February 8, 2023

Trip Report Submitted By Graphene to the Psychonaut Wiki

September 2016 male weight 205 pounds age 17 prior to this i’d very little experience when it came to the realm benzodiazepines previous experience with benzos included clintus been multiple experiences were ranging anywhere from one to three milligrams and of course alprazolam when this experience happened i hadn’t dabbled in benzos for a few months so my tolerance

Was at baseline i regret this and it’s truly the only bad experience i’ve ever had with the substance in my life i strongly urge anyone taking xanax to refrain from reading you will not receive any more euphoria you can only get so high before you fall into the void and end up doing something extremely stupid i came home after a nice day at school bored out of

My mind with nothing to do and no plans so naturally i decided it might be time to have a little fun i looked around and discovered that most of my stash was drained so i decided to hit up the normal connections everyone seemed to be dry but one of the dealer’s happen to have 12 bars of xanax he was trying to sell since he no longer needed them these bars were

Two milligrams each labeled g g 2 for nine he was letting them go for extremely cheap so i decided to purchase all of them i came home later that night and decided to pop two bars and within about 15 minutes or so i started to feel extremely relaxed and frankly bucked up in the state of mind i decided it would be a good idea to redose for a total of six milligrams

However as soon as i took the third bar the rest of the bars one of my wallet so i wouldn’t reduce next thing i remember is me attempting to get it to the bed to go to sleep and that’s all until it happens all i remember are flashes of memories me at school running into lockers screaming at nurses my blood being drawn police being called to my home trying to start

Fights driving dangerously me walking around mental hospital me screaming in a shower in the hospital i then finally come to it and realize that i up i was in a psychiatric hospital and it turned out it had been about four or five days since i originally dosed my first bar i was in complete awe it was like i took a time travel machine and showed up here in this

Hospital to make things short i wound up staying there for a few weeks the entire time i thought i only took six milligrams but when i came home it turns out it took all of them i know this because the bag i hid in my wallet was empty my friends were telling me i was going crazy for two days constantly reed dosing and taking bar after bar i thought i had taken

Three bars and went to bed but it turns out i went insane in one honest annex bench you

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