March 22, 2023


Your doctor tells you i’m going to prescribe a steroid and you think what why would my doctor give me a steroid isn’t that like for bodybuilders or something i don’t want to be on steroids let’s explain that a little more in detail today i’m your prednisone pharmacist dr. megan and i’ll explain what the confusion is and how prednisone is a steroid but not what

You think so this is prednisone when you see the chemical structure in the medicinal chemistry lab this is what it looks like there’s hydrogen and oxygen that’s the eight in the o and those little black lines represent carbon it is an amazing miraculous drug for people for a lot of conditions and it mimics other structures that look just like this in your body

Let me show you what they look like this is a little these are little pictures of other chemicals in your body so prednisone mimics the top left one cortisol it is replacing the cortisol in your body to help you get better from some condition whether it’s pneumonia or a bleeding condition like mine or maybe to help you with cancer or a transplant lots of reasons

But prednisone looks just like this hormone cortisol cortisol looks like other things cortisol looks like other hormones like progesterone that’s the female hormone that is really high during pregnancy then but in the bottom right corner is testosterone testosterone is also a steroid because all steroids have this chemical structure they all have they call it a

Heterocyclic ring those six-sided rings that are connected that makes it a steroid but prednisone is not the kind of thing the same no steroid as testosterone prednisone is a certain kind of steroid and testosterone and other bodybuilder hormones are anabolic steroids this is what people take who want big muscles want to show off at the gym want to have weird

Changes to their voice and facial hair if women take it there are other things like testosterone that they can inject or take as a pill or lots of ways and those are steroids but they’re not the same kind of steroid let me show you the other type of word to represent the type of steroids on the top left these are other names so steroid hormones was all of those

Glucocorticoid is the specific type of steroid hormone that prednisone is that’s the type of class it is so glucocorticoid means it’s helping with glucose and blood sugar regulation that’s why one of the number-one side effects is high blood sugar then another word for it is corticosteroids that’s talking about the adrenal cortex cortical cortex the adrenal

Cortex that helps your body regulate stress so that’s why it’s helpful when you’re sick to take printed zone because it’s helping you deal with that kind of stress then mixing those two words together is glucocorticoid steroid and finally all of these hormones that signal to other parts of the brain are part of the endocrine system so prednisone is also called

An endocrine hormone vanillin is not an anabolic steroid protozoan is not for bodybuilders because it will do the opposite it will waste await your muscles so now you know the answer prednisone is a steroid but steroid means a lot of things and it is not a bodybuilder hormone if you’re taking prednisone and you’re struggling with side effects go to my website

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Transcribed from video
Is Prednisone a Steroid? By Dr. Megan – Prednisone Pharmacist