May 29, 2023

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Sweating slowly i am slowly grazing grazing feel myself better roman’s a cow now and that works milestone all right so today we’re actually gonna talk about an ifbb pro roman fritz roman competed this past week at the tampa pro he did not get the outcome that he expected and i’m going to tell you why he placed where he placed and we’re really going to go into deep

Discussion about his carb up if you guys saw his instagram story this past weekend you guys will understand what i’m talking about it’s not something i support or want to see people doing because it’s literally a hail mary all right guys if you want to pick up any old school lab supplements like right here vintage blast this is our pre-workout go to the link below

Under this video or just go to and make sure you guys use codenickbs to support your favorite bodybuilding channel so we have a lot to unpack about roman fritz’s prep and the first thing we’re going to discuss is his carb up now how did he get here why is he eating so much food for his carb up process well this is the thing with roman okay he

Started out very very big for his offseason okay i think he was over 300 pounds i’m not mistaken correct me if i’m wrong he was doing two workouts a day this guy was a complete animal and i like roman’s physique i really do but i didn’t like the way he looked at tampa pro this is what i think happened and this is just strictly my opinion this isn’t factual this

Isn’t because i know more than someone else or because i could have done better at roman coaching him i’m not saying that there’s a number of contributing factors to why i think roman ended up looking the way he did the templar probe and the first thing we have to talk about is his injuries that he overcame and i have to give him credit where credit’s due he did

Overcome i believe double hip surgery i think he tore his quads he had a number of injuries that have been haunting him over the last couple years and stopped him from competing as an ipb pro just alone him getting to the stage is a huge accomplishment i do want to give him credit there now i think where he overdid it was trying to get back on stage and doing it

Very very fast and he tried to put on that muscle way faster than i would ever suggest him do and then on top of it he was doing two workouts a day trying to speed up the process in order to put on that muscle and then on top of it using insulin and a lot of it and eating a shitload of food a shitload of food not just a little bit of food like a lot thousands of

Grams of carbs a day and two workouts after overcoming injuries in just a short period of time yeah you’re gonna pack on a lot of weight but the difference is you’re not packing on muscle that’s gonna be there when you dye it down so that is why his weight went like this when he started the diet because all it was was water and glycogen there wasn’t much mature

Muscle tissue there because to be honest i don’t think he held it long enough if you want to really put on tissue once you hit that weight you’ve got to maintain it for 6 to 12 months and actually hold it there like you can’t expect to hit 250 your last day of prep and expect to be able to hold 250 once you start dieting you’re going to drop weight really quick

If you want to hit 250 before you start prep expect to hit 250 and hold it for 6 months 8 months 10 months 12 months and then you can start prep at 250 if that’s your goal or whatever number it is i’m just using 250 as an example roman started prep at 300 now i don’t know the exact time that he held 300 pounds for but that period of time that he put that muscle

Back on after his injuries was very fast and listen i give him credit for doing what he did but the process was very rushed and i think he overdid the training i think he over ate i think he did way too much insulin to put on that weight and that’s why he came on stage a lot smaller than what you guys saw him in the off season now that i got you to the show this

Is the karba process he did and now justin compton’s in the background but justin compton did not prep him for my knowledge i think roman was doing his own prep which i think was another mistake he made i think he really needed somebody to overlook what he was doing and oversee how hard he was dieting and pushing himself because you can also under diet and not

Get in shape but you can also over diet and i think that’s what he did i think he was doing way too much training eating way too much food taking way too many chemicals and that process just ate away all of his muscle now i’m not saying he would have won the show if he did it the right way but i think you would have brought a much better package to this stage and

He did say in his post show little clips on his instagram on his story that he’s a horrible bodybuilder turns out i’m a bodybuilder yeah that’s the the tough reality to swallow and i don’t agree with that i don’t but i’m gonna get to those clips in a second let me show you what he ate first first cardboard process and no if this was justin’s protocol or idea to

Get him fuller for the stage or if it was his i just see justin in the room because he pointed them out and now we’re getting ready to eat we’re two days out from the tampa pro and we’re starting our carb up a day early because i’m super flat as you can see and this is about the food we’re gonna take down tonight so we got a couple cookies here white chocolate

