December 8, 2022

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Hey everyone welcome back to our casana health channel my name is sarah i’m a licensed pharmacist passionate about diabetes education my goal is to help increase your knowledge so you can take control of your health and defeat type 2 diabetes while taking fewer pills all right let’s dive right in is it possible to stop using insulin for people who are type 2

Diabetic so not type 1 because type 1 diabetics absolutely need insulin to survive for type 2 diabetics getting off insulin is well it’s not impossible which means that it is possible but i say it this way because it’s also not easy in the sense that you can’t just do it just like that in one day as you know everyone is different so the journey to getting there

Can be harder or longer for some people more than others obviously it’s really hard to predict who will be able to do it and who won’t but it’s important to note that many people have been able to do it so if you’re watching this because you’re using insulin and you would like to one day get off insulin what i can tell you without knowing you specifically or

Your medical history is you can try you can make it your goal if it’s something that you truly desire because i find that it’s those people that truly believe in themselves and in their ability to accomplish something that get to their end goal let’s look at it this way if your goal getting off insulin is your destination your habits are how you will get to that

Destination which means all you have to do once you decide on your goal or your destination is set your habits what habits will help you get to your desired destination it’s important to see it that way because it may be a long way to get there but one day at a time and one habit at a time you will and you can get there consistency is key consistency means putting

In a little bit of effort every day consistency however doesn’t mean perfection it doesn’t mean that you can’t have bad days consistency means that even when you have bad days you don’t give up let me try to illustrate this a little differently let’s say for example that you wanted to go to miami and you lived in new york so miami is your destination and you have

Many ways of getting there right for the purpose of this example let’s say that you can’t fly there you’ll understand why in a minute but you can drive you can take the bus you can walk you can bike those are the things you need to do daily to get to your destination these are the habits you will have to adopt on your journey to miami now let me ask you this if one

Day you’re really tired and you accidentally get on a bus that’s going in the wrong direction do you just give up and go back to new york or do you acknowledge that you made a mistake you get off the wrong bus and you continue to move towards your destination in miami maybe it sounds a little bit silly when i put it like this but the same thing applies to your

Journey to better health if your goal or your destination is to get off insulin then you have to adopt different daily habits to get there right the reason i said earlier you couldn’t fly to miami is because there’s no equivalent to flying to our destination of getting off insulin in other words there is no quick fix to get there there are no magical pills no

Magical supplements no magical tea will make your diabetes disappear the daily habits that will lead you to better health and possibly getting off insulin are making healthy food choices moving or exercising more prioritizing sleep stress management yes there are days where you’ll be tired and stressed out and you won’t be able to manage your blood sugar as well

But that doesn’t mean that your journey ends here and you have to give up it just means that you’re human and there is no such thing as having perfect eating habits or perfect lifestyle habits you can still get back up dust it off and keep moving towards your destination remember that no matter how small the steps you take are you’re still moving forward again

Consistency is key oh and let’s not forget that on your way to getting there you will go through little places like less fatigue less cravings weight loss more energy lower doses of meds less side effects you get the idea right and getting to these places is already pretty amazing and worth being proud of my advice to anyone watching this is you don’t have to

Do this alone you know the saying if you want to walk fast walk alone if you want to walk far walk together well if you need to get off insulin it kind of means you need to walk far and if you walk alone you might be walking fast but there’s a much higher chance that you will be bored or tired faster so use the power of support tell your doctor about your habit

Changes so that he or she can help adjust your treatment as you get closer and closer to your destination and surround yourself with people who support you and empower you in your journey to better health before signing off i just want to reinforce one message the best and safest way to get off meds or insulin is not to stop them all at once because that can

Actually be dangerous the best way is to start making lifestyle habit changes first so you can gradually and safely lower the doses of your meds until you don’t need them anymore this is why it’s super important to cooperate with your healthcare team so that they can help guide you through that process if you want to get started right away with your journey to

Better health by adopting healthy eating habits we have an amazing online course called nutritionist secrets to help you out it’ll give you all the knowledge and tools you need to get started and you’ll also be a part of our lovely community of like-minded people i’ll leave the link in the description box below we also have a lot of free content so check out some

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Care i’ll see you in the next one consistent consistency the hell is this noise

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Is it possible to stop using insulin? Habits vs. Goals By Kasana Health