March 24, 2023

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Now we’re going to get to annexparian the young turks and dennis prager let me get into a little bit of our our history here so the young turks is a famously i don’t know if i can call them famous uh is the left-leaning channel on the internet um headed by anna kasparian and shank yuger and anakusparian very much dislikes prageru and she’s made that abundantly clear

She actually ended up tweeting out some some tweets about crime and uh the problem of crime in america which is an issue that we agree on and we reached out to annika sparian and said hey i know we’re on different sides of the aisle would you like to come on the show and have a talk about crime because i feel like it’d be good to see two women who disagree uh find

Some agreeance on these things she instead of responding to the message went on the young turks and said prager you reached out to me and i cannot believe they would even think i would go on their show doesn’t matter how much money you paid me i wouldn’t be on prayer you and she’s like i don’t want to be your friends prager you is what she said in this video yeah

It’s like we didn’t offer any money we were just like hey we we want to create civil discourse around this topic and we seem to agree here we can talk about where we agree where we disagree and it was like yeah how dare you like a little chihuahua coming at me um and we ended up having to just like show the screenshots be like yo dude we gave you a totally nice

Response of like asking you to come on the show and this is your weird twisted reaction to being invited to have a civil discussion anyways she also famously hates dennis prager and finally dennis has been able to be on the young turks and actually have a debate i put that in the air quotes because i i doubt any of us will find this to be a debate once we end up

Watching this but a debate with dennis prager and let’s react to that video to any left-wing columnist on the new york times to debate me anywhere they want they could choose the moderator they could choose the audience and serious money joining us now is dennis prager the man you just saw in that video and dennis i guess you could call tyt acetaminophen because

Uh we don’t want you to ache we want to make sure we give you an opportunity to feel good uh by debating someone on the left i was thinking if only you were a new york times columnist how much money you’d be making now well i’m a little more honest than a new york times columnist so uh this will be an issue though anyways a great conversation thank you for doing

It so i wanted to my pleasure so i wanted to just kind of start off with i guess disagreeing with the notion that the left is afraid to have these kinds of discussions or debates in fact you had tweeted that video that we started this conversation with and there were a lot of responses from prominent individuals on the left i want to give you a few examples uh

Starting with vosh who’s a big twitch streamer he’s got a big youtube channel as well he says you couldn’t be more wrong i love spirited debate in the free marketplace of ideas he even provided his email and would love to have that conversation with you my good friend ben burgess also responded he’s a great guy he says hi dennis uh i’d be delighted to chat with

You either on my show or you could host it through prageru or i’m sure modern day debate or some other neutral platform would be happy to host it it’s so interesting that we start off uh with this subject because dennis is on your platform to debate you and while he’s on your platform ready to debate you you start off a single dentist you say that nobody wants to

Debate you and here’s some evidence of people who want to debate you when he’s on your platform to talk the issues he’s right there sitting in front of you get into the issues and talk about it but no she goes on with this for a little while we’re gonna skip and let dennis respond oh i have no doubt that there are a lot of people on the left the the issue that i

Raised was people at the new york times and people like you for the for example you pleasantly surprised me by doing this to be perfectly honest and by the way i think proof of my theory is a piece that i read on some left-wing or progressive site just today about how angry many of your viewers are that you’re having me on whereas i will tell you i would get no

Such feedback from the right if i had a left a left-wing person on my show they would be thrilled so i i still stand by my belief that in general uh the people certainly in the higher echelons of the left don’t want to debate but it’s it’s you know it’s probably not worth debating whether there would be such a debate i presume we’re having one now thank you for

Making the points on us because it just seems like our ridiculous so graciously too and you’ll find that throughout this entire uh debate we might not watch the whole thing but you guys can go through dennis makes several times several times goes oh i think you’re right about that you know i i actually agree with you there or i think it’s very nice that you brought

Me on the show to talk to you does she make one single charitable point towards dennis i will see i mean yeah i don’t recall one no yeah i’m glad we are well look uh the left isn’t a monolith there’s a lot of disagreement on the left uh there’s certainly a lot of disagreement on things that i say on this show on various issues even when it comes to crime i’m sure

You’ve noticed some of the backlash i’ve received in that regard as well however i will say there is a reason why the right wing tends to be more open to having these kinds of discussions and debates and the left wing gets a little uneasy about it and it’s because there has been this prevalence of prominent figures who identify as the left right or on the left

Who then later start to you know cozy up to right wing figure oh pause so you’re admitting what dennis said was true that the left is is less uh less ready to get into a debate with other people that’s what she just said in the statement even though she was denying it like two seconds ago it’s unbelievable that’s contradiction number one contradiction let’s keep

