June 1, 2023

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All right hey what’s going on my name is sean qasim and in this video i want to talk about panic attacks and driving now there’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to panic attacks and driving and it’s also one of the more debilitating activities that occur with people who are struggling with panic attacks so i kind of wanted to go a little deep in this video and

Explain really what’s going on what the misconceptions are why is it so difficult and what steps you can really take to actually overcome this issue so the first thing i really want to talk about is the misconceptions okay now most people think people who are suffering from panic attacks that don’t want to drive it’s the actual act of driving that they are scared

Of which is kind of incorrect really what you’re experiencing if you’re struggling with panic attacks and fearful of driving is the fact that if you’re driving and you have a panic attack you’re gonna lose control or you’re not going to be able to escape or you’re not gonna be able to run away in time and you’re gonna feel trapped this is actually the difference

And this is the misconception a lot of people think that well it’s just because it’s the actual act of driving no really what you’re saying is that really people struggling with panic attacks are really struggling with their struggling with the fact of what happens if i get a panic attack so this is something i really want to talk about because it’s it’s one of

The more debilitating things that occur in someone who’s struggling with panic attacks and that’s because driving is such a daily activity it’s so important in your day to day life it’s so important to get to you know your work or picking up your kids or even going to the doctor or just anything if you don’t if you can’t drive you’re kind of trapped and so in this

Video i kind of really want to get a little bit deeper into this and why this happens now before i continue talking it’s really important for you to take an honest look at yourself and say well am i just an erratic driver in general and my dangerous driver in general because if that’s the case you probably need to get that figured out first but chances are you’re

Probably a fine driver you’re probably really normal you probably haven’t had any traffic tickets you know you’re a safe driver but you’re dealing with these panic attacks and you’re you’re just trying to hope that you don’t get a panic attack in the middle of driving now what do people do when they have panic attacks while driving what can they do they typically

Do oftentimes they’ll avoid expressways although avoid freeways now the purpose of that is really because cars are going on high speeds and exits are intermittent so it’s not really easy to escape so what often they’ll do is they’ll take side roads or there go through neighborhoods that’s one thing some people do some other people when they feel a panic attack

Coming they try to distract themselves they try to put on music they roll down the windows they start humming anything they can to kind of distract themselves hopefully they don’t get a panic attack so these are kind of some of the things that you know occurs sometimes so other people need other people in the car just to make sure or worst case they’ll just avoid

Driving in general they’ll just avoid it in any means possible they’ll just prefer to over or they just they just won’t leave their house now here’s the important thing when we’re told we have a panic attack we’re told that the way over a panic attack is through a panic attack which is true so when that happens it tends to be a very passive experience you know if

You’re having a panic attack anywhere else you can just relax a little bit and just not you know maybe engage and just let it happen and you know you overcome it but driving is a little bit unusual because you’re operating a vehicle you’re operating a powerful vehicle and kind of neat to be in control and this is what really stumps people and this is what really

Kind of makes panic attacks and driving a little tricky and now here’s the key panic attacks are notorious for making you feel like you’re out of control so when you’re driving and you get a panic attack there’s a sense that you’re not in full control and the reality is is that the panic attack is actually tricking you and i know this because i struggle with this

Myself and the idea that panic attacks when you’re in the midst of a panic attack you have no control the feeling is there that sense is there but the reality is anything but quite honestly if you’re struggling with the panic attack it’s very easy to be dealing with the panic attack and driving at the same time the sense of out-of-control feeling is a little bit

More exaggerated in the midst of a panic attack and that’s really because you’re having a lot of anxious energy kind of leave your body and it feels like you have no control but the reality is you do and quite often this is actually what stumps people when the best way around that really is to drive and really push yourself and when you do have panic attacks try

To see for what it is a panic attack and try to go through it so the important thing is to notice this you’re actually in control panic attacks are great at fooling you like you’re not but you actually are hopefully this was a great value hopefully you guys found some great info if you liked this video hit the subscribe button hit the thumbs up let me know your

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If You Get Panic Attacks While Driving…WATCH THIS! By Shaan Kassam