February 1, 2023

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Combining protein and veggies might really be the solution it’s like combining a skunk and a squirrel or merging them it just works okay so when you consume protein you do have an insulin spike i’m not trying to like alarm you or anything like that but when you consume some beef or you consume some eggs you have a pretty big insulin spike as a matter of fact

Some studies have even demonstrated i’ve talked about this in other videos that the insulin spike that you get from protein from eggs can even be higher than some carbohydrates in some cases but there is a huge tremendous caveat that we have to address with that and it just can’t go unnoticed when you consume protein you get an insulin spike but you also get

A glucagon spike okay so what happens is if you consume just carbohydrates you have this big insulin spike right or not necessarily big but you have an insulin spike and that means that your body is going to absorb those carbohydrates into you know the proper areas right or utilize them with protein you have an insulin spike to make sure that the protein that you

Consume actually goes into storage but you also have this release of glucagon and the release of glucagon makes it so that you are not dropping your blood sugar a whole lot when your insulin is spiking so the bottom line with this is that you don’t really have a huge like fat storage negative effect that comes when you consume protein and get an insulin spike from

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Now that we’ve kind of covered that yes protein can trigger a potential insulin spike let’s look at some positive effects here that might happen if you added insoluble fiber along with it okay insoluble fiber those are the fibers that you’re mainly getting from veggies okay these are like you might get it from some lettuce romaine lettuce you might get up some

Broccoli okay it’s the fiber that really has no other purpose other than improving transit time it is literally roughage okay so what happens is insoluble fiber increases transit time now at first glance people don’t really want to combine protein with veggies because it’s kind of like if you’re increasing transit time and you’re pushing things through the gut

Faster then you are potentially making it so that you’re not absorbing as much protein now let me back up a second and kind of parlay this into a glucose situation where it’s beneficial there’s a study that’s published in the journal nutrition that looked at human epidemiological studies as well as rodent mechanistic studies or research and it found that when you

Added insoluble fiber to the diet it alleviated the potential insulin resistance risk significantly even more so than soluble fiber okay this is because it’s improving transit time so what do i mean by all this well insoluble fiber is pushing things through the gut a lot faster which means that carbohydrates that you would be consuming along with insoluble fiber

Are going to push through faster less absorption okay or just quicker transit means less of an insulin spike so what does that do it potentially reduces the risk of developing insulin resistance because you’re not having as high of an insulin spike because things are moving through your gut faster well this is a bummer for protein because we want to absorb more

Of our protein right like we want we don’t want the protein to just rip through the digestive system really fast however we still have to remember that protein can still play a role in insulin resistance not as much as carbohydrates to a degree of course but if we improve the transit time with the protein it can actually still be beneficial overall we may absorb

Slightly less protein but the positive effect that we get in terms of insulin sensitivity will far outweigh that over the long term envision this okay this is purely hypothetical but it’s to paint a scenario let’s say you have a super insulin sensitive person here and let’s say you have a very insulin resistant person here okay if they both eat the same amount

Of protein and they both eat the same amount of carbs they both eat the same amount of fiber the insulin resistant person is not going to or potentially based upon research not going to be able to utilize those nutrients as well the glucose the carbohydrates are going to contribute to potentially higher blood sugar they’re not going to get absorbed and utilized

Because they’re potentially in this case insulin resistant i know i use the word potentially a lot but i’m very careful in terms of claims and stuff now with protein if we have less insulin sensitivity then we have less absorption of protein right because protein absorbs when we are insulin sensitive so then we have person a who is very insulin sensitive they are

Going to utilize the carbohydrates better and they’re going to absorb the protein better so over the long haul i would much rather have better insulin sensitivity and less insulin resistance than worry about absorbing two or three extra grams of protein or even 10 for that matter because things are moving fast in the digestive system so should you absolutely always

Pair protein with veggies no there are times like post-workout when you just want quick protein absorption forget the veggies morning time may not be the best time to combine protein with veggies okay because you get you want to absorb things quick but in the afternoon and evening i would highly recommend that you do pair your protein with veggies it does help

It doesn’t have to be all the time but even if you have a protein shake like mid-afternoon as a snack it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have some veggies along with it or at least insoluble fiber okay so insoluble fiber you can still get it from chia you can still get it from flax those are mostly noted because they’re soluble fiber but like chia for instance still

Has insoluble fiber so you could add like one to two tablespoons of chia seeds to your protein shake or ground chia add it to your protein shake then you’re just getting a bunch of insoluble fiber along with your protein shake slowing down the absorption so maybe you can actually you know not have as much of an insulin spike along with it okay and again i cannot

Stress enough the insulin spike is still accompanied by glucagon it is not the same as an insulin spike that comes from carbohydrates but some of the downstream longer-term effects can still apply okay so protein with veggies protein with insoluble fiber i’ll see you tomorrow

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IMPROVE Insulin Sensitivity (& decrease insulin resistance) by Eating THIS By Thomas DeLauer