June 4, 2023

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You have menstrual pain every month in women, ibuprofen obviously relieves pain but when you take it continuously it can lead to complications. also, we will talk about the potential side effects of this drug. is a very popular drug known as advil and motrin here in the united states. ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory it is a drug that is used to be able

To reduce it is an analgesic because it reduces or even what happens when you take an ibuprofen tablet and put it in your mouth? tablet which will pass through your pharynx is just behind the larynx which communicates with the respiratory tract. the enzymes which are secreted there will great part will go to the level of your small intestine, there is a very large

Vascularization tablet will be absorbed and which will now distributed throughout your body and also having a relieving effect. intestine immediately hangs out of the contents of your stomach. cyclooxygenase 2 and you going to tell me what does it means? prostaglandins which play a very important prostaglandin also acts at the level of your level of your hypothalamus

That the regulation of the temperature of your body. during periods in women, you have precisely the pains because of this hormone. what you must understand is that this prostaglandin so, this mucus will allow the control of the you should know that in the stomach, there helps protect your stomach against stomach acidity. in the kidney, we have tiny cells that are and

It is in this area that there is exchanged so, you can see that this hormone plays an prostaglandins work in the stomach by helping that protects the gastric mucosa and also so, imagine that if you take a drug like ibuprofen cox 2 then this will inhibit the synthesis decreased secretion is good because you’ll you are going to be happy because you are going to feel good.

If you take it once in a while when you have the danger arises when you take them repeatedly because the more you increase the doses of the secretion of prostaglandin and this will what are the side effects caused by the use of ibuprofen? we will see the second at the level of your kidneys. really impacts liver because the liver is to defend itself against the toxicity

Of ibuprofen. what you need to know is that the stomach which allows you to be able to protect your was not this mucus, then your stomach would many people are surprised by know how the own? it is because the mucus which covers this acidity from being able to destroy the in the secretion of mucus, that is to say stomach and especially also in the regulation will end up

Precisely with a wall which will you will break this barrier and, in this case, your gastric mucosa and this is what will give a gastric ulcer. will be altered, it will give a wound and that is precisely what will give rise to hemorrhages, a perforation stomach that will give you peritonitis so, you understand how very important it is because if you don’t understand that

Then run the risk of your stomach destroying itself, the second complications that i would like we have seen that in the kidneys, there are where the exchanges between the vascular and we know that prostaglandin acts on your kidneys to cause vasodilation. so imagine that you are using chronic anti-inflammatory cox 1 and cox 2 and which will inhibit the no longer be this

Vasodilation and this will will contract and this will prevent the kidney of filtering everything that we swallow because it is through the kidney that a good part or when you decrease the synthesis of prostaglandins is a contraction of the vessels and the kidney work normally and this will predispose you and have kidney failure. it is therefore very important to be able

As a doctor what we do is we are going to to find out if this patient has renal failure this patient has already had kidney failure, which is inflammation of the stomach, because stomach which is gastritis, then ibuprofen is not advised for you. which may be worsened then ibuprofen is not recommended for you. that this patient does not already have a is already attacking

His stomach or if this there are many other pain medications you so, if you have found this video useful then ones so that you can save their lives and to be able to build them. have you ever experienced these complications bleeding or kidney failure caused by the excessive ibuprofen is contraindicated in people who ibuprofen is also not recommended for people like i said,

You will increase the contraction so, it is very important to be able to pay attention. avoid self-medication because by doing so

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