November 29, 2022

Ibuprofen and Ibuprofen Side Effects:

And i wanted to make this video today about ibuprofen in the reason i taking this medication and i know there but it was fun research the medications interactions with two-part nutritional supplements that you might be taking video to the other to go over all the information about ibuprofen so you have some natural anti inflammatory alternatives that would be more ibuprofen

Is in the class of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory is with pain the worst or you know assiduous like that where you would be her a little hasn’t recommend these only because steroids have a lot of negative i’m including ibuprofen which will cover it a little bit common names if i could profane would include advil typically the use of either pro furnace for mild

To moderate pain now the ways and ibuprofen works is it actually blocks in and sign called don’t get freaked out by these you know big chemical words so if this is a theory is by the programs if you blocked an enzyme it’s when you’re dealing with an inflammatory process one of the precursors transformation of something called arachadonic acid now let me just it could also

Be brought on by ump or dietary choices which we’ll talk about but let’s talk about an entry because that’s probably why what happens in most blood is like a response agenda and nutrients for proper killing to occur okay and that’s going to start to cause you pain not only because the swelling ends arm when you have an injured area sometimes the cells will be damaged to

Rid of that somehow because of a dozen is going to cause you problems and possible and as what causes the information pain and swelling okay um… but usually deaths more of a situation when you’re dealing with a chronic inflammatory conditions aren’t just painful conditions now it could be you know they could be things like chronic back pain or that sort of thing cancers

Uh… home when they re diseases things like uh… seo ppc such things allotted these types of conditions are related to i’m not going to go into a lot of details here and the reason why is uh… if you’re watching this video on you to have actually created a page on but what you can do is you go to that page i’ll give that speech to at the end and um… you’ll see all of

This written if you’re going to be taking ibuprofen that you can follow pretty closely because this is something that people are always concerned about want to take ibuprofen if you’re taking blood pressure medications because it uh… the blood pressure medications less effective more for anna or any other type of or a blood thinner or anti-coagulant um… you know which

We hear a lot about do not want to take a ibuprofen when you’re taking these types of another concern with this is that if you have archived and you’re taking in your don’t have a way to stop the bleeding at that point and also uh… if you’re taking lithium which is medications taken a lot of uh… it will interact with ibuprofen swells you don’t want to be taking have any

Research saying that they would interact as white willow bark is usually a natural anti inflammatory so it’s common for patients to this because they think it’s going to help with the pain um… i don’t know allot of people to take petri there’s a lot of people to uh… but you do not want a mix of the pro from with vitamin b three or niacin but the most common ibuprofen

Side effects are actually arash um… now the more serious ibuprofen side effects is and these ulcers may bleed and sometimes believe or not you may not even feel knows that the um… you know the pieces that comes out is that as a black color you need to get that checked out right away because what that is is that’s is where that’s happened cleaning can be occurring from

But that can be one of one of the major ruled by a group roughly may not be aware of it is that uh… which children if you’re a lot of people will use this for fevers try to if it does not reduce the people treated you want to stop the your head start to develop a lot of these physical problems and we don’t the kidneys dot this is more of a side effect that we see a lot of

Times with if they’re taking this on a long-term basis due to arthritis uh… you don’t want something that’s going to be affecting your kidneys and allergic reactions were also notified the pro from this is a specially there’s also an increased risk for heart disease and stroke now there are some natural anti inflammatory alternatives that you uh… and uh… most important

Thing i might tell you it’s really llc it is really really important that you use the proper one because if you using ice ricky petrone situation can actually make your pain worse ice is going to be best so if you’re in pain that ice is usually get however so what you want to do is a little test to see which one is copy mourn here’s one israel ice at the beginning okay so

Get high strictly from your freezer wanna get realized he could go and put a wait an hour and then use the heights again and you want to repeat that uh… as as often as you’re awake so if you’re going to be a ten hours if you use that ice two or three times and you’re not noticing any improvement to use electric heating together you can usually you’re gonna know right away

Which was going to benefit you the most even above these medications typically alright so that’s the first thing i want the next natural anti inflammatory is something called has enzymes and that’s going to help break down food when you take is on an empty stomach the body is going to absorb them they’ll go all of these nasty chemicals that are being produced by the inflammatory

And help getting rid of those things so that way the bike until more quickly and and on the page family to be at the end all have a a link to work and you can see where you can order and that sort of thing like i said i’ll give you a link and you can investigate yourself you wanna take four times the recommended amount on the bottle per day the next thing you want to do is

Take vitamin d three but when you get the the little bottle of i deleted by the senate health food you’ll see this really does for a little tiny pills it’s really not a lot of if you combine those three if you give if you do bryce he didn’t know you that usually has a really big effect on reduce inflammation quickly a lot healthier for you there aren’t the same side effects

That you would have a now if you’re dealing with chronic inflammatory conditions which would be now you have to look at your diet because your diet is going to be the and if that happens over a period of time your body isn’t going to be able to you want to eliminate all of the church from your diet and i know that sounds honestly this if you do nothing else that’s the one

Thing that you should do is one of the primary stimulators of the inflammatory process and the body and uh… you know these would be things and then the final between the you can do is to increase your fruits and it’ll help eliminate a lot of the toxins are being built up from that and it will help you become health care a lot more quickly and it’ll help you and basically

It’s just like a blender but that what it does is it and what i do is i’d like to drink everyday itis do this once a day so it really makes this process a lot easier in a taste pretty good given to me you want to add to the street would be in inch of fresh ginger uh… obviously you want to pill off the outside of it because it it look at those interest or supplements use

The highest or the heat but make and um… and does alternatives if you’re not interested me on the side now if you’d like more information this is the probe it still your bulging disc dot com slash ibuprofen dot html and i have the link their seniors click on a double take your expected if you look to the left of this video on that page i have a free e-book but i the e-book

That i wrote was about spinal disk conditions but you need more information about that go and download a free you look at my guess and um… you can get all the details about the execute from looking at that have a great day

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Ibuprofen – Ibuprofen Side Effects, Drug Interactions, And Natural Anti Inflammatory Alternatives By Ron Daulton