June 4, 2023

Thanks for watching guys,

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so i apologize for the way i look right now i literally i mean you can tell i have like baby powder all over me it’s been a long day of being a mom so of course so i i have some questions that’s a girl asked me on here and i’m going to answer it because i thought it would be helpful for for a lot of people i think not just just

One individuals so so i’m just gonna get right into it because i may not have a lot of time to do this video okay cuz obviously you guys know my kids so the first question was do you think that i should keep coping that i should keep with the coping mechanisms or start the medication so i think that it just depends on the individual and i feel like if you if the

Coping mechanisms are working i wouldn’t get on any anxiety medication so i was working and in the pharmacy and i was talking to the pharmacist about like anxiety medication and stuff and she told me that she’s like what you need is to meditate and to like just be more relaxed because i think we she was trying to get out that just mental anxiety medication is just

Not really good for you or just doesn’t really help out with the main like problem that you have so yeah so what she told me is like just go meditate and like do yoga and stuff like that which is exactly what this person said that they do so that’s what i recommend is like if you if you’re doing good with your coping mechanisms a little too loud if you’re doing

Good with your coping mechanisms i wouldn’t get on any medication for anxiety okay but if you feel like you’re not doing okay with the coping mechanisms then medication could be the right option for you okay so next question is do i think i can cope with anxieties coming off of the medication so i wrote for the most part yes i can cope i’m a bit better but it does

Become challenging at times like right now i am getting anxiety just because i’m making a video and if you’re like everybody’s looking at me even though there’s no one looking at me right now it’s just me in the bathroom but yeah i do get anxiety and i feel like it’s kind of getting worse after all these like shootings and stuff like that like i struggled to be at

Walmart and at sam’s club because of what happened recently at the walmart in the same club if you don’t know there was a mass shooting and it was here in texas where i live so it just kind of like it gave me a lot of anxiety and i’m just trying to be okay so next question is what cautions do i have about these perĂ³n and in general i guess before you take it and

I think the cautions that i well the questions that i do have are you can get psychologically addicted to buspirone like if you’re on a pretty high dosage you can get psychologically addicted to it and it can cause hallucinations which for me it did some people it doesn’t but others it does happens you can have eye problems like vision problems hearing problems

And tasting problems like not being able to taste correctly and so the last thing that i wrote here is just coming off abuse prone like what symptoms it could cause so it can cause obviously depression and for me which for other people it did the same thing to it can cause you to shake like have shaking spells like or just like start shaking out of nowhere and

It’s for me it did that and it was really scary i noticed that pretty much every time i lord i would lower my dosage it would i would start shaking out of nowhere like uncontrollably and i thought i was cold but i wasn’t like the room was not like there was no difference in the room temperature like from the other day like there was nothing so there really was no

Reason for me to be shaking like that so yeah it’s just the fact that i lowered my my medicine and my body was just trying to adjust i think to not having it so that is pretty much it i hope you guys got some help out of this so thank you so much mckenzie for for that question for those questions they were very very good questions okay all right i love you guys

And i will see you guys in my next video whatever that is you guys know i’m all over the place all right

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Is buspirone better than copying mechanisms? By Liuba De La Luna