May 29, 2023

Watch as Paul Rosser talks about his results, while a patient at our office. Im conjunction with his Pcp, he’s been able to wean himself off most of his meds. He can sleep & walk without any pain. His feet are actually feeling normal again & he just got back from a great trip to Germany! Congrats Paul

I’m here with paul rosser and mr. rosser has been with us a couple months now correct three months this is the third month i head to the first month where in three days a week yeah the second month i came two days and this this is the first day of the third month and you’ve learned about our program through a lunch and learn project right yes meditation that’s

Correct and you it heightened your way here well let me just say this when i first started i my objective was to see if it would work well enough to get me off a gabapentin mm-hmm i was taking 900 milligrams a day i talked to my physician about it he gave me 100 milligram tablets and he said just wean yourself as you feel comfortable i’m down to 400 milligrams a

Day now okay and i’m probably going to go to 200 just one tablet in the morning and one at night in another week or two and i have no no pain whatsoever it’s all gone and that’s pretty exciting you said you can almost eat before i could before i took started taking the gabapentin i could not sleep i it take me two hours to get comfortable in bed not a restlessness a

Lot of restlessness i’d put on wool saw heavy wool socks and put extra covers on the bed say that i don’t like nothing helped you said that you can almost how did you say that i don’t you can almost feel the circulation and the nerve endings working when i rub the bottom of my feet they feel normal if you’re almost going okay before when i rub by my feet they just

Felt real prickly i’m pretty excited no yeah you just got back from a cool trip yeah where did you go went to germany for three weeks and that i had no problem whatsoever in that meeting went to all the christmas markets and walked all over the place couple of museums and went to the mercedes and the and the porsche bleep museum in stuttgart went to the beautiful

Museum in berlin and walked around as much as i wanted to that’s great now so you’re enjoying your golden years and you’re not letting pain trap you in of not being able to do things so that’s awesome what would you say to that person that’s on the fence it’s sceptical not sure if it’ll work for them what would you say i just tell them to try and give it some time

Healing takes time and see if it see if it doesn’t work for them because it has definitely worked for me i had terrible neuropathy and you went back and told you i hope you told your doctor how are you doing i have and and he’s one he’s the one that had originally prescribed the gabapentin and he’s now written the prescription the three 300 a day down to he just

Gives me 100 milligram capsules and he said i should just cut him in half wean yourself up you know and i feel like cutting them out and he says if you can do without him he said that’d be all the butter all right well i expect him to start sending us a lot of people thank you fall appreciate okay

Transcribed from video
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