January 26, 2023

Are you an IBUPROFEN USER? This video gives you top tips how to stay safe with your ibuprofen as you grow OLDER.

Well let’s talk about beryl michael she’s 82 year old lady and apart from rheumatoid arthritis for which she was taking ibuprofen she also had a heart condition called atrial fibrillation it’s an irregular heart condition and we treat this with blood thinners to make sure people don’t have strokes so she ended up on two medications which potentially can affect

Her stomach and put her at risk of bleeds from her stomach which exactly that’s what happened to poor beryl yeah i mean i come across patients like beryl all the time but um i mean what was the reason for her being on the ibuprofen rheumatoid arthritis she was on some other medications for her rheumatoid but the pain was immense she was on a number of other

Painkillers and she felt that over the years these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications which ibuprofen or neurofana the likes of these medications were helping her the most which is not unusual these medicines are indeed very good for arthritis various types whether it’s osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis gout pseudo gout many types of arthritis

Yeah i mean i this is the reason why we have a box here so we would take ibuprofen here and that’s because we’re young our stomach linings are better than our elderly population and also we tend to find that we get less problems with using these also we don’t have to use them quite often quite as often as burial was using we they uses other uses of ibuprofen of

These non-steroidal drugs are high temperature aches and pains headaches there are many indications these are very good painkillers and generally anti-inflammatories but they should use in younger patients of course will have much fewer side effects than a regular use in an older person who is taking it for a chronic medical condition i mean going back actually

To beryl being on a blood thinning drug we call an anticoagulant um it will increase your risk of bleeding by at least one and a half times if not twice the the incidence of bleeding so it’s not something that we should think uh is is a minimal concern and this is a major problem we’re finding and it wouldn’t surprise me that beryl had major problems she was

Admitted she had a camera test the camera test did find quite a big ulcer in her stomach so she needed blood transfusions and so on but talking about this anti-inflammatory medications non-steroidals it is important to remember the other side effects as well apart from irritating the lining of the stomach and causing gastritis stomach ulcers these medications

Also can upset your kidneys so cause kidney failure acute kidney injury it is absolutely crucial that you have if you are on these type of medicines long term that you keep an eye on your kidneys through regular blood tests you challenge your gp your general practitioner and get those blood tests done on a regular basis and there’s also the the common side of

It we come across which is actually fluid retention so you retain fluid with these drugs which is in many ways linked to its effect on the kidneys so uh looking at the population of patients i would treat patients with heart failure being on an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen naproxen these individuals are more likely to retain fluid and necessitate higher

Doses of other medicines it goes back to the cascade issue we had talked about in one of our previous absolutely if you are it’s if you are someone with a heart condition of any sort whether it’s a diagnosed heart failure or even angina condition these medications by retaining fluid in your body will exacerbate that heart condition you might have more angina

You might experience more fluid retention and then you will need more water medicines and if you have more water medicines you damage your kidneys more and it goes around their cycle some patients who have severe forms of asthma can become extremely tight-chested what we call bronchoconstriction and with the use of uh on non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like

Ibuprofen so it’s not it’s not that they can’t take them it’s because uh some individuals are very sensitive to the drug so you know it depends very much on a on a patient by patient basis what about copd patients or smoker or patients who have so-called smokers lung condition uh the same thing some individuals have a what we call a predisposition to actually

Have constriction but also in the individuals we’re talking about they’re more likely to be on steroid therapy which then we have issues with the kidneys so it’s all about multitude of medicines that can affect the the kidneys and we’re going to come on to the likes of the uh uh the thing of sick day rules as well patients who are on these medication and they

Become unwell nausea vomiting diarrhea the likelihood of you actually having kidney problems is increased dramatically while you’re unwell so being off these medicines is is essential during periods of ill health what i’d say for my elderly population is being of this medicines all together is a very good idea it is very poorly tolerated because as we get into

Our late 70s 80s inevitably we do develop many other medical conditions whether it’s a heart condition pre-existing kidney injury if you had diabetes your kidneys will be affected and these type of drugs of course will be quite detrimental as a geriatrician i’d say avoid them all together there are many other painkillers many other ways of managing various pains

Arthritis so see your doctor consider your options but if it’s possible at all avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatories especially if you are someone with pre-existing kidney problem or stomach problem or heart problem my top tip completely echoes you eleanor in terms of what you’re saying only use the medicine if you need to use it for the shortest period of time

That you can get away with especially if you’re using it for aches and pains and also use the smallest dose you possibly can i see too many people going straight for the 400 milligrams of ibuprofen when the 200 will equally be better you get less problems from this so i hope this was uh beneficial to you any questions that you have anything you want us to cover

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IBUPROFEN USER? Here are some TIPS how to use it safely By Be Your Own Doctor