January 27, 2023

I thought it would be fun to do a comparison video of pumps to pens!!!

There’s too much stuff happening hey guys welcome back to my channel i am the diabetic cactus is what i was about to say my name is sarah and i’ve had type 1 diabetes for over 20 years so this channel is just about my life with diabetes um i’m making a video today because i’ve been on the pump i have the really long tubing right now so i’m like oh how far can

I make this go without ripping it out of my body um i’m making this video today because i’ve been on the pump for just shy of six months um yikes it looks like it i’ve had it for multiple years it’s all scratched up i don’t know how it got scratched up but anyway i’ve been on the pump for about six months so i thought i would do a comparison video from the pump

Two pens um so i was on pens before and if you don’t know before that my like history is i was on i’ve been on the phone for six months i was on the pen for like two years before that i was on the omnipod before that i was on tandem it’s been a very long journey in process and it’s just been crazy but um i kind of made a pros and cons list in my head i wrote

Down what i thought i could like mentally to just pace myself a little bit um but i will start by saying both of these this is the in pen insulin smart insulin pen it’s amazing if you’re on pens and you don’t want to be on a pump i would highly highly highly suggest this um it’s great i like having it knowing that i could kind of like bump back and forth if i

Wanted to uh so i don’t feel like oh i have to use the pump or i have to use the pen i can kind of switch back and forth which kind of goes with my philosophy of diabetes of like having the ability to kind of change things up every now and then so you don’t get burned out from doing the same thing every day all the time is it’s like it’s just refreshing to kind

Of like if you have the ability to to change it up so that’s kind of why i switched from pens to the pump i love pens there was nothing wrong with using pens especially the insulin pen or the in pen um but i just was like for my frame of mind and just for like with having diabetes i’m gonna put this on before i like drop it and rip my pump side out um just i

Can’t totally remember exactly what i’m saying but it’s just good to be able to switch it up every now and then i um definitely advocate for that and believe in that um so yeah um so let’s start with the in pen now the in pen as i said is a phenomenal device so it is a smart insulin pen that hooks up to your iphone um and you can log all the doses i have a ton

Of videos of me using this where it sends your dose via bluetooth to your phone when you take it you can see your insulin on board it has meal time reminders um it will remind you take your long-acting insulin it really is like it’s like a pump and a pen um it is just i kind of misusing it but i really like the pump um but it’s a great like what do you call that

Not a compromise but like a alternative i don’t know the in pen is great i really don’t have anything bad to say about the actual pen it’s more the mechanics of using pens versus a pump um so my downside my plus side of using pens is you can inject anywhere i could eject on my arms on my legs my stomach i didn’t really use my butt because like who’s gonna reach

Behind and like stab yourself in the butt you know what i’m saying um where i put my pump sites on my like upper botox total side note um but really i feel like you can inject almost anywhere um it’s less to travel with which i do miss especially because i’m traveling a little more and traveling with pump supplies can be a little overwhelming um where before i

Feel like i just throw this and like maybe a vial or a what do you call that oh cartridge a cartridge or two of insulin and like a bunch of pen caps and that was really it um much easier to travel with versus like the bulkiness of pump sites and pump supplies and do you have everything and it can get a little overwhelming this was less overwhelming to travel

With also very easy to go through tsa with i need to mute my watch um easy to go through tsa with i just put it in my bag through the scanner thing and no one ever questioned me um so easier to travel with the downside my list here that i’m reading this off of kind of goes back and forth um you do always have to make sure you have it where that’s the one thing

I like about the pump is it’s attached to me so it’s hard to lose it it would be really really hard to lose your pump um but the pen it would be much easier to lose because you have to make sure you have it with you or did you leave the house and you go out to dinner did you forget it that’s like a big deal it just was what’s the word i’m looking for cumbersome

