January 26, 2023

Learn about this highly underrated mineral in the body that can lower blood pressure, water retention, improve heart health, energy , brain function and so much more.

Hold up yeah i hope you’re having a great day and i hope you’re staying safe at home today i want to talk about this one mineral it’s the third most abundant mineral in the human body and if we have a deficiency of this mineral or we have too much of it it creates a lot of problems you see today we’re more focused on complicated things we’re more focused on

Fat diets we’re more focused on exercise programs and all of that stuff but we fail to understand that the human body requires minerals and vitamins and if it has even the slightest deficiency of a particular mineral it can impact various functions in the human body so then when we have a disorder which is very because of these various functions we go and

We get symptoms treated and when we only get the symptoms treated we miss out on what the root cause could possibly be like for example we’ve seen tons of patients over the last couple of years where they have a deficiency in this one mineral called potassium i am talking about potassium today and they have issues with dehydration water retention hair fall

Constant fatigue throughout the day heart problems osteoporosis and they’re getting treated on all of these symptoms which is the right thing because in the medical world you see a symptom and you treat it there’s nothing wrong with that but when they come to us and we figure out that the potassium levels are low and you take care of the potassium levels

Almost instantly all of those symptoms start to get better so we have to understand that there is a symptom and then there is a root cause and today i can tell you there are maybe if i had to put a number to it 95 or 97 of the heart patients out there don’t even know that they have a deficiency in potassium half of the patients with blood pressure out there

Don’t that if they increase their potassium to the right level that flushes out excess sodium from the body and your blood pressure can come down so i’m not saying it’s the magic mineral but if you have a deficiency in it let’s learn what what it can do to your human body so potassium is an electrolyte now when you dissolve an electrolyte in water especially

Potassium it produces positively charged ions yes we have positively charged ions in our body and even negatively charged ions because it produces something called electricity yes we have electricity in our body for every single function and every organ to work so that’s why we have electrolytes now people tend to look at their potassium levels only when

It’s either too low or too high like when your kidneys failing you have chronic kidney disease or you have some other disorder then potassium becomes important for you but it doesn’t have to be that way today you’re going to learn that if you maintain a balanced diet you will have sufficient potassium this electrolyte that takes care of a ton of issues and

A ton of functions in the human body so number one potassium has the role of regulating your body fluids a lot of people wake up with water retention a lot of people wake up with puffy faces and then they look at diuretics constant diuretics that further puts pressure on their kidneys and creates other problems you can hide yourself behind makeup and all

Of that stuff but i’m okay with that but get to the root cause of the problem most people have water retention either one because of chronic kidney disease or because you have low potassium potassium maintains your body fluids and it helps you to flush out the excess fluid from your body you see we have cells 60 to 70 percent of our body is made up of water

This water is stored in cells almost 30 to 40 percent of the water stored in your cells that’s called your intracellular fluids and you also have fluids outside of your cells between your cells your spinal column and in your blood your blood is made up of water as well that’s called your extracellular fluids now your intracellular and your extracellular have

To be in balance and that’s why we have electrolytes you have sodium you have potassium different electrolytes that maintain this osmotic balance now if potassium falls okay potassium falls within your cells these cells start to shrink up you start to get dehydrated your muscles can’t contract the right way muscles in the heart muscles in your body you have

Dehydration or the opposite happens if it’s extracellular then you start retaining water so you wake up with puffy skins your ring finger the rings can’t fit on your finger you have water retention in your feet in the lower part of your feet the lower part of your body all because this electrolyte is out of balance potassium and sodium work with each other so

You have a deficiency in one you have the excess of the other okay so it regulates your fluids another important function is nerve signaling okay your nervous system controls everything if i’m telling you right now to lift your finger there is a nerve impulse there is a signal that tells your body to do that function so everything is working on signaling okay

Your nervous system cannot work without potassium which is why when people go through extremely low potassium levels they can go through severe severe side effects of disorientation you know hallucinations behaving erratically the same can happen with excess of either sodium potassium or the deficiency of it so you need it for your nervous health children

