March 28, 2023

Taking aspirin is recommended for a variety of medical conditions, but can aspirin really fix everything?

It’s claimed to treat, pain, inflammation, but is the drug known as “aspirin” really the wonder drug we were promised? into a powder and used to heal headaches, pains and fevers. it wasn’t until 1829, that scientists discovered salicin does cure the headache, but is really acetylsalicylic acid was soft on the tummy and fixed the swelling… by f bayer & co, but it

Wasn’t until the 1970s that british scientists figured out why acetylsalicylic it reduces pain by messing with the body’s pain is a confounding thing for scientists tissue releases called chemicals like prostaglandins, soooo, when you take acetylsalicylic acid (asa) it binds with the enzyme cox-2. it has a number of other uses as well, an cox-1 has the rather important job

Of keeping your stomach lining thick. prostaglandins also affect how well platelets an effect on the hypothalamus region of the brain, responsible for controlling body temperature blood platelets that don’t clot well, don’t cause blockages! and studies are exploring how asa can be recruited to do a lot of other things. could reduce their risks of death by some cancers

By 35 to 50 percent. and a new 2015 study in plos one found asa by inhibiting cell death, the thinking is, it might be able to stop alzheimer’s, huntington’s, children should not ingest asa, it’s part and while it can reduce the risk of a second it will not prevent stroke or heart attack to keep the asa from releasing into your stomach and thinning the lining. bleeding in

The small intestine instead and because of it’s age, the effects of acetylsalicylic prove it’s a cure-all, maybe save your pennies.

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Is Aspirin Really That Good For You? By Seeker