June 4, 2023

Kartha Gewart likes art but calligraphy videos are a diff breed. I was once a pen-head, but I’m very out of practice. People go to school for this and it’s HARD!

Hi i’m carthage and this is rangoon i’m a futurist mentally little known fact about karthik gilbert in elementary school i was a pen head i was a pen head especially gel pens any pen that has ink that just falls out is the most oddly satisfying thing for me but we’re gonna draw some really ugly satisfying things we’re gonna try i’m not saying my penmanship is good

I’m just saying that i think that there’s people who are wired by their parents to understand what i’m saying and there’s people who are wired by their parents to reject what i’m saying anyways this is tick tocks and videos of beautiful penmanship i tried to film this video yesterday it was a bust calligraphy is really hard okay so we’re not going for perfection

We’re just gonna try our very very best i’m scared of this one because i don’t have the right pen for it starting in three oh geez that’s my hair tie you still angry he’s fuming okay so the thing with this video is i actually don’t have i actually don’t have a what’s called a chiseled tip on my gold pen so i’m gonna try to stab i mean oh my goodness this is like

Flowing out so nicely the pen head that i am i just i love it i wish i could find it but you know art stores in this day and age forget about it it’s a little bit more fine but i’m gonna take this knife and i’m gonna like try my best to make like some sort of line in it when i tried this on the fail video oh my knife is not clean that’s embarrassing carthage

Cutlery should always be the cleanest there ever was i mean i can see where i made the line but unfortunately i’m just gonna have to like draw it twice we’re low on supplies these days terry really butchered the silver hopefully it works dog we’re trying to film the video is the radio you want and this is the radio you have at home oh hi it’s working it’s

Very important for me to get this lettering and no oh sorry i’m done no yes no no sometimes in this world you just have to practice practice practice she’s learning how to spell radio properly i really like the tower why don’t you make the a the tower then do you like calligraphy i’m not very good at it but i’ll try my best okay the gold writing thought it

Was gonna be easy so i feel like this next one is going to kill us all this is writing welcome oh she loops and she swoops she loose she swoops she dupes she is our goop she’s our girl oh gosh what marker do i use do i use my father and quill probably not hey you gotta dip this thing so many times it’s horrendous but i’ll try it later how about this oh no oh

No oh yikers yikers welcome to my home i think it’s pretty good really yeah this is a brush tip uh marker calligraphy pen um so when you click when you click oh my goodness when you press down on the paper it’s like a little bit soft so like you can make it thick or you can make it thin so this welcome that this girl wrote like there’s a lot of like variation

Between thick and thin because she like knows when to press down and when to not this is yeah this is why people go to school for these what is this it’s like my w curled its hair that day honestly though the l comes pretty good the elk yeah the elk but like what is this like what is that none of these letters are actually connected and that’s why it’s so hard

For me because i only really write in cursive okay the w needs work like the w really needs work ladies and gentlemen from glitch girl to the welcome page do you think she ready she went crazy do you think she ready though like her name is welcome and she’s been signing it for years looks pretty good that was not bad okay so this is one of them videos for the

Pen head it’s one of those dip pens where like you have the ink and then you dip the pen in it and the ink is like really pigmented like it lasts a really long time and i was really excited to find one of these because it reminds me of gel pens when i was in grade school i was obsessed with gel pens and i just want to like i want to write something real stupid

Like leah weeby like just a bunch o’s um why is there an exacto knife in my oh so the problem with this is that it is messy but we have our beautiful pen here this is the gel pens of the past we love a good dip pen moment whoa that yellow is gorgeous ooh pretty oh gosh oh that’s a mess oh that’s messy oh that’s going to be underneath my nails oh it’s going

Gonna be awful a nice dip come on this side and then it just like runs down the sides into the tube no what yeah it does oh that is what it does i was wondering why it was swirly i was like no terry no listen you don’t understand calligraphy it goes into the pin completely inside yeah okay liquor get your drink on girl get your drink on oh my goodness it’s so

Fun to use and it’s so glittery is it made of glass i think so do you ever notice that like girls get made fun of like teenage girls get made fun of for everything they like like like you know like this vsco girls minecraft youtube girls like basic girls when are we gonna start making fun of guys the guys are like rescuing for a dream and call of duty that’s

What i do it’s a hard shoot it’s a hard tactical shooter played on console okay i should stop being a bully i okay i always got in trouble in school because people couldn’t particularly teachers penship because teachers couldn’t understand what i was writing and i think it’s really easy to understand like i feel like i’m quite legible i’m making these smudges

Into flies this one requires tape i’m just gonna like write a cool name on top of this it’s gonna be like a little banner please be big enough give it to me oh no these are bad for this oh brody is one of my mods names and i was trying to like write his name the other day and i really liked it so i’m writing his name again sorry bud using your name in my video

Yeah i felt this pop in hopefully this works holy crap it does work get on the side this like silver marker is just even though this is soaking wet it’s just showing up so well over top i’m so satisfied you notice this this tick tock is this tick tock is like ryan please thanks if somebody said that to me i’d be like no like learn please like this looks cool

This looks like the kind of thing that like a dangerous guy would get as a tattoo we have a chiseled tip here it’s nowhere near as thick as their chisel tip i tried to find it but it’s tough out here that’s okay girl there’s an okay i’m not gonna be able to but we’re gonna try it can be nothing but a practice run because this is terrifying terrifyingly bad yee

It’s like this keger tentacles calligraphy is so hard part of the beauty that like kind of goes into this is like the speed at which it’s done you know what i mean i’m kind of cheating dang it i stopped to look at the screen and it messed it up expert versus idiot who lives down the street trying oddly satisfying calligraphy is just oh it’s torture you know

What might help doing it with my feather you ever do stuff with your feather quill i shouldn’t talk about it on camera you’re right so the interesting thing about using this the ink falls down to the bottom here and when you press it against the page whoa that’s sick it like runs out so like you have to constantly be dipping i’m not redoing the k i’m making it

Cooler it’s a lot easier to hold this straight than it is to hold a marker straight so if this is how people used to write how did they deal with like the bleeding oh like that oh no oops i didn’t let it sit in for oh yeah there we go now it looks like a graffito when in doubt give it an outline see there’s my k there’s cassie give it a 10 out of 10. it looks

Like a negative tendency oh okay there’s one last thing i wanted to do because this like silver marker i love it um i want to write on leafs how is it showing up like how is it so pigmented it’s winter i was gonna write fall but past that yeah we’re past that it’s january 20th and there’s clouds in the sky okay this is my prediction for the 20th some clouds yeah

Cloudy day with a slight chance of sunshine went a little nuts i can’t stop using this pen well that was my attempt at calligraphy i mean it was kind it was a mess it was hard but you know what i feel like i found something that i want to do for fun and watching calligraphy tech talks and videos is like such a fun pastime i hope that you guys enjoy this video uh

If not then i just wasted your time and that’s not a good feeling for me so i hope that you either thought it was cool gave you an idea to try something new or you thought it was entertaining wait wasn’t it between cool and entertaining i don’t know but i hope you enjoyed this video if you’d like to see me again make sure you push notifications carthage signing off bye

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I tried Oddly Satisfying CALLIGRAPHY 🖊️ Acrylic Marker, Ink, Brush-Tip Pen By Gloom