June 4, 2023

Is Ibuprofen Killing You? Some Things to consider when taking ibuprofen and what ibuprofen side effects are…

Is ibuprofen killing you hi this is dr. jason wes and this video is about ibuprofen or nsaids let’s review what is ibuprofen how does ibuprofen work and what’s the difference between ibuprofen aspirins and an nsaid and is there anything natural that helps with pain now please like the page or video and also drop us a comment if you’re curious about a healthcare

Concern or condition just ask about it and i’ll try and make information video about it or put it in our live cast so let’s talk about ibuprofen ibuprofen is classified as an over-the-counter medicine are the drugs that you can buy without a prescription now that makes everybody think that they’re safe but they do have some facts some over-the-counter medicines

Relieve aches and pains and itches and some prevent or cure disease like tooth decay and athlete’s foot and others help manage reoccurring problems like migraine headaches in the united states the food and drug administration decides whether medicine is safe enough to sell over the counter and taking over-the-counter medicine still has some risks some interact

With other medicines or supplements or foods or sim times even what you’re drinking and others cause problems for people with certain medical conditions if you’re pregnant talk to your health care provider before taking any over-the-counter medicine now it’s important to take medicines correctly and be careful when giving them to children more medicine does not

Necessarily mean better you should never take an over-the-counter medicine longer and higher doses than the label recommends and if your symptoms don’t go away it’s a clear sign it’s time to see your health care provider now there’s some really common over-the-counter medicines nicorette gum zyrtec dry opsahl tylenol aspirin aleve and acetaminophen so let’s talk

About ibuprofen it’s a medicine that nonsteroidal antiinflammatory ting pain and fever and inflammation and this includes like painful menstrual periods migraine headaches and even rheumatoid arthritis about 60% of people improve with any given nsaid but it’s not always long-term and it’s recommended that it does not work that another should be tried it also

May be used to close a patent dr. archer osis in a premature baby so there’s definitely some medical you for it and sometimes it became used by mouth or intravenously and it can work very quickly now some of the side effects of include heartburn a rash and compared to other nsaids it may have fewer side effects such as gi bleeding which is common in aspirin or

It increases the risk of heart failure and kidney failure and liver failure so there’s usually a price tag in taking over-the-counter medicines and at low doses it doesn’t seem to have the effects of the heart attack risk factors ibuprofen can also worsen asthma well it’s unclear if it is safe and early pregnancy it appears to be harmful in later pregnancy and

Therefore is not recommended and like other nsaids it works by inhibiting the production of a chemical called prostaglandins by decreasing the activity of the enzyme cyclooxygenase man that is a mouthful i had to practice a lot for that ibuprofen might be a weaker anti-inflammatory than other nsaids and it was discovered in 1961 by stuart adams and john nicholson

And marketed as broken it’s available under a number of different trade names including advil and motrin and it was first marketed in 1969 in the united states and in 1974 in the nine kingdom it’s on the world health organization’s list of essential medicines the most effective and safe medicines needed in the health care system and it’s available as a generic the

Wholesale cost in developing world is really cheap literally about five cents per dose so what’s the difference between ibuprofen and aspirin and nsaids ad sprint is pretty rough on the gi system it’s really not safe for kids ibuprofen is less hard on the stomach and then naproxen is an anti-inflammatory agents were linked to arthritis and tylenol or acetaminophen

Is usually for headaches and fevers not so much arthritis now if you’re looking for some natural pain management considerations here’s what i would recommend number one make sure that your blood sugar stabilized this is such a trigger factor for headaches and for pain also increasing your water intake water is such basic it’s just not given the credit that it serves

It’s literally essential nutrient and then watch your inflammatory foods like white sugar and artificial sweeteners and there are some natural non-steroidal anti-inflammatories that i’m excited to share you about one high dose essential fatty acids which is omega threes and sevens and nines if you mix those with the proteolytic enzyme like marcos i’m or pineapple

Or papaya or even cherries it has a really nice anti-inflammatory effect it doesn’t work as fast as ibuprofen but in the long term what happens is it spares your liver and your kidneys and doesn’t give you a heart risk factor the other thing that’s really important for natural painkillers is vitamin d3 curcumin turmeric even high dose b vitamins work really well

Now if there’s anything that we can do to help any of the risk factors associated with over-the-counter medicines by reducing anti-inflammatory foods and sugar increasing water take getting more vitamin d3 are really effective now there’s some in office treatments that work really well in lieu of a non-story anti inflammatory physical touch medicine massage therapy

Physical therapy chiropractic adjustments acupuncture pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy and my favorite one is the regenerative injection therapy of neural therapy which don’t worry we’ve got other videos about it but a real quick recap on neural therapy as we take a b vitamin a little syringe a tiny dental needle and we basically and do little tiny mosquito

Bite type acupuncture injections into the acupuncture points it makes the nerves open closed and reset so what am i trying to summarize summarize that no one wants to live in pain i don’t want to live in pain at patients to come in they don’t want to live in pain the concern with pain medicines and particularly over-the-counter medicines that can inadvertently and

Accidentally cause risk factors for heart disease for kidneys for liver and so if there’s natural alternatives i wanted you to be aware of those again pineapple papaya cherries or considerations essential fatty acids with enzymes work really well long turn it takes about three to four days to kick in so maybe an alternative is to use some ibuprofen for a day or

Two while you’re adding the other natural stuff you know not hurt your liver and your kidneys so that’s a quick review about ibuprofen if you want additional information or handouts please type hashtag pain in the comment section and please like my page or video if you have a healthcare can question please leave it in the comment section so i can dress it in a

Video or podcast i’m dr. jason wess i’ll see you on the next video

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Ibuprofen Side Effects | Natural Ways To Substitute Ibuprofen By Dr. Jason West