June 1, 2023

I still love ikea and this was totally my fault LOLOLOL

Foreign foreign and we’re gonna come back over here and order it and we’re gonna pay for all of it you’re walking too close i ain’t even got you ain’t even gonna pay for all of them come on come on right here but you could like change it so what can you change huh yeah it has a white sticker so yeah we’re gonna get this one y’all right here the white oh

Do you think we should add some contrast into the black one no that bookshelf is white no contract all the contrast you need is the color of the lights okay y’all so we got to get this and then we gotta get the bookshelf the bookshelf that i’m getting is just all white i didn’t even talk to y’all but i’m gonna order some contact paper and put it on the shelves and

What you need a bookshelf for yeah and this was not in the plan today guys what you screaming for man said at the same time if all is fail sneak out the window ghetto i feel like it’s on feet though because i don’t we don’t think now your seats calm down which is why we should have brought my car but with all the spells don’t even start it back up look the little

Man because they got blue ones now y’all know blue my favorite and it’s like the best shade of blue i got the wooden one but if anything i would just spray paint mine because anyway i got time for that to be buying a little ten dollars i don’t see them though i don’t see the wood i’m sitting here y’all we got it we have acquired the bookshelf wait and they gave me

This these whatever this is called what is it it’s like a i don’t know whatever this is okay this thing keep pulling to the other way i almost hit like 30 people and then this girl i almost i almost hit this little woman and now you go sorry and i say out loud we didn’t hit her why are you apologizing we didn’t hit her like it literally wasn’t of any inconvenience

To her like it literally didn’t touch her well you know now i need to go get the car though i’m not understanding it’s burning up we’re just taking knives along the cars like right over there y’all we are currently here what was somebody i don’t even know y’all but look we got this big old box in the back y’all like i didn’t think okay okay he thought it was like

An alien hitter so i don’t know why i thought it needed to be like that to get it in the car but then it didn’t need to be like that and i just didn’t i was in my i don’t know we was going 80 miles per hour on the freeway and i wasn’t about to get back there and put it down and then night some of the brakes and i go flying through the windshield like there wouldn’t

Be a good predicament so anyways the big box in the bag i’m about to go on target right now we’re having a little halloween party type thing and i was gonna get like a um these halloween pajamas for catherine and i was gonna get some too to imagine but i feel like i was maybe doing too much so i’m just gonna get them for him i’m getting kind of light-headed y’all

Cause i had a coffee it was so good y’all and i want to drink the rest so bad i’m gonna drink the rest later but i don’t know it’s like i’m feeling real lightheaded so i’m gonna drink it once i get home and i know that i can lay down right after okay the car wouldn’t even stopped and she getting out yeah i didn’t come in here for this but i like this one too with

This skeletons and this one right here with the spider webs that’s not the one i came here bro i don’t know i’m kind of leaning towards it y’all this is the one i wanted it was these bats it was black and white but it’s like all unraveled and i don’t know where the tag even is so that must mean i didn’t need it look at this ball my mom would love this wait one of

His arms got home and then that one broke but anyway my mom would love this forty dollars no thank you i have the air so loud like literally turn it down and be high and why everybody got overalls on that is not cute especially how they’ve been wearing them yeah that must be the tick tock mom thing so we’re gonna go shopping and i’m gonna put on you know this

Recording oh cause you steady talking that’s ugly it’s not cute you know the target circle thing you type in your number and you save if they have coupons going on or whatever and you end up you just build up so many points and then they give you a reward they give you a rewards so i hadn’t saved them a good five dollars over some time why i go check my account

And my five dollars is gone now i didn’t used it because she always used my number and she ain’t talking about it it said you had rewards so i just press use and i made her go make her an account after she didn’t use my point well actually i didn’t even make her go make an account she said oh how you gonna make an account after she didn’t use my points yeah you’re

Blocked out of my life don’t talk to me i’m not even gonna entertain you because i don’t think okay that’s why they booked you got it i don’t think so oh y’all and they didn’t have what i needed that’s why i didn’t get anything out of target guys i’m trying to record myself and i took a whole picture but let me just tell y’all i am so frustrated today has been

Extremely long i’ve been up since eight o’clock this morning and it is now 3 30 and i am still running errands um i also have to go and take a test and then i have a zoom meeting for class like i am so frustrated and just i just want a whole new car because why does the battery have to like be bad and you got to get a new one anyways i didn’t know i had to get