Need it when they’re born for nerve signaling to happen milestones in autistic children milestones and children who have adhd or whatever can be affected even with low potassium levels that is why it is so important i spoke about muscle contractions have you ever gone out for a marathon or even run five kilometers and all of a sudden you feel that my muscles

Aren’t working anymore day you know you sweat a lot if you’re not hydrated the right way if you don’t have the right nutrition you lose potassium because you lose potassium your cells get dehydrated if your cells get dehydrated your muscles stop contracting for any movement you need a muscle to contract and relax so when people hit the wall when they’re running

And all of that stuff it’s because potassium which is why if you’re dehydrated you’re sweating you don’t have the right amount of salts getting into your body the right amount of nutrition you have less muscle contraction now this is this is this can affect your workouts this can affect your gains but most importantly your heart your heart function if you have

Less potassium your hearts your heart muscle cannot contract which means it cannot pump blood which means it cannot send nutrients and oxygen to trillions of cells in the human body and your brain as well and your brain which is why the right amount of potassium can also protect you against strokes it is extremely important for you to maintain your potassium

Levels through your diet okay uh blood pressure potassium the right amount of potassium levels will remove excess sodium if you don’t have the right amount of potassium you have excess sodium excess sodium will keep your blood pressure high there are several high blood pressure right from stress to your diet to your lifestyle many things but at the fundamental

Level you need the right amount of potassium so that you can keep your sodium levels at the right amount of levels so that they do not increase your blood pressure osteoporosis your your potassium levels are also required to protect you from calcium loss in your urine the more calcium loss you have in your urine the more osteo perosis can set into your body

So again you need potassium so you see we only look at d3 we only look at calcium we only look at one or two of these things we don’t understand there’s a synergy of vitamins and minerals they work together calcium and d3 works together if you have low calcium levels you cannot absorb d3 in your body if you have low iron levels iron cannot be absorbed without

Vitamin c so everything works we have to stop looking at one parameter googling it and saying oh let me eat foods rich in this you have to look at the synergies of your food how everything works in tandem with each other to increase absorption into the human body so that’s it when it comes to osteoporosis kidney stones if you have the right amount of potassium

It puts you at a lower risk of kidney stones you need to remember that for the health of your kidneys now where do you find where do you find potassium in all of the foods that you eat if you’re having a balanced diet and this is why fat diets make people sick and fat diets today even lean even lead towards people having chronic kidney diseases fat diets don’t

Allow you to eat a lot of foods which could be rich in potassium for you and if you’re running with low potassium yes i understand you want to lose weight that’s what you care about your body doesn’t care about that your body cares about survival if there’s even one small drop of potassium it is going to have a result a negative impact on everything that i

Spoke about your brain your heart your kidney your liver trillions of cells your blood your dehydration levels so you see all of this makes you sicker and sicker and brings on more lifestyle diseases so i understand you need to lose weight and it is good to lose weight if you’re carrying excess weight but do it the right way today you speak to any dietitian

Any nutritionist i mean not any most of them they’ll tell you don’t eat banana don’t eat potato that’s that’s rubbish advice if you are only focused on losing weight and you don’t care about your health okay go ahead and follow that advice lose your health lose your weight and also create disease in your body but let me tell you right now the fittest people

I know today with the best bodies happy people best blood parameters are the ones who eat everything they will have a little bit of potato they will have a little bit of banana they will have a little bit of rice but everything in balance they won’t punish themselves they won’t binge eat and then go on to a strict fat diet and have a deficiency in potassium

Potassium is found in bananas beet roots bananas half the world out there is telling you not to eat banana what about all the people who eat bananas and are still healthy if bananas are that bad everyone who eats them should be fat but is that the truth absolutely not even athletes eat so many bananas in a day why because athletes train hard they sweat a lot

They need to get potassium back into their system to prevent dehydration and that comes in from bananas potatoes your rice your lentils your legumes your rajmas your chanas your dals your green leafy vegetables your dried fruits your apricots your figs your almonds your nuts green peas all of this stuff all of this is a traditional indian diet well balanced so

