March 22, 2023

Xanax is not water-soluble but many do it and here is why I did and what the effects are from doing it.

Stupid idiot you can’t snort xanax it’s not water soluble people will tell you that all the time this is not water soluble you can’t snort it’s a waste of xanax you’re an idiot that is some truth to that if you’re new to the channel hit the like and subscribe button xanax so when you feel xanax you can actually tell that this really isn’t a water-soluble pill

Some pills feel real grainy xanax itself does not and xanax isn’t water soluble so when you are snorting xanax and crushing up xanax and snorting it i snorted xanax a few times i always had a very bad cocaine issue so mine was also the thing i like to just put stuff up my nose and that was my addiction i was fascinated with putting things up my nose it gave me a

Placebo effect even even if when it came to something like xanax so it wasn’t something that necessarily got me higher harder all that now when you are crushing it up and you do snort it it does change it somewhat so it’s not dissolving in your stomach as quickly because you have to remember when you’re snorting it it’s getting collected in all the saliva back

Here it’s going to end up going back down into your stomach it’s going to get dissolved into your system and it’s going to go through your system and you’re going to feel the effects of it so does it affect you a little bit differently yes anytime you take a pill and you crush up a pill and put it on a powder form versus a normal pill form it’s going to affect

Your system differently so there are some differences if you snort this but it’s not a high like some people think it’s not like doing a line of cocaine or doing a line of meth and you’re going to have a high of that sense no but it does hit your system a little bit differently for me it hit my system like a little bit harder there was no easy gradual into it

It was a boom it’s in your system now and also you got to be careful too is when you are getting xanax if you’re not using prescribed xanax and you’re starting to crush up anything that’s made from a pill press and say you got it from your local friendly uh corner store uh pharmacist that sits down at the uh at the corner it’s probably gonna be mixed with some

Stuff because well they’re not a pharmacist and it’s probably not going to be true xanax and that’s one of the things that you have to remember whenever it comes down to i mean there is a thing out there with a lot of people that pop different pills you snort different things you got to be careful what you’re getting if you’re getting it from a dealer and not

A pharmacist that alone is dangerous even enough of itself because it can be mixed with fentanyl it can be mixed with so many different things and you can go onto amazon you can go onto the internet and you can buy a pill press so you’re essentially being your own pharmacist creating pills and selling those so you got to be careful what you’re getting because

You can od if it’s fentanyl and you do too much of that well that’s one of the most dangerous drugs there is out there and it’s not even a benzo it’s an opiate so it’s going to affect your system completely differently and people don’t realize that but when you’re crushing up xanax people will say hey it doesn’t work it doesn’t do anything it’s not water soluble

That’s true if it’s not water soluble it means it’s not dissolving in the water it doesn’t break down with just the water it does though in a powder form it will wreck your nasal cavity i mean there’s a lot of destruction it can do up here um there are almost like that mental addiction i’m very very big on mental addiction because i part of the thing with cocaine

Was i wanted to snort it i never wanted to make it into crack or anything else even though if i would have that would have gave me probably a different and stronger high but it was a more almost the process of snorting something and so when it came to any of the pills out there i was always kind of like well shoot let me just crush this up and see what happens

And it wasn’t the best trial and error and it was extremely dangerous so i mean anybody out there struggling with addiction the first step to do is just let everyone know hey i’m an addict and i need help i’m an addict and i need help and get the help that you need when you crush this up though it does hit your system differently because of the powder other than

That though it’s not going to get you higher it’s not going to make you feel any different it will eventually almost like it mellows out to what xanax typically feels like once it’s dissolved into your system uh if you do have anxiety it’s going to calm it down but snorting it’s not the way to go but you can start xanax does it burn when it gets in your nose it

Does it doesn’t burn quite like meth does when i’ve snorted meth three times in my life whenever i snorted that it felt like i was snorting like glass shards and it just burned here it made my eyes water and it had a different drip to it xanax it didn’t give me any kind of real drip at all it burned a little bit but it wasn’t a massive burning sensation like meth