Whenever i say the word cumbersome i think of benedict cumberbatch not what i’m trying to say it just got kind of tiring making sure i had it and like i also live on the third floor so i feel like i would walk all the way down the stairs and be like oh crap is my pen upstairs most of the time it was in my bag but i’d be like oh i do not want to walk back up the stairs

To grab it um because walking upstairs is like really annoying so i always have to make sure you have it um you do need to have long acting insulin and now you have to take a specific time so you know if i was going out to dinner i’d be like okay how long am i going to be there do i need to take both of my pens or just the one or like what’s the deal that got

A little bit tiring um and got to make sure you have multiple pen caps for the little things little tiny needles i don’t i don’t have anything on here but um they’re the little needles that you give yourself insulin with kind of self-explanatory but otherwise pens are great and especially the end pen where i said you know you can it’ll calculate your bolus for

You and tell you the in pen you can take um half doses like 1 and 1.5 and 2 2.5 you know whatever but you can’t really like make the dose any smaller than that versus the pump where you can kind of make it um as really as small as you want you can like micro dose your insulin i don’t know why you do that it wouldn’t make a difference at least for me but yeah so

That’s kind of my pros and cons list of the pen um i do miss it i am glad that i have it in my possession that if i wanted to like and i have some insulin cartridges still in my refrigerator that if i want to switch back even for like a month or two just to like give myself a little break i can um the other thing that’s nice about the pen that i’m actually just

Thinking of now is when you go to sleep at night it’s on your nightstand versus the pump where it’s like tubes everywhere and i feel like it gets caught and i’m laying on it half the time and that just gets annoying but we’ll save that for my pump pro and con list um which on my pump pros and cons list i’m just reading it from the heart i didn’t write it down

Um so as my pump flies out of my hand um okay pro and con of the insulin pump so this is the tandem t-slim x2 with oh i always get it messed up i think it’s basil iq the one where it gives you more insulin or less based on what your blood sugar is which that is obviously major point one is that it has that ability so i don’t have to think about like oh i’m going

Low how much food do i need to eat i’m more thick now like oh i’m going low i can maybe eat like a little something or maybe i just need to eat a little something i don’t need to like stuff my face because i know that um actually i think it’s control like you i know that the technology has my back is what i’m trying to say um which is definitely something that i’ve

Noticed as i’m eating i’m going low less so i’m eating like less low snacks that’s what i started to say but i’m going a little less because the technology um catches me when i’m going low and when i’m going high so i don’t know i don’t know if you can see this but all those little red marks are all the times that it um was suspending me because i was going low

You can’t see when it gave me doses but but you can only see all the little red there’s one red mark from earlier also i feel like i’m having a great blood sugar day so that’s lovely um it hooks up to your dexcom site super nice it doesn’t hook up to the libre i don’t think not as of now to my knowledge but it hooks up to your dexcom so it reads that um that’s

Really great the in pen app also did that but it it would give you a suggestion if you like put the information in but it didn’t just say like oh like my pump will just give me a bolus if i need it if my blood sugar is like high and it’s not coming down it’ll keep giving me little doses of insulin to nudge me down so that’s obviously a huge huge huge pro too um

Wow for a second i thought i don’t think i’m recording but i am thank god um but that’s a huge pro of the pump now a con is is attached to you and that’s annoying but when you don’t have to think about diabetes but you have something attached to you it kind of makes up for it and like i say you don’t have to think about it is like you know the control iq bazel iq

Technology kind of does the thinking for you um i personally struggle a little with the not with the actual pump sites i haven’t had any like bad pump sites i have had a couple mishaps with the tubes i was swimming a vlog the one day when that happened but um i find that i come pretty i use three i usually put 300 units in here because i’m very insulin resistant

And um there’s too much stuff happening that just scared the crap out of me um there’s a lot happening right now um what was i saying oh i usually fill this up to 300 units and it lasts me about the three days it never really goes over which kind of like bothers me because i feel like i’m always changing my sight like a day shorter like i’m doing it every two

