March 22, 2023

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What’s up guys this is corey and today we’re talking about anti-flammable race and tenon’s so we’re gonna look when you need to take on to kalama tourists and when you don’t need to take them when we are missile we’re breaking down our tendons collagen in our tendons so this is causing inflammation of a tendon which is natural body’s response to injury when there’s

Inflammation in the body body understands where you need to go to fix this so when there’s inflammation in our elbow buddy understands that we need to fix this we’re working on that when you take on to kalama tori’s this is doing two things wrong first it’s taking away inflammation so without inflammation but it really doesn’t understand where it’s needed to be to

Heal itself second thing antique laboratories are causing is numbing the pain so when we take in the first thing away from a body but it doesn’t know where it needs to be putting all the effort of healing if there’s no inflammation second thing is numbing in the pain so your brain will think it’s healed and you will think it’s okay i can arm so again so you’re taking

The phase one and slipping right here in phase three so you can cause more damage to your body my recommendation went to take on take lavatories are only before competition because we’re warriors we want our muscle we want to be best that we can do on the table we want to just let everything out so if you are missing let’s just say you are miss on the saturday but

Your arms are turning on sunday and monday don’t do anything just i will make some videos about natural remedies that will help you without causing taking the rate inflammation or healing process because inflammation is really it’s necessary thing to have in our body to get better what i like to do if i feel any pain before the competition night before competition

I will take some ibuprofen and then in the morning before a competition i will take another this will cause a little bit numbing of the pain if i have any or destroys any inflammation that is like so i can complete because we all know we just want to compete its we will when you’re on a table honestly you will not think about your health and this is a normal thing

To do with your arms and i know it’s wrong and you know it’s wrong but basically try to not cause any more injury that you could because i know the guys that they’re working on the table then they’re taking i’m often things day they’re working again and this is really not helping your case you might feel better but it’s actually causing tendon despair you can find

Some research online about the things i’m talking about if you don’t believe me but yeah again thank you guys for watching don’t forget to subscribe look for new videos i will try to make new videos till the end of february every day see

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Ibuprofen stops tendonitis healing (Ibuprofen kills all inflammation) By Voice of Armwrestling