gonna be the main channel that’s gonna have the ads and um it’s not about

The ads on the video because it’s like i make money off of donations and stuff you know so it’s not even about the ads what i’m tripping about it is more so the fact that i i can’t even push my content out there like it’s hard for me to even rack up 10k views and it’s like bro i have a hundred and eighteen thousand it’s like we gain i gained subscribers every day

So it’s not like why people or like people like god is fake whatever it is literally youtube be hated on me so bad they don’t they don’t want to push this type of content out you know they hate owners they don’t want people to see this type of content and it’s like i’m gonna keep doing my part pushing this content but it’s like y’all also need to go run up the

Other channel because it’s like this channel is gonna just go so far with the restrictions you feel me rather than my other channel that you know we can get on the reaction videos funny mood bangs and pranks and it’s like that channel is going to be all of it clear they’re not going to hate on there because it’s just like i’m not going to be doing nothing smoking

Related over there just gonna be a straight fun good family friend vibes on it so make sure you guys subscribe to that taking channel and by the title of this video you know we got going some make sure smash the like button i need to get into this video here bro i just got done you know i’ve been on a fortnight and stuff like that you know bringing a pc setup stuff

Like that well low-key looky looky looky i’m going to closet huh put an indian pocket huh you know is he sleeping right now so i gotta be quiet video but um i tripping on my puffer jacket i mean this type of video i feel like having a puffer jack you know you know all right i clearly can’t do it right here are you so sleepy why are you so sleepy what is there

To do um i kind of like my own like so you say you know like but i thought it would it also be bad having a little bit of just like there’s certain rules and stuff like stuff you gotta go if it’s gonna be like that you know because if you think about having a roommate but like you know fully people don’t know yet but you know you know we think about that y’all

Would like to see me with a roommate like another youtuber that’s like my roommate here let me know in the comments because like we around can make that happen you feel me a little roommate making a content is back a little youtube house you feel me but um i’m gonna take my first little rip cheers oh foreign but i don’t know man i don’t know i already done

Nothing playing me put his ass up on the floor i’m smoking like some other so maybe yeah i already did it on my own way so i don’t know any 50 something put on me foreign we literally got this whole room right here like and we had a roommate this would be their roommate this would be their closet this will be their room the only thing i don’t like is like the

Rooms it’s kind of dark but the rooms are back to back but i mean by that like the closing right here like literally my closet is in this like over here so it’s like you would hear whatever is going on they doing some like saying they got a female or some in here they you know i’m gonna be able to hear that you know you’re like i’m doing some crazy they will

Hear that you know but it’s like i wish this room was like somewhere else like in the other corner of the house or some you feel me so like they got their own kind of privacy it could be loud to say they i got they got a lot of stv in here i got a lot of tv internet gonna be you’re gonna be so like that’s why i’m thinking like like they should put the rooms like

But it’s not bad though it’s my first okay like we make it work you know foreign foreign i mean and then you have a weird taste i want to get up and when i go out and do something i don’t know like imagine if i just had that over there i look at a banner or buy a brand new puffer jacket because it’s like so i still had me in another well i’m saying i’m being

On working mode like not even i want to go so i don’t know i want to go work so i have to give me something that go right here and i hear you want me to go match the city now i’m just like that’s what i want to be but how’s that fake car hitting it’s not bad i should i feel it i mean um yeah i just don’t know what to do i mean we could have came up but i even

Push your car over there that’s what i’m saying i’m not if you can’t even have the ac on i don’t want to drive the truck i’d rather take my whip i mean yeah but you know you paid you put yeah and we’ve been driving my car go throughout the views right now that’s good but guys yeah loki i gotta go and have somebody but i’m looking personally don’t think it’s fake

I was like this like a type of live resin just like that that’d be crazy if they really like royal garden we find live resin currency it’ll be kind of crazy and they do got like a little scanner thingy back here so you almost you can’t stand you in check too make sure they’re reeling on it you know they can make a fake website too high the height i used to eat i

Have a tv for some well i just know chris i know like i had like some fake cake display i don’t know hey guys watch out for the website but nah man yeah but i’m just trying to get more content out it is like this channel though that’s why i’m so mad cause back then i used to be able to record so much content and then just blow up bubble that’s why loki feel

Like grinding my taste they hiding because i mean came all the time because like i grind that channel but i don’t i just post video that’s you know able to get over there you know but it’s like not really trying to do like bangers on there i thought that time probably got a better chance of actually going up with like people already know what i say yeah damn you

Know but it’s like i don’t want to have two stoner channels like vlogging like some lit funny like cool you know with a pin or something and they’re taking is the same none of that at all but it’s like i might have to step up like i don’t know because like i’m gonna make a town called like k-state gaming and i want to get a gaming content on there you know like

It’s hella funny i was gaming wild off the low gas but it’s just like this funny stuff like that guys i got a lot of ideas in mind we’re like i could only do so much on youtube boxes me in you know it’s like bro i’m trying to get out this box i’m trying to get out this a description i’m trying to get off this but it’s hard to know something that’s all i’m saying

If we run this taking channel up the old other youtube community side of youtube would be like oh who’s this guy you know and it’s like that would bring people to this channel and they’re just like you know this channel will be so big to a point like any of my videos are eight restricted it’s like they’re still going up you know this is like hey okay you know but

It’s like you all gotta run up this other channel so we could go up like i got the pc now i’m trying to hop on something i might do an amigo stream tonight you feel me like some funny act grind it up like that you swimming so it’s like i’m gonna try to take this grind to the next level man but it’s like it’s raw garden i don’t know let me know if i ever had a rock

On right there yeah foreign let me know how you feel about that how i feel about this car all that you know i’m gonna catch y’all guys on the next one come on

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I Tried A Fake Cart And This Happened… 😭🍃🤣‼️ By TaeStayHigh