May 29, 2023

If you are someone who uses an Albuterol inhaler, I am a Respiratory Therapist, and I suggest you get a refill on your inhaler soon. We are experiencing a real shortage of these inhalers and if you need one you may not be able to get one

If you are someone who uses an albuterol inhaler i am a respiratory therapist and i suggest you get a refill on your inhaler soon we are experiencing a real shortage of these inhalers and if you need one you may not be able to get one because of how this virus is spreads we are not able to use nebulizer treatments with covered patients so we turn to inhalers instead

Unfortunately this has caused a real shortage to begin i already know of some pharmacies that are totally out of albuterol inhaler x’ please don’t panic buy inhalers there are people who are running out and need them right now in the usa we’re kept on a short leash by our prescribing doctors so it’s difficult if not impossible to panic by prescription drugs i will

Throw my point 0 2 in on this i was born with asthma / allergies and have had more than my fair share of battles with it 20 plus years ago it became debilitating and i’ve been living with around 60% lung function ever since i’m not one to panic by but we’ll gladly tell you most people would definitely panic if they live the life of a severe asthmatic and each

Breath feels like it might be the last good thing is i can serve meds and use just when needed so i have a few for backup what helps me much more and is by far cheaper is a nebulizer which i have a battery-powered travel unit as well as a desktop sized one at home people should really go this route if possible as nip solutions are drastically cheaper easy to find

And usually more effective than a rescue inhaler i told my son to get a refill two months ago you will never guess who didn’t get a refill americans don’t seem to understand to concept of limited supply and supply disruption it’s not just an american thing most of the developed world suffers normalcy bias post-war demand has always been met product always available

The idea that the system is actually very fragile is simply an idea most will not consider even now people think things will get back to normal soon as the system evolved with its ever more efficient jit supply chains and outsource production overly concentrated in locations of low-cost labor it’s become ever more maladapted to the realities of the world namely

That global scale events occur regional and global scale disasters complex geopolitical disruptions despite obvious warnings are simply not factored in due to an unusually stable and uneventful 75 years the incredibly naive assumptions of globalism was the system no matter how thin over optimized or lacking in redundancy would continue to simply work delivering

Plenty of everything for everyone frankly i don’t think we’ve even begun to experience the problems that are going to manifest themselves as the situation drags on and dragged on it almost certainly will ish i was worried about this i have about 100 puffs left in mind but have plenty of nebulizer treatments if it comes down to it i figured since i should be fine

With having those it leaves an inhaler out there for someone else that may really need it sadly my doctor will not give me a refill unless i go into the office which is in the hospital shame wow really my doctor will get me a prescription if i make an appointment to visit in the future given currently events he didn’t even ask for that if you’re in the u.s. all

Doctors offices are now allowed to lower their standards in regards to prescriptions within reason of course i just refilled my inhaler and while i ought to have had a checkup we scheduled it for late summer and the refill was still sent to the pharmacy right away thank you for posting this i’ve been spending so much time taking care of other people i didn’t even

Think about getting a refill of my inhaler i wouldn’t have until it was too late so thank you again fuel yuck my worst nightmare is running out of my inhaler can you get over-the-counter ones here in the states why can’t you use nebulizer treatments now it’s not the best thing but for a last-resort bronchi can help when you have trouble breathing it is a stimulant

So if you have heart or blood pressure issues be careful it’s also an expectorant for mucus it has helped me a lot when i had colds that messed up with my asthma i don’t have asthma symptoms always present but when i get sick my asthma becomes very present i have a couple inhalers somewhere in my bedroom one of em i left in my car over the summer i hope it’s still

Good no no you can’t inhalers have to be prescribed by a doctor thanks for posting last week i had called my dr about refilling mine as well as the prescription for my nebulizer as i noticed both were out of date she sent me three inhalers hopefully that should last may i ask why the nebulizer treatments don’t work it’s not that they don’t work it’s that it’s we

Want to avoid putting anything in the air patients breathing on a nebulizer for 10 minutes or so is putting a lot of stuff into the air which is how the virus is spread gotcha thanks for the reply is albuterol helping patients if they do not reach the point of requiring ventilators personally i don’t think albuterol does much for these patients albuterol is for

Bronchospasm which is the inflammation of your airways now this virus can cause some of that to happen if you already have asthma or copd because it causes irritation in the lungs so it can help with that a little bit if that’s there but the virus itself is still going to ravage the lungs and cause pneumonia albuterol can’t do anything to stop that

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If you are someone who uses an Albuterol inhaler By Men’s HealthLine-US