There’s one part of the world telling you to give up all of this stuff okay and then we’re deficient in potassium and then we don’t know why we’re fatigued we can’t lift weights we can’t even lift our own body weight we can’t even walk for 45 minutes without panting and getting breathless what is your body trying to tell you you’re malnourished so in your attempt

I can’t tell you how many patients we see who have made themselves chronically sick because of fat dieting and today they come with kidney issues and liver issues because of deficiencies of minerals and vitamins over the years so please understand if your fat diet worked for you why don’t you have results by now why do you have to keep changing your diet if

It worked because it doesn’t work until someone tells you the next fad diet you’re moving on from one diet to another one exercise program to another without first fixing the fundamentals of the human body do i have the right amount of electrolytes are my d3 levels good are my b12 levels good all of that stuff take a typical teenager or even a young adult

Or even a a mid-life adult you know losing hair poor skin quality no glow in their face low libido poor heart function all of that stuff they’re doing fat diet after diet they’re doing everything but why are they still sick why are they losing hair why don’t they have a glue in their face why do they have acne because they don’t have the basic fundamentals

Of nutrition and lifestyle in their body so you need to understand how important this is fad diets get you nothing but non-sustainable results and i don’t know anyone on a fat diet who is happy they are always sad long faces they look like they’re aging way before their time they’re deprived psychologically deprived always irritable always looking for the

Next fad their self-esteem comes down because they depend on a fat a diet to make them look beautiful but it doesn’t come down that the feeling of beauty and the way you see yourself comes from within not from a fat diet now if you have too much of potassium like you do in chronic kidney diseases or kidney failures your doctors will monitor your potassium

And then you have to get off all these good foods that have high potassium so you don’t want to reach that stage a lot of kidney patients it has to be monitored so if you have this balanced diet that i just spoke about we should be having a whole grain we should be having a legume a lentil green leafy vegetables fruits and dry fruits that’s what makes up a

Balanced diet if you’re doing that you don’t have to worry about potassium and everything i told you you’re getting it you have to worry about it if you’re having a fat diet if you’re having a fat lifestyle then you are going to have these deficiencies if you have any of the symptoms i mentioned today you may want to do your blood test check your electrolytes

And check if you have a deficiency and then eat the right way you don’t have to go and take potassium supplements you have to just eat the right way so that your body can maintain it minerals are required in very very small quantities in the human body so you don’t need a supplement unless you’re really low on potassium and your doctor gives you a supplement

So stop fooling yourself let me remind you right now whether you think it’s negative or positive everyone’s going to die you’re going to die i’m going to die don’t waste your lifetime trying to fit into that dress the wrong way don’t waste your lifetime trying to build this incredible body just to fulfill your self-esteem and your self-worth do it it’s nice

I love to have a great body it makes me feel good about myself but do it the right way there are no shortcuts half the people suffering with kidney diseases today is because they’ve abused their health through fat diets fad supplements excess protein i’m not saying protein i’m saying excess protein and all of these problems and they’re struggling struggling

Struggling waking up getting onto social media searching for the next fad that will never exist that will never ever exist in your lifetime you need to get back to basics allow time if you’ve gotten fat it’s because of your poor lifestyle or maybe poor hormonal health it’s going to take you time but start the process you have a goal you have an expected

Result between the goal and the expected result is a process that you have to commit to now that process is either the right process or a wrong process when you commit to a process it’s going to take time you can’t just get your kids to grow up fast they’re going to miss out on life there is a process this time every child has a time every phase in life

Requires a particular amount of time irrespective of what society is telling you irrespective of how fast you want your result there is a goal a result and a process you’ve got to commit to that process and if you commit to that process you will get the result without harming yourself and the result will be sustainable have a great day everyone until next

Time eat smart move more sleep right and breathe you

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Importance of Maintaining Potassium Levels in Your Body By Luke Coutinho