That i had to get a battery today and that was just not what i wanted to buy today like i would rather buy something else anyways you know we’re going in the store he’s going into target this is the second target we’ve been to because he’s looking for the dogs some pajamas and he really just wasted my time honestly because i have things to do but i’m done like i

Was tired of getting out the car so i’m just sitting in the car waiting on him so i decided to talk to you guys because i know you guys love me and i make his youtube channel you know we ran a city and why i look like i’m going bald oh my goodness oh jesus y’all like my new clips though i’m obsessed like with clips lately and i ordered a bunch a bunch a bunch from

Amazon it was like an eight pack i think they were only like twelve dollars i’m a big fan of neutrals i don’t really like color that’s like my vibe lately neutrals i also got a black peter clays and i’m honestly just renting i just feel like i really want to talk to somebody because i love you want to start like a close friends and like talk about my day like when

I’m doing stuff but i don’t have any close friends so maybe i should get a camera you know and just talk to myself and look at myself talk i don’t know how to like put videos together i am i am so dumb like i wouldn’t say i’m at all i’m just dingy like i don’t know how to do a lot of stuff but i guess i don’t know how to do a lot of stuff because i’m impatient

Like i don’t have the patience for anything i am so bald-headed at the front for the year i’m gonna how is this love bug in my house i’m literally about to die y’all i don’t even know how i’m alive right now i feel so empty and lightheaded like last night i thought i was getting a cold because my nose was kind of running and had stopped up on my natural i had a

Headache and i was feeling really lethargic i don’t know what that was about because i feel better today even though i woke up with a banging headache but then i took ibuprofen and put the heating pad on my head it was hurting so bad i’ve never done that before but i did it today or this morning at like 6 a.m i’m literally about to make a freaking ham sandwich i’ve

Come to my lowest point of life you never see me say i’m about to make a sandwich never i’m actually not that mad about it it doesn’t look too bad i don’t know i think my tripod is broken anyway i’m dying laughing at like 6 a.m in the morning this morning because cavern his bed is like 30 miles away from where it’s supposed to be and it’s flipped over i’m like what

Were you doing last night me i didn’t hear any of it i must have been i don’t know i didn’t sleep good last night because i told you i didn’t really feel good but i know what was going on last night with him i don’t really feel like doing this y’all but foreign stay over here i do not know it was supposed to go here but anyway the light look at the end of this

Plug i did not pay attention today when i bought this so anyways i’m looking in the book i’m looking in the book i’m looking at the book it says led driver and power supply card cord or sold are sold separately so i’m like okay well let me go look at the power supply car why is the problem called block or 76 and 100 what ikea yeah so there’s one we get involved

So i have to make a whole 30 hour trip to ikea whenever i don’t know i’ll probably go sometime this weekend did not plan on having to do that i’m so irritated so now it’s not gonna have no no light on the top of the bookcase like i’m low-key tempting to just not even want to bring it back actually 14 for the leds power supply car i’m just so irritated because i

Do not feel like going back over there once i need to return something i want to get it done right then and there but i really literally can do it tomorrow because i have a stupid class i could go afterwards i forgot tomorrow is only thursday a so i’ll probably take it back to ikea friday you get a burger however you say it going back to ikea then literally just

Irritated me because why is it not stayed on the box cannot work unless you get this sold separately item like literally you would not you don’t know look it’s here e x c l excluded how we supposed to know that it doesn’t come with a plug who’s gonna look at the inside excluded it doesn’t come with a plug it’s a what yeah i’m irritated and ikea had his life back

Y’all now i used to be like um no i’m gonna leave it over here in this corner like by here so my floor is uneven y’all like like i don’t know this is like because of the carpet but like the borders of my room like in the back i don’t know how it is but anyways this is not flush to the wall the bottom but the top was flushed to the wall so i was a little ghetto

And i stuck like some i stuck a napkin in the back you know at the stopper they go at the bottom of the door so i catch the door i unscrew that and stuck that behind like put it vertical and stuff y’all so y’all probably like what in the world it’s ghetto i know is my room looking cluttered probably i have nowhere to put my christmas tree the christmas tree is

Going up and it’s me then bought a whole bookshelf thinking i just had so much stuff to put on it nothing on it good night y’all i love y’all life literally in my room is dirty i have to clean it thank you

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ikea…COUNT YOUR DAYS By Noah Loyden