December 8, 2022

International Microbiome and Diagnostic Forum (IMDF) 2022

Thank you hello everybody my name is i’m a phd student from shanghai university it’s a great honor for me to share my recent work here i am researching on the effect of child modulating god murdered by author on acetaminophen induced liver injury induced liver injury is a kind of drug-induced liver injury which we caught daily foreshots it refers to acute or

Chronic liver injury caused by usage of certain medications and oral biome metabolites it is one of the most common adverse drug reactions the incidence of daily is increasing year by year in the world chile has entered individual differences which makes it unpredictable among people who are susceptible it is it has a high rate of incidence frequent hospitalization

And high rate of mortality all of these make it become a big clinical challenge previous researchers have shown the relationship between god michael by ulta and dilly this paper tell us tackling a treatment of atomic disease its heptotoxic surgery has individual variation in reds which is related to the difference of god’s microbiota this paper shows one of the

Metabolites of god microbiota ppd can influence the daily caused by acetaminophen and this paper tell us a administration of lactobacilli lgg can protect against liver injury all of these tell us scratch microbiota can affect daily and modulating that microbiota may possibly help us to protect against delay as we know that has an important impact on composition

And function of god microbiota in a modern society the traditional plants may start with called cereals and vegetables has gradually transmissions to a western star dodge with increased consumption of animal source foods and processed foods that are frequently rich in fats and simple carbohydrates but lacking in fiber this change of dietary patterns are disturbing

Over gut microbiota so we want to investigate easily increasing incidence of daily due to the change of people’s doubt and value got micro by auto shaped by different dots can modulate daily and how then if we use star trek fiber which is commonly regarded as a healthy eating habit to alter the gut microbiota can each elevate the daily based on these questions

We fed the minds with four kinds of dots normal child nc western started out wsd which imitates the eating habit of western country with high fat and cholesterol cereal containing diet cct has high proportion of insoluble dietary fiber by adding cereal powder and the last one is inulin containing dutch ict it contains about eight percent of inundine which is

Soluble fiber after six weeks of feeding part of the mice were inject with sailing as control and the rest of them were injected with an overdose of acetaminophen the drug acetaminophen we call that apap for short is widely used to establish accurately model the reactive metabolite of apap lapqi has heptotoxicity in normal condition lap2i can be detoxified

By glutathione however under the circumstance of ap overdose good soil is depleted and lapqi persists and leads to acute liver injury which can be observed in 24 hours so on the day 41 we perform the injection and on the day 42 we sacrifice all of the mice and evaluate the liver damage of mice we can see that after six weeks of feeding wsd is significantly

Increased the body weight and repeat accumulation when we compare the sitting group in four dots we can find that assessment index of liver injury art and ast is similar to that of nc which indicates that fitting on these four dots for six weeks cannot cause liver injury histologic analysis shows app treatment cause significant necrosis in ncwsd and icd except

For cct wsd has the largest necrotic area while cct has little necrotic areas correspondingly the activity of art ast and acp in syrian revealed that ap cause significant liver damage in ncwsd and ict moreover hepatic injury was significantly enhanced by wsd with a higher activity of serial erg remarkably ccg display a strong protective effect against aptoide

Toxicity with no significant change in art ast and acp furthermore app is significant decrease the body weight of nchwsd and icg especially in wsd but not for ccd indicating that avp treatment may significantly influence physiological status of mice in ncwc and icd group and not ccd from all these results we can get a conclusion that different diodes can alter

The level of daily induced by apap wsd can significantly aggravate the daily but ccd can significantly protect the host from daily we suppose that it could be related to the gut microbiota so we sequence the research with four region of 16 sr aging of spherical samples on the last day results of nova show that the structure of god’s microbiota of four dots are

Significantly different from one another pcoa plots based on precurities distance show the wsd is closer to nc and cct is values from wsd in order the structure of the government called by order significantly shifts when treated with apap so we can draw a conclusion that different dots can result in different structure of gut microbiota and apatp administration

Can significantly affect guard microbiota structure the heat map showed the abundance of ksv separating ncnwsd we can see that the abundance of bifidobacterium lactobacillus murine baculation decrease in wsd however some bacteria such as riminocoxia are respiratrixia and at least it’s significantly increase in wsd part of them were reported to be potential

Harmful bacteria for example a respiratory system can cause inflammatory and riminalcoxia cause gastrointestinal disorder furthermore we find many of them were reported to participate in bio acid metabolism then we analyze bio acid profiles in second contents results shows that wsd significantly increased bio acid concentration in c-com and high concentration

Of bile acid decrease the expression of milk ii in carbon and damage to the guards burial function which may lead to translocation of pathogen associated molecular patterns like lps to the portal circulation and then induce hepatic inflammation and oxidative stress depletion of antioxidants glutathione was absorbed in wsd which makes liver more sensitive to

The apap hepatotoxicity in shorts wsd cause a disorder of bile acid metabolism which can be one of the causes of stability aggravated liver damage caused by app we found 25 asb special in cct we can see that malexia which are capable to utilize complex carbon hydrogen enrich in cct and lactobacillus providolysis enrich in ccg some of them were reported to

Be good bacteria and potential harmful bacterial laws enrich in gabriel’s day like riminocoxia this offer with brunosia and these tips and aristotle trixia significantly decrease in ccd in summary ccd strengthens helpful microbiome populations and decreased harmful bacteria we suppose large gut microbiome acting at the distance to influence liver response to

Apap probably through its metabolites untagitive metabolomics analysis of liver revealed liver metabolism profile differ in four diodes and changed after apap treatment we then found pathways for tripped them metabolism were enriched by ccg tryptophan metabolism take place follows three major pathways kindly learning pathway and serotonin production pathway and

Indoor pathway two of these are mainly modulated by hosts while the angel pathway is modulated by god microbiota coloration analysis between the abundance of ksvs and tryptophan metabolism related metabolites showed that asvs increase in cct shows significant positive correlation with endo derivatives especially lactobacillus acetophilus is strongly positive

With five hydroxy-indoacetic acid we call that 5-hiaa for shorts while svs enriched in wsd shows significant negative correlation with indo derivatives based on these results with the post ledge lactobacilli may be able to produce five hiaa and then cause protective effects on liver perhaps through activating the arrived signaling land enhanced detoxification

Ability and antioxidant defense of liver or it could induce active activation of ahr then cause anti-inflammatory effects in liver these two pathways were reported to be modulated by other endo derivatives it is possible that five hia plays a role in another way next we will go on investigating the furler mechanism of it myself a brief summary in our study we

Find that western style thoughts which causes a disorder of god’s microbiota and disorders of bile acid metabolism results in sensitivity to apap induced liver injury however cereal containing dots which contains high insoluble fiber which displays a strong protective effects against apap heptotoxicity probably by decreasing harmful bacteria and strengthening

Helpful bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus and then increasing the production of endo derivatives our study pointed out that western style dots can be a risk factor for daily and highest in soil built fiber diodes could be considered as a precaution for daily that’s all thanks for your listening

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IMDF 2022 Young Researcher Award Oral Presentation: (YRA11) Speaker Ms. Pan Han By Monash NBDD-MBRS School of Medicine Research Team