December 8, 2022

Your Type 2 Diabetes medication could be making you worse. Is it worth the risk?

Hi everyone dr. clark on the place for answers and ai want to share with you a published study that came out 2010 on how metformin a type two diabetes drug causes b12 deficiency ned that interesting kind of a catch-22 because why do people start taking metformin well they take it because they get diagnosed with a high blood sugar or type 2 diabetes and a problem that

A complication from having type 2 diabetes you at risk for you know cardiovascular disease but here’s the thing the medication that you’re taking for the diabetes could in fact be making you worse see when you deplete the body of b12 now you’re at risk for guess what cardiovascular disease b12 is not only important reducing almost cysteine it’s what we call a methyl

Donor it’s also important in preventing neuropathy which is another complication that we often see with people that have type 2 diabetes so one thing i have to ask is if you’re taking metformin you’re thinking about taking metformin ask your doctor if they know about this study now they may tell you yeah but that study says it takes years to become deficient and

That may be true it may take years to become deficient but it doesn’t take years to start depleting your b12 levels and impacting your health so you have to ask yourself is it worth that is it worth that risk to take metformin or could you look for some other avenues could you look for another way a functional model if you will of approaching this type-2 diabetes

Because one of the things i like the motto i like uses you know treat the person not the disease because type-2 diabetes is one of those types of conditions that there’s a lot of different causes i mean frankly 25% of type-2 diabetic patients actually have a more serious condition a more serious condition that is devastating their body and will totally destroy their

Quality of life probably long before any complication of the diabetes so the problem with that kind of diagnosis is that it’s a kind of a garbage can as i like to call it it’s kind of right there in the same lump as fibromyalgia what a doctor should do in my opinion is find out what’s the cause of your type-2 diabetic symptoms right and there’s a lot of symptoms

You’ve got fatigue you know fatigue after meals some women have men have a reptile dysfunction have high blood pressure problems low energy well all those sorts of things could be caused by a whole list of factors everything from different kinds of food sensitivities to bacterial infections to adrenal gland problems and i really think that for a doctor do a good

Job and leave no stone unturned he or she should be looking at those things now most doctors that you are seeing are never going to look at those things because they’re simply schooled from a different model which is patient has symptoms they have a blood sugar or a hemoglobin a1c of a certain amount they now get medication now it used to be that people kind would

Push you know hey you should try diet and exercise and really i haven’t found many doctors that are doing that they’re pretty much straight going to hey did take metformin but now i’m telling you a complication most of these medication that you’re receiving for diabetes they have complications and the thing is i don’t understand why more people aren’t seeking out

And i had to say alternative but aren’t seeking out a good way an alternative i guess we should just call it that right seeking a different way the problem the problem that word alternatives sometimes we’re not so alternative depending on who you see for example you could see a well-meaning naturopath or an acupuncturist or a chiropractor or someone like that and

They may mean well but all that they do is really what the medical doctor did you come in say i have type 2 diabetes they say oh okay take these four supplements without really digging down and asking why did this happen how did you get this way is it lifestyle choices is it you know are you eating the wrong foods are there some other physiological things happening

That’s what i think is the best model to use we’re looking someone who’s been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and all that really means is if you can’t get blood into yourself you can’t get blood sugar into your cells that’s really what the problem is but how it got that way is a little more complicated so one of the things that people do is they give you metformin

And the problem is the metformin depletes b12 over time and actually increases your risk for cardiovascular disease the same way the diabetes does

Transcribed from video
Is Metformin Worth The Risk? By Dr. David J. Clark DC