March 22, 2023

I’ve had enough of OCD controlling my life. So my doctor wrote me a script for 20mg of Prozac (Fluoxetine).

Hey everybody this is uh mark from anxious corner um so just want to let you know that um this is not really geared towards clomping at all it’s about my continuing ocd and i finally broke down and went to the doctor’s office yesterday i had a clean bill of health and everything everything’s going great the issue was my mental state which is ocd which i’ve had for

Years and here it is about time that i did something about it but um i went ahead and got myself a prozac so this is my second day of taking it and um you know i wasn’t expecting any changes at all or anything like that it’s going to take a few weeks but um just want to keep a log of this and you know see how i progress uh throughout the next couple weeks um i had

Something happen last friday where it really triggered my ocd i’m not going to say what it is but it was really really bad and um still uh you know feeling the pains from it mentally but um uh so this prompt to me is like i’ve had enough of it um you know i’m i’m done with the ocd i need to do something about it i’ve tried different things um sometimes they work

Other times they don’t i know i had a video out saying that i think i solved the problem but reality i just really did it um so i’m going the path of prozac and um they my doctor gave me i think was 20 milligrams of prozac and i’m probably going to build it to 40 or something like that over a period of time but anyway um just want to let you know what’s going on

And i i’m thinking that this channel may turn more into a not prozac but maybe more of an ocd type of channel with anxiety um but from time to time i will mention the clomp and because i’m still experiencing a little bit uh side effects from being off of it for almost three years now but it you know i’m glad i’m off of it but uh i got a slightly another dragon

Here and it came in last friday like a huge force like a hurricane man and um i you know so i i prayed to god about it i’m born again christian and you know i do believe there’s a god and you know i i i’m praying that this can basically help me because sometimes the old mind needs something to get stimulated in the right way so so i just want to let you know guys

Now that uh hey i’m on it day two not really feeling anything but uh hopefully uh you know time will tell and i’m i’m hoping that uh this will resolve some issues of my ocd so okay it’s mark from anxious corner also one more thing if you guys can think of any titles or anything i can go over along the lines of anxiety ocd maybe even benzos let me know all right talk to you guys later

Transcribed from video
I'm Taking Prozac (Fluoxetine) for my OCD and Anxiety. This is day #2 on Prozac. By Anxious Corner