January 26, 2023

A recent study was published that suggests that metformin may offer a reduction in risk of death from COVID-19 infection in people with type 2 diabetes. In this video, PA David explains the study findings and offers balanced guidance on interpreting the data.

Hi folks welcome to another sugar high news flash i’m pa david i’m a board certified and licensed diabetes specialty pa practicing in southern california and as always sugar high is your channel for relatable and reliable diabetes information that’s always easy to understand these news flashes are shorter videos that discuss new developments in diabetes management

Or interesting new findings as they come up today’s video is going to discuss the findings of a recent study that i found very interesting and i thought you guys would also be curious to hear about it but because of the fact that it pertains to covenant 19 and there’s so much misinformation out there about coronavirus i want to be really clear about what the

Purpose of this video is this is not medical advice or me telling any of my viewers that they should do anything in particular in terms of medication or treatment of coven 19. this is just us discussing interesting findings of a recent study and i’d encourage everyone watching to follow the directions of their own health care providers only and don’t make

Any health care related decisions based on any youtube videos my videos or anyone else’s for that matter also please keep in mind that the landscape of the current pandemic is rapidly changing and we’re learning more and more each day which means that this is going to be one of those videos where the relevance or the meaningfulness may change or even decrease

As time goes by for reference i’m recording this on march 21st 2021 and we’re going to be talking about an article that was published in mid-january okay now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about this study an article was recently published in the journal of frontiers in endocrinology that reported the findings of a study conducted at the university

Of alabama at birmingham hospital the idea behind this study was that they reviewed anonymous medical records from over 25 000 different people tested for coven 19 over a four month period of time and it looked for certain factors to determine commonalities between people who survived and people who passed away from the infection they looked at all sorts

Of different characteristics like age race male versus female whether or not people had obesity whether or not they had high blood pressure and whether or not they had diabetes both type 1 and 2 diabetes amongst the people who were type 2 diabetic they also looked to see whether there was any difference in people who were taking insulin versus those who were

Not on insulin as well as people who were taking metformin at the time of diagnosis compared to those who were not on metformin the results of this analysis were pretty interesting because in terms of diabetes there were two things that were observed number one the findings of the study supported the idea that being diabetic is an independent risk factor for

Death in cases of covin 19. that’s not really a surprise we kind of already knew that but what was really quite interesting was that the group of people diagnosed with covet 19 that were taking metformin were three times less likely to die than those people who were not taking metformin when diagnosed these findings were consistent in both men and women amongst

Different age groups and amongst people of different races this was not the first study to suggest that metformin may have a protective effect from coven 19 related deaths but it was one of the first studies that actually included a nicely diverse patient population so that’s all very interesting but what does it mean does it mean that metformin protects diabetic

People from death during covet-19 infections well we don’t really know this was a retrospective study which means that it looked back on things that had already happened and that’s very different from a clinical trial that’s prospective meaning they take a bunch of diabetic people give half of them metformin and the other half get either placebo or some other

Kind of standard of care medication and then track them moving forward to see if there’s any difference between the two groups in healthcare we don’t say that anything has a proven protective effect unless we have that type of prospective clinical trial data this type of retrospective study is designed to generate more questions than answers it’s the kind of

Thing that makes us go huh we should study that further we should look at this a little bit more closely that’s kind of interesting let’s study that more now there are a lot of things that could explain the findings of this study one possibility is that sure maybe metformin has some sort of effect that decreases the chance of dying when infected with coven 19.

We already know that metformin has anti-inflammatory and anti-blood clotting properties severe cova-19 infections are a highly inflammatory process and people with severe cova-19 have a greater risk of forming blood clots so if there’s some sort of effective metformin that’s interrupting all that that might be a source of improved likelihood of survival however

Some other diabetes medications like sglt2 inhibitors like or pharxega or innovocana also have anti-inflammatory properties so wouldn’t they also bring about the same type of effect well unfortunately we don’t really know because in this study there were not enough people who were on those medications to get any sort of statistically significant analysis for

Those medication types but the idea that metformin is directly bringing about a decrease in risk of dying from covet 19 is not the only explanation for the findings of this study it’s been proposed that maybe diabetic people who aren’t taking metformin might be generally sicker and more vulnerable and therefore more likely to die than those who are taking

Metformin here’s what i mean by that generally metformin is one of the first medications that we start for type 2 diabetes if somebody’s diabetes progresses and their general health starts to worsen sometimes we have to take them off metformin a person with severe diabetic chronic kidney disease for example would not be able to continue metformin that person

With advanced kidney disease is much more vulnerable than a recently diagnosed diabetic who’s only been on metformin for a few months so what does this study tell us it tells us that we still have more to learn but the effective metformin on people with type 2 diabetes who are battling covenant 19 is definitely worth looking into it doesn’t prove anything one

Way or the other and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should go out and start metformin unless your healthcare provider has directly advised you to do so but either way it’s information that i definitely found interesting and i thought that you might as well if you enjoyed this video do me a favor give it a thumbs up and if you’re new to sugar high i hope

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Is Metformin Protective from COVID-related Death? Diabetes Newsflash for 1/21/2021 By Sugar High