Was and it wasn’t also the same kind of sensation that cocaine was um all three of these are extremely dangerous things they can destroy your nasal cavity they can destroy your sinuses your sense of smell goes just a crap i can attest to that my sense of smell is horrible i can’t smell much at all and even in the summertime when my sinuses act up i mean it just

Starts dripping out because well i most likely have a lot of damage that’s done up here and i have to still at some point probably go to the doctor and get some x-rays to see what all is going on up into my nasal cavities especially since i’ve moved up to idaho i can tell that there’s differences up here and we don’t think about that as an addict when we’re doing

It it’s sad though because you see stuff in in even when it’s a white pill and it’s crushed up people can play it off as different drugs and you have to be careful about that i mean it’s just it’s scary and we’re over controlled by this addiction of just wanting to do drugs sometimes and i was that way i was just constantly chasing that high and once i got high

Especially up a coke i didn’t want to lose it so if anybody ever told me hey this will keep you high i i tried it and it was one of the dumbest things i could do but when you’re an addict you don’t think straight you’re not thinking correctly at all with your head you’re thinking about i need that next dopamine rush i don’t want to lose this feeling i have that

You don’t want the dopamine drop because you know that the depression is going to hit you know that you’re going to feel like crap and you’re going to end up hating life so the longer that you could keep that high going the more that you’re like dude i’m on top of it i’m in control of it so i mean snorting xanax yeah it had some of the placebo effect up here

It did hit your system a little bit differently but it’s not like it’s hitting your your system in that sense of it’s it’s going to be this massively different high or different feeling that you’re going to get and all it’s going to do is a lot more damage to your nasal cavity if you’re prescribed xanax please don’t snort it because that’s not how it’s designed

To be taken it’s not going to help with your anxiety quicker i’ve went through that at a point with my anxiety where i thought man if i snort this it’s just going to hit me so much quicker it’s going to be so much better it’s going to get rid of my anxiety and it was almost like my addiction speaking more than it was my anxiety and that’s why you have to be open

Especially if you’re going to a therapist and you’re getting prescribed any kind of meds let them know if you’re an addict a good therapist a good doctor will understand what addiction is versus what a drug of choice is versus what a drug that somebody doesn’t actually abuses i’m a firm believer that not every ad abuses every single drug out there for me alcohol

And cocaine are just i can’t it’s not the it’s not the 30th one or the 10th line i do it’s the first it’s just having it in my hand but when it comes to adderall which is a stimulant that’s also very addictive to people for me that’s a tool and i don’t abuse it and it doesn’t even comprehend in my brain to abuse it so again life is trial and error don’t be afraid

Of medication but just remember the more that you do abuse it though different the effects will be some and you know what if you’re not using it as prescribed you may not need it and it may just be the addiction side of it if you’re struggling with addiction i got a links down below to nana ask for help i mean i get a lot of people who go i’m addicted to this i

Need help what do i do and ask for help just ask for help go hey i’m struggling with this i need help with this i don’t know what to do it’s controlling my life and i need help and that’s where that first step hits just admitting and knowing that you have an addiction problem is where it all begins at and our road to recovery then is different for everybody and

Some people in a works some people a words i’ve been to both a a actually helped me out tremendously but you have to also be open-minded but you matter you got this and i know that it’s a struggle so if you’re out there and you’re considering snorting a bunch of xanax don’t it’s not going to make your anxiety go away any any any differently in a better form in a

Better way all it’s going to do is destroy your nasal cavity it will hit your system a little bit quicker because it’s in a powder form and it’s in your mucus and saliva so it goes through your system quicker but that’s about it if you’re new to channel hit that like and subscribe button it’s all about just sharing trial and error the experiences that we’ve been

Through life so that nobody feels that they’re going through life alone and knowing this that you you matter

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Idiots Snorting Xanax, What The Effects Are…. By Eric B Zink