November 29, 2022

Hi guys, Lizzie here. As you can see from the title of this video, today I am announcing my departure from Sertraline.

Hi everyone lizzy here this is probably the 50 millionth time i have tried to record this video um so fingers crossed that it works out this time and as you will have seen from the title of this video i do have an important announcement to make and that is that i am leaving search lean and i will be leaving the band in september after our headline tour i know

This will probably come as a bit of a shock to some people um and to be honest there’s no like real clear-cut reason why i’m leaving it’s just kind of a combination of a lot of different things um but ultimately i just decided that what’s best for me is to no longer be in the band and i’m just ready to close this chapter um which has been an amazing seven years

Don’t get me wrong i’ve had the absolute best time done things that i couldn’t even imagine that we would have been able to achieve so i’m so happy with everything and i’m ready to just close it and end on a good note and move on to the next chapter and just try some other things in life my final shows will be the headline tour in september which starts in

Birmingham and ends in leicester at uprising so if you haven’t got your tickets for those shows yet please please please um get them and i can say a final proper goodbye to everybody which will be very emotional every single night i can guarantee and but yes then my last five shows for anything after that until the band gets a permanent replacement singer it

Will be done by a stand-in so if you’ve got tickets for anything after september the band will still be playing i can promise you that any stand-ins and obviously hopefully ultimately the replacement singer will all be amazing there won’t be any drop in the standard of music that you’re used to hearing and experiencing at live shows so don’t worry like i said the

Band is carrying on so please continue to support the lads through their next chapter and their ongoing journey and i know they will get an absolutely amazing replacement and i’m really looking forward to seeing what they do next something else that i wanted to mention is that as well as the tour we’ll be doing another couple of singles before i leave that will

Be released leading up to and around the tour so keep your eyes and ears open for that yeah i just wanted to leave on a high really and just celebrate everything that i’ve achieved with the band over the last seven years and i am really proud of everything that we’ve been through and obviously i just want to say a massive massive thank you to all you guys for

Getting us to this point and helping us through some really really hard times in the past um you’ve totally just made our experience because without you guys we wouldn’t have got to do some of the things that we’ve that we’ve achieved and yeah thank you so much for supporting us all the way from the bottom we love you all so much and to all the promoters and

Booking agents venues anyone that’s ever taken a chance on us and booked us when they didn’t know if we were going to be any good uh thank you so much because you took a chance and believed in us and that’s that’s really got us through and allowed us to sort of hone our performance skills into the band we are today so yeah so many people to thank i’m going to

Forget people so i’m really sorry just anyone that’s been involved with our journey anyone that i’ve ever dealt with thank you so much um we’ve had some really great experiences and um i’m obviously going to be gutted to miss out on especially you know take over at download next year that was going to be a huge highlight but i wish the guys all the best with that

And i’m excited to see what is next for them so yeah big love thanks for listening to me rambling hopefully i haven’t forgotten anything um but yeah so that’s happening i’m leaving in september please come to the last show so i can say goodbye to everybody and yeah let’s do this see you soon take care bye

Transcribed from video
I'm leaving Sertraline… By Sertraline