January 27, 2023


Hey good afternoon everybody and welcome to a new week thank you so much for uh listening as this goes out on the sprinker network great information and just as a reminder i am not retired i’m still here just call the store number at 678-228-8900 you’ll be forwarded to nutrifarm where they can schedule you with me whatever is your need i’m here to help today

We’re going to try to answer the question new piece of information comes out from overseas in europe and trying to answer the question is the prescription drug d2 which doctors will tell you is much superior the better choice versus the over the counter d3 we’ll get into this in one second the information you hear on health talk with dr len is intended to

Be strictly educational and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease any medical decisions should be made between you and your health care professional and now here is dr len and again we’ll get into this information and it’s one you need to make good notes of and listen up important information about how doctors have been wrong for years so and

Again welcome thank you so much for uh listening my name is lynn branswitz for those of you that might be new i am a registered pharmacist retired a board-certified clinical nutritionist also a doctor of naturopathic medicine and nmd as well as a degree in homeopathy i do this show try to do it every day maybe every other day to get some information we call it

Your daily dose new research has found significant differences between the two types of vitamin d with vitamin d 2 the one that the doctors have said for decades is the superior form 50 000 iu is taken once a week it’s the better one it’s the only one that works here’s what they said having a questionable impact on human health guess what docs looks like you

May have been wrong however the study found that vitamin d3 when we talk about could balance people’s immune systems and help strengthen defenses against viral infections such as coved 19. in a collaborative study by the universities of surrey and the universities of brighton researchers investigated the impact of vitamin d threat supplements d2 and d3 take it

Daily over a 12-week period on the activity of genes in people’s blood it’s the most scientific way you can tell which one’s working better contrary to widely held views the research team discovered that both types of vitamin d did not have the same effect they found evidence that vitamin d3 had a modifying effect on the immune system that could fortify the body

Against viral and bacterial diseases professor colin smith lead author of the study from the university of surrey who began this work while at the university of brighton said this quote we have shown that vitamin d3 appears to stimulate the type 1 interferon signaling system in the body a key part of the immune system that provides a first line of defense against

Bacteria and viruses thus a healthy vitamin d3 status may help prevent viruses and bacteria from gaining a foothold in your body our studies suggest that it is important that people take a vitamin d3 supplement or suitably fortified foods especially during the winter months although some foods are fortified with vitamin d like breakfast cereals yogurts and bread

Few naturally contain the vitamin actually vitamin d3 is produced naturally in the skin from exposures to sunlight well some plants and fungi produce vitamin d2 some plants and fungus produce vitamin d2 many people have insufficient levels of vitamin d3 because they live in locations where sunlight is limited in the winter like the uk the coveted 19 pandemic

Has also limited people’s natural exposures to the sun due to people spending time locked up professor susan latham co-author of the study head of the department of nutritional sciences at the university of surrey said this while we found that vitamin d2 and d3 do not have the same effect on gene activity within humans the lack of impact we found when looking

At vitamin d2 means that a larger study is urgently required to clarify the differences however these results show clearly that vitamin d3 is the favored in superior form to be utilized in immunology there i said it there i said it here’s a little piece on consults hi everybody this is dr lynn and i want to talk to you today about a consultation a nutritional

Consultation what’s that all about it’s what we do it’s a personal one-on-one time that we put aside whether it be via social media or zoom or in person where we can have the ability to work closely to enhance your health aim is to enhance your bodily functions alleviate symptoms of illness improve your lifestyle through a nutritional intervention some people

Simply want to undergo a diet to ensure they’re eating correctly and avoid illness other people have medical problems or suffering from various symptoms that they believe can be alleviated by making nutritional changes to their diet other common reasons to undergo a consultation include a desire to lose weight digestive issues skin complaints low energy lethargy

Stress fertility issues competitive sports the list goes on before your consultation we’ll ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire this questionnaire will focus on all aspects of your diet and lifestyle medical history medications you may be taking current health concerns and really importantly your goals we may also ask you to do a food and drink diary

For those three days maybe up to a week so we can document everything you eat and drink during that time once you’ve completed this questionnaire we’ll look it over and then we’ll have a one-on-one consultation usually about an hour to an hour and a half during that time you’ll talk through the questionnaire and diary as well as discuss your lifestyle your current

Exercise regimen your health concerns your family medical history your existing symptoms and really importantly again your goals can also discuss underlying emotional issues that may be affecting your mood eating patterns lifestyle during this in-depth discussion you may be asked to do some functional tests saliva blood etc to try to pinpoint specifically what’s

Going on once we have a full and complete picture of your current nutritional physical and emotional situation we’ll develop a plan for you that may involve some nutritional dietary issues working with our dietitian working with our chef or supplements we can add those to the regimen as well vitamins minerals fiber fatty acids amino acids but to get the most

Out of a nutritional consultation you need to be as frank and honest as you can the more complete picture that we have of what’s going on in your system the better that we can help you if you’re interested in getting started give us a call 678-2280 or reach out to us through our website at thenutritionshop.net and that new website is nutrafarmllc.com check it

Out there’s the question which form of vitamin d we’ve been saying for decades that d3 is superior now you know the truth god bless you folks have a great healthy day see you back here tomorrow take care

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Is it Vitamin D2 (as your doc loves) or D3 (as we love)?? By The Nutrition Shoppe