March 24, 2023

Should you be taking baby aspirin every day? Does baby aspirin actually prevent heart disease? At just 81 mg per day, baby aspirin is often touted as being “heart-healthy.” However, a new study shows that baby aspirin is only effective in men and women between 50 and 59-years-old who have a history of heart problems. For all other individuals, daily baby aspirin therapy could potentially be dangerous.

And your health headlines a lot of people prescribe to taking a daily baby aspirin to help prevent heart disease but as harmless as it sounds it’s a therapy that is not for everyone dr. mitchell goldman with ucsd is here as he is every tuesday to talk about some of these risks and benefits thanks for being here dr. jay always good to be here kathleen now we are

Talking about this daily aspirin therapy a distinction between adult aspirin and baby aspirin what’s the importance there the importance is that most baby aspirin which is just 81 milligrams a day has been touted as being heart healthy and you can even look on the aspirin bottles and it says healthy for your heart well a new study that was published in this week’s

Journal of the american medical association shows that really the only evidence that baby aspirin is really healthy is in men and women between 50 and 59 years old who have problems with their heart are where they where they have either had a heart attack or they have stents in their heart or they have actual heart disease that’s a pretty narrow window so is it

Actually harmful to people who don’t fall into that category you know kathleen it really is you know some other benefits of that baby aspirin has been to minimize the risk of colon cancer and pancreatic cancer and so i was actually taking baby aspirin for about 15 years and then last year i actually developed a gi bleed or a bleed like a gastric ulcer and when i

Was riding my bicycle i actually thought i was going to have a heart attack and it turned out that i had lost half my blood volume and needed transfusions and so that’s what woke me up to the fact that taking a baby aspirin every day may not be for everyone and you’re a physician so if it can happen to you it certainly can happen to any of us who haven’t studied

These things so tell me what are some of these harmful side effects that can happen to people who really shouldn’t be taking a daily baby aspirin the real harmful side effect is bleeding and so if you have gastric reflux or a gastric ulcer even if you’re taking an ass’s or some other drugs like nexian it can still cause a problem also it if you have a propensity

To strokes it can actually make those worse by causing a bleed and of course if you have an allergy of aspirin which is really rare the key thing is if you have a gastric bleed so if you find that you’re becoming anemic and you’re just more rundown that’s when you really need to see your doctor you know taking a baby aspirin if you need to is very important but

It really should be done with your doctor’s advice and what my cardiologist said is you know if you just take a salmon oil pill or eat salmon and cold fish you know a few times a week that’s probably just as good for protecting your heart as is taking a baby aspirin and dr. g this sounds like a relatively new discovery a new study so what are the questions that

Patients should be asking their doctors if they’re not really up to speed on this information just yet well again if you have a risk for heart attack and if your doctor says look you’ve had a heart stent you need to take a baby aspirin you need to take one but if you’re just going down the supermarket aisle and you see baby aspirin and you see like a heart on

It saying heart health and you’ve heard things that may be taking baby aspirin is going to be good for you you really need to discuss this with your doctor you need to make sure that you’re not at risk for other problems like i had as a doctor which was a gi bleed you could be inviting a whole new slew of problems our dr. g every tuesday you’re here and we sure

Appreciate your time and i’m healthy now that’s good news for sure clean bill of health thanks

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