March 28, 2023

Yet another modern option for patients requiring multiple daily injections is the InPen smart pen. This can be programmed in a similar way to how we program insulin pumps. It will keep track of how old your insulin is, how warm your insulin is, and remind you to take your basal insulin injection. It does communicate with Dexcom and Guardian CGMs.

Today we’re going to talk about the in pen a smart insulin pen that delivers the meal time insulin so each in pen is designed to last for one year it has a battery that lasts that long usually when we order an in pen for a patient we’ll get two of them so there’s one for work and one for home and you’re not worried about ever being without your insulin pen so instead

Of ordering insulin pens or vials like we had done in the past we order the novalog or the humalog in cartridges and those cartridges fit inside this holder here okay and it’s the same size as an insulin pen you get 300 units of nova log or humalog in this thing now a nice benefit to this is that this pen is going to keep track of how old your insulin is in here

So if your insulin is older than 30 days it’s going to let you know that if your insulin gets warm and it’s not going to be effective it’s going to let you know that so you can make a change the nice thing about an in pen is it comes in half unit dosing and we don’t have that kind of flexibility with most of the insulin pens that are on the market the other thing

We like about this is when you use it it’s bluetoothed to an app that app does all of the math for you about what your dose should be and then once you dial up your dose and then you push that dose it’s going to register on the app how many units you did what time it was done and how long that insulin will be active for that way there’s never a question about oh

My god did i take that dose at lunch can’t freaking remember it’s there in your app you know the app can be customized with as much precision as we would customize an insulin pump so if someone needs different carbohydrate or correction ratios at different times of day we can do that you can set it to remind you when to take the basal insulin once or twice a day

And it’ll kind of just keep track of your life for you because you can tell it what you ate and you can tell it what your blood sugar is and it can do that math for you then there’s no worry about oh god did i calculate that correctly or did i just overdose myself so it’s a nice way to kind of streamline and reduce your burden of care and we love it as an endocrine

Office because we’re able to download reports from this thing and we can see what your doses have been and whether that’s working well for you when we compare that to a cgm reading so especially if someone gets hospitalized or they’re in the emergency room if we get a call then we can have you send a report through your in pen app and we can make some educated

Decisions about what’s the best course of action for you so this is an option for anybody who uses multiple daily injections of insulin as a high-tech way to streamline your life and it’s even something that can be useful if you’re on an insulin pump but you need to take a break from that pump for whatever reason you can still have the same level of precision in your mealtime dosing

Transcribed from video
InPen – Smart Insulin Pen By Lindsey M. VanDyke D.O.