Days or every like 2.5 not the full three or even like three and a half days um but i can always just have my doctor write me a longer prescription for changing it every two days i just i wish it could last longer because sometimes i have a site that i really like and it doesn’t hurt and it has great absorption but i feel like i don’t get to use it the full three

Days because i run out of insulin in my pump um oops i’m getting a high alert i’m 180 i’m not taking any insulin because i have insulin on board um it is kind of annoying traveling with the pump but again when you don’t have to like do the thinking it kind of makes up for it so um i personally go through the scanners i know they say like don’t do that whatever but

I’ve never had a problem with it um i’ve taken you guys with me uh when i’ve traveled before so if you have questions about that you can watch those videos they are linked on my channel somewhere um i’ll try and link them below but i learned i’m really bad i say oh i’ll link something and i never do um but this always gets flagged at security at an airport or at a

Concert or something they’re always like what’s that on your hip and i’m like it’s an insulin pump and then they’re usually like oh okay sorry um but you have to also carry the supplies with you and backup supplies if something happens so that can get a little annoying um but really i mean really i love the pump i don’t have a lot of negative things to say about

It um it’s updatable which is great so although i did just get the iphone 14 so i can’t take insulin from my phone right now they haven’t really set up date yet i can still see in the app like everything that i need to see i’ll show you i can get it right i can see i like just looking and seeing when did i take insulin but um i can’t take a bolus yet because it

Says that it’s not available which is okay um and i updated my phone knowing that i wasn’t like shocked when i was like oh but i don’t honestly bolus as much as i thought i was going to from my phone partly because you can’t relieve i always say really you can’t turn off the like notifications like if you have a high you have to turn that off on your pump you

Can’t like dismiss it on the phone app um but yeah i updated my phone knowing that it wouldn’t work for a time and i’ll just wait until it works and then i’ll just start using it again and it’ll be great um but i really don’t have a lot of negative things to say about a little pump i mean yeah i’ve had a couple of maybe bad sites but such is life it otherwise

Has been really great um really helpful i do really enjoy as much as i was kind of complaining earlier about like rolling over it in the bed and stuff like that because that does get annoying i do love if i’m like out at a restaurant or even just eating uh actually here’s something very interesting is ever since i got on the pump i didn’t finish my thought but

My thought i was starting to say is ever since i got on the pump i’ve been really really good at pre-bullishing and part of that is because it’s just on you all the time so it’s kind of mindless to just like reach down grab it punch in your numbers and then like wait 30 minutes um versus like getting up finding your pen putting in the information taking insulin

It’s just much easier to reach down grab your pump put the numbers in take insulin carry on wait 30 minutes and then you know go on with your day so i do like the pump um for now first of all i need to tuck my stuff in my tubing in because otherwise i’m gonna like get stuck on a door handle and my site’s gonna rip off and i have a really nice sight on right now

Um but anyway that’s pretty much it for this video uh just like kind of a loose like pros and cons of being on a pump versus being on a pen now that i’ve been on the pump for long i haven’t yet which part of me is like you should have filmed this video in like two weeks when you have an endo appointment but i haven’t had an endo appointment since i’ve been on the

Pump long term so i mean long term six months uh my last endo appointment was in when was it i don’t know april or something and i had like just gone on the pump like two weeks before so there wasn’t like a clear indicator in my a1c if um it like went lower because of the pump but i have a endo appointment coming up in a couple weeks here like two weeks that

Hopefully i will see some results i actually have to go get blood work for it next week which means it’s like two weeks away um just a mental note for myself so i don’t forget because that would be really bad um but i really like the pump i think it’s putting me in some really good like diabetic habits um it’s great just reaching down pumping in your numbers if

You need a little insulin and not taking out a pen putting it like stabbing yourself with it giving yourself insulin uh so yeah that’s it for this video thank you for watching don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit the notification bell and i will see you guys in my next video bye you

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