Macadamia immediate red flag i don’t suggest anybody carb up on cookies and sugar and cake and pies stick the carbohydrates that you were eating during your prep you don’t want to introduce these foods two days before your show because realistically you don’t know how your body’s gonna absorb them digest them how your body’s gonna respond to the carbohydrates how

Fast you’re gonna absorb them how much water you’re gonna hold you have no clue this is cereal more cookies three apple pies a quarter ice cream oh this coconut milk i eat dairy now because i’m not bodybuilding but the last thing i’d be eating is dairy before my bodybuilding show all that’s gonna do is slow your digestion down and things up and then a bunch

Of creameries are we obviously are not gonna eat all of those today i sure can hope not in roman but this is the food i’m gonna take down and yeah i’m gonna be in a food coma see you later this has just begun like that is just the little segment of it there is plenty more food he’s gonna eat so just keep watching all right justin’s got the egg sandwich potatoes

The french toast with the banana i got the omelet here and this waffle oh my god it’s going we’re not done yet he’s got plenty more food to eat oh some pies and cookies here we go starting oh 40 bars of rice krispie treats all right guys here we are here now back at the airbnb sweater slowly gr i am slowly grazing crazy then sitting down and having a couple of

Big meals stuff me up so i’m just slowly but surely eating cookies rice krispie treats a couple pancakes at a restaurant i’m gonna go to mcdonald’s later oh my god and hopefully my body fills back out if he was doing things properly he should never have gotten this flat before his show nobody needs this amount of carbohydrates and sugars before our show nobody

If you’re peeled and dry and ready to go on stage you just need a little bit to like you know just push that muscle into the skin a little more so glycogen loads a little bit like if you need this many carbohydrates and sugars to fill out you ain’t winning man i’m sorry and that’s not even a shot at roman that’s anybody in general because this is russian roulette

Now you are playing with fire because you don’t know what you’re gonna wake up and look like you may be a water buffalo or you may be flat still because your body starts metabolizing these foods so fast because you’re taking in so many carbohydrates that your body’s like holy i gotta burn these off and you start sweating and then the water starts pushing through

The skin you start looking flatter and you’re like in between soft flat and and hard and that’s the last thing you want the last thing so now he’s eating mcdonald’s which guys like this is absurd amount of food already okay absurd amount of food everything that clogs up your digestion he’s eating oh this is cheap parmesan with meat spaghetti chicken parm you know

How acidic i would be i’d be a flamethrower i bet ah i beat chewing nexium pepcid tums everything and this is forget about orange ham and extra mushrooms yeah that’s necessary roman oh he’s got his protein at least what he breakfast too there’s no way this is all at night time like this is absolutely absurd like literally absurd this reminds me of juan morale

In his prime eating all this food the easiest thing he would have done was grab that cream of rice and grab some vintage brawn right here he got his protein from isolate protein from eggs beef and milk low in fat no sugar and 24 grams of protein and you could use the cream of rice that you saw in the first video somewhere as is carb source and you could have had

A little bit of protein with some carbs slowly carbed up and kept looking at himself and seeing how he looked but this this is absolutely ludicrous and again this is not something i suggest anybody do i don’t care how good your genetics are no bodybuilder needs to eat this amount of carbohydrates before a show i don’t give a how good your genetics are you are

Not bodybuilding at this point you are not preparing for a bodybuilding show you are trying to be the world’s fattest person at this point eating all this food you’re gonna go into diabetic shock you’re gonna have cardiac arrest like this is not healthy this is not what i call bodybuilding i’m sorry i just very disagree with this process it’s not a personal shot

Anybody but this no i don’t condone this but i could own this and you know why you should be drinking this and not eating that because this absorbs instantly but digests slow and it’s really easy on your stomach because i drink it every goddamn day and i have a very very sensitive stomach probably the most sensitive stomach you can have and i have food allergies

To everything but not vintage brawn and if you guys want to pick this up go to the link below just make sure you guys use code nick bs to support this channel the end result on stage is not because of what he ate let me just make that very clear for people to understand what they’re watching or maybe you don’t compete what he just did maybe maybe he was flat

Right but nobody no bodybuilder on the planet needs that many carbs and that much sugar not even ronnie coleman not even big romney needs all of that and like i said earlier in the video before he got started on the food he was eating he should have stuck to the carbs that he was eating throughout prep so he knows exactly how his body is going to respond to them

