February 1, 2023

First off, I’m not a physician so please contact yours if you have any specific questions about Spironolactone. Secondly, I also am not sure if I’m pronouncing Spiro correctly, so #1 should be obvious. 🙂

Hey everyone lauren from corner of hope in maine if you haven’t subscribed please do so you’ll get a notification when i put a new video out today’s ask me comes from several people so a lot of people have asked if i’ve ever tried the drug spironolactone and i actually have a couple posts on my blog about this so the answer the quick answer is yes i have a couple

Years ago before i had my second child i was on it for a little bit i came off of it so generally they say you really need to be on it for six months to a year to notice any impact to your hair because the hair cycle is so long but i came off it pretty early around the five-month mark to get pregnant with my second child so i never gave it too much of a chance but

Wanted to tell you today i’d kind of sworn off anything to do with hair loss hair growth all of that because i do wear you know toppers and wigs as you guys know but i’ve actually decided to give spironolactone another try and it’s not necessarily because of my hair loss but more so because of my skin so when i was on this several several years ago i didn’t really

Notice too much with my hair but it positively impacted my skin really really fast but as it relates to hair i’m telling you about that today because i could have a hair update as it relates to spironolactone very soon who knows when i was on it back then i was put on 100 milligrams a day so 50 in the morning 50 at night right off the start so what spironolactone

Did for my hair which i understand is pretty common in women who are predisposed to like hair issues so i do have some friends who are who have been on spironolactone who have not experienced any sort of shedding when they first go on the drug but these women don’t have hair problems to begin with it does seem that a lot of women who do have hair issues experience

What is called the spironolactone dread shed and i talked about that on my so i did experience that as well after being on it for a couple weeks probably three or four weeks i started to get some shedding and it was diffused so it was all over but it was very similar to what if you’ve had children if you’ve noticed the pattern in which that postpartum shed happens

It was very similar to that so it was definitely all over but it was really concentrated at the temple area so this like right in here is where i lost a lot of hair from the spironolactone if it’s red shed now the good news for me is it only lasts about a month so it came out quite quickly and then it stopped and by the time i had gone off of it three to four months

Later i did have little spikes so it started to come back in being on it this time around the focus isn’t so much on my hair but i want to avoid that because i i don’t want to have a dread shed if ike if i you know can’t avoid it so i started not on 100 milligrams i started on a very low dosage to see if maybe that can be avoided so i started on 25 milligrams i’ve

Been on it for about a month maybe six weeks now and i started at 25 milligrams i did that for about two or three weeks and then i started going every other day at 50 milligrams and that’s where i’m at right now did that for two or three weeks and i’m just at the point where i’m gonna start doing 50 milligrams a day so still i’m only at half of what i was when i

Had that dread shed but so far i haven’t noticed anything in terms of more hair falling out so that’s good the other thing that i wanted to avoid is while it is not impacting my skin and beneficially too much yet probably because i need to work my way up to a higher dosage i had the drug shed but it also really messed with my cycle i was good my cycle every two

Weeks when i was on a high dosage so i’m also hoping that by easing into a higher dosage i might be able to avoid that and so far so good that was really annoying back then so yeah we’ll see what happens as i now start doing 50 milligrams a day versus just 25 so i’ll keep you posted so what spironolactone is supposed to do when it comes to hair is not so much we

Grow the hair maybe i’m wrong on that but it’s really supposed to reduce the shedding so again i am on it strictly for my face to help with acne i’ve always had acne always you can see it in some of my videos students you’re probably in a lot of my videos the problem so much is not the active skin breakouts because i don’t typically have a ton of those it’s the

Hyperpigmentation that it leaves behind so whenever i get a breakout it’ll go away in two or three days or however long it takes but i will have a red spot for six or seven months so if you combine the constant cycle of having some active blemishes along with hyperpigmentation that lasts half a year my face constantly looks you know like a battle zone so it’s not

Fun so i’m really hoping that the spironolactone helps with that it totally did last time i was on it but i thought it would bring it up to you because i might have some sort of update when it comes to hair loss with it as well so so far haven’t really noticed on the hair front a reduction in shedding but i do need to let you know that i don’t lose a ton of hair

Anymore it’s been mostly stable so what i’m gonna be looking for in terms of determining if this is a success this is a success when it comes to hair loss is that my shedding is even further reduced and that my hair and this is gonna take some time so my hair just gets thinner and thinner over time it miniaturizes the hair strands get eenie so i’m hoping that that

Kind of stops a little bit and my hair maintains its thickness which is funny it’s because it’s not thick at all but it maintains what it has for a long period of time so i will keep you posted on how spironolactone is affecting my hair but i just wanted to let you guys know that yes i have tried the drug i am actually back on the drug i get that question a lot

So we’ll let you know kind of what happens all right bye

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Is Spironolactone a Hair Loss SOLUTION? What about for acne? By CornerOfHopeAndMane