Because if he eats a hundred grams of pancakes and he hasn’t had pancakes throughout prep or apple pies or cookies or cereal he has no idea how fast those carbs are gonna absorb how much water he’s gonna hold he has no idea but if he ate a hundred grams of potatoes because he was eating potatoes or rice throughout prep he’s gonna know exactly how his body’s gonna

Look an hour later three hours later six hours later and he’s gonna know exactly how much more he needs the next day let’s hear what he said after the whole show got completed and what he thought about his look and his policing alright so guys quick quick statement to my showing earlier well turns out i’m a bodybuilder that’s not true yeah that’s the the

Tough reality to swallow i’ve i disagree with that i really do regardless of what he looked like at that show it was his first show back from the injuries he just needs more time he needs to be patient he’s understand the injuries he overcame 99.9 of people would never come back to bodybuilding they would never get under a squat bar and squat again but roman beat

All the odds and got back on stage and that’s what i respect but roman i don’t like this diet bro get a new diet a bodybuilder i know it so still gonna do texas next week of course good because i still love this ship you should although i’m not very good at it you will still enjoy it so texas next week and i’ll fly back home to germany and see what happens

After that right now i am obviously i drank a whole lot and i did not expect it to say he drank a whole lot but listen after a show you don’t do as well and you start reflecting on all that time you dedicated to bodybuilding how much you sacrificed how much money you spent how much you got into with your girlfriend or wife you’re like what the am i doing so

You’re like you know what i’m gonna numb this with some alcohol or smoke some weed whatever he chose but it sounds like he chose alcohol which is a good fix too but i really disagree with roman i think if he wants to pursue bodybuilding he’s just got to give it another three five years if that i don’t know how long it’s gonna take i really don’t i don’t know if

You’ll ever come back to like old roman because those injuries he had were very serious but the thing is this he could still be a bodybuilder and compete and just not worry about his placings because if he loves it that much and enjoys the process that much i think you should continue to do it regardless of how he places you should do at the end of the day what you

Love to do with bodybuilding there’s also a fine line like how much are you sacrificing just to get to a show is it causing your life to be a complete mess then you should probably stop competing is it damaging your health too much then maybe you should stop competing it depends on how much you gotta sacrifice to get there if it’s really worth it to do all those

Things to get on stage to just compete in a bodybuilding show and financially that’s another big thing you got to take into consideration how much money am i spending how much am i making and right now roman didn’t make anything doing that show it was a big fat negative i’m back at the airbnb i i trained as you saw with some he worked out shoulders and of course

Calves what i think calves is the only body part i have actually this is what i mean he’s got to relax nobody goes and competes after they’ve drank alcohol and competed like you can get seriously injured doing that do not do that guys i’m gonna eat something now oh yeah you need more food as funny as it might sound i gotta a salad in a restaurant a salad to go

With grilled chicken breast because i’ve eaten so much junk food yeah you ate a lot i really craved something green and none fatty and non-sugary i mean i eat salads every single day because i literally enjoy them i love a caesar salad i love arugula salad i love them i just like the crunchiness i like the salad dressing i put on i like the toppings i put on it

Nothing beats a good salad and so refreshing especially after eating all that junk food i would be so sick of food at that point but just to wrap this up and my conclusion to all this is he’s got to be more patient because you just heard him he went to the gym the night of his show after he ate all that food after he dehydrated himself for the show competed morning

And night and then drank some alcohol okay this is not smart to do i don’t suggest anybody do this because you can really get hurt your muscles in your body are extremely dehydrated and you could literally tear a muscle just walking let alone training so roman got away with working out and not hurting himself thank god but this is not something i tell anybody to

Do it’s not smart you need time to rehydrate rebalances electrolytes get some rest get some sleep and then go back to the gym in like two three days but this is a scenario where there is a perfect storm going on the injuries the amount of time he gave himself the amount of food the amount of workouts he was doing everything was rushed in my opinion and that’s why

He looked the way he did i think he could have been a lot better probably like 20 30 percent better if he didn’t over diet if he didn’t rush it back to the stage and try to get back on stage as soon as possible either you could have been 20 or 30 percent better if not more we’ll never know the answers to that because we just won’t know but if you guys enjoyed this

Type of video share your comments below tell me what you guys think of roman’s carb up process and if you guys want to support the channel and pick up vintage brawn just go to the link below and use code nick bs see you guys later you

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