Going do we need like a little point counter drinking game guys and then it turns out that they completely move to the right wing because they’re essentially paid to do it they’re used as tools by the right wing to essentially spew right-wing talking points while purporting to still be on the left in fact dave rubin’s a great example of that dave rubin used to work

With us he identified as someone on the left yeah go ahead forgive me an experian has never heard of somebody changing their mind in her life okay let me hand you a few more dollars thank you so much i’m taking my uh my oil oil fracking what is it my friend millionaire money yeah dave rubin made a video for prageru why i left the left oh i know i i he does not in

Fact state to the world but he’s still on the left i don’t know who you contradiction number two she just david dave was pretending to be a leftist while espousing conservative beliefs and dennis goes he made a video called why the why i left the left i know yeah and if you’re interested in if you want to talk about dave rubin i mean we have the the perfect video

Coming out next week where dave reacts to his old red pill video with larry elder and in that video he he is walking you through his thought process he’s like yeah going into this i was a liberal and i i mean i don’t want to spoil it but he’s basically like got him he’s experienced cognitive dissonance after being caught in a lie and he didn’t have to publish that

Video of him looking bad by the way it wasn’t negative for his career that he put that out there at that time but he had enough integrity as a person and as a journalist which is kind of the kernel of and he’ll say this and larry said it too of of why he uh was led to his transformation is because he had that integrity as a person and was more couldn’t ignore facts

Right right and it’s just like when when you are tripping over yourself to be right or to win in a debate which is clearly the energy she’s giving off right here and you can tell in the body language you can tell she’s sort of chomping at the bit to jump at him a little bit while dennis is sitting there like letting her respond and when you have those two energies

You’re gonna contradict yourself she’s like jumping to contradict herself because she’s just so ready to get a win on dennis and in my opinion it doesn’t happen you guys can let us know by the end of this if you think it did you have in mind so i i can only address the one name that you gave dave rubin acknowledges he’s not on the left it’s interesting because if

I recall correctly you had a conversation with dave rubin and how incredibly important it was that he was engaging in these discussions with you discussions with the right wing and you stated something very specific i actually want to go to that video and i want to get your thoughts maybe you can elaborate on what you meant in this video let’s watch i’m doing it

For myself no no no no it’s like christians who say to me you know oh we would love you to come to christ but you are so valuable to us as a jew when you defend us christians and they’re right you are valuable and in the best sense of the word because the america needs people who are clearly uh uh uh liberal and who and to be honest and fallen through the category

Of kosher as gay yeah to say hey hello the conservatives are not hate mongers hello they should be heard and maybe every so often you should read national review right or watch a preview video wow it’s almost like dennis is absolutely right with what he just said yeah it was like it’s almost like it’s a really powerful thing to be from an identity group that uh

Leftists try to use against conservatives and go hey the conservatives are pretty cool it’s almost like that’s what is needed but but only because of the environment that leftism is created like it shouldn’t be necessary for me looking like myself to be the one who talks about race and from a conservative perspective but leftists have created that environment

Where it takes somebody like me to say the things that i say to be listened to so and also she said herself the left’s not a monolith but in the same breath it’s like but anyone who expresses any conservative sympathies is a shill or a spy right they’re taking that sweet sweet fracking money yeah so mr prager you can understand why members of the left would feel

A little uneasy when also pause i love how it’s just like dennis is going on this platform and it’s just an experian bringing up everything she’s ever disagreed with him on and being like defend yourself dennis defend yourself dennis dennis i in fact have an old video of you at five years old pushing over another kid on the playground can you defend this action

Dennis it’s literally what this entire video is these discussions take place because usually it’s a sign that someone on the left got lured in with uh some billionaire cash like dave rubin did oh okay well see well that’s an unfair statement i i don’t accuse people on the left of having their positions because of money and i don’t think you should do that with

Regard to conservatives uh alan dershowitz has as is not a right winger but alan dershowitz said to me this harvard professor is very well known he’s lost all his friends because he he defended donald trump in court he didn’t even vote for donald trump just merely defending his right to have a defense was enough for him to lose his friends the the assumption on

The left is that if you’re a conservative you’re a despicable human being and this is a perfect example the only reason dave rubin would have done it was was for money i i don’t know anybody on my side of the spectrum who holds their positions because of money uh there’s a hell of a lot more money on the left anyway really if you want to get really oh yep really

How how is craig are you funding washington post how is prager that’s like turning around and be like who funds the young turks who funds cnn and msnbc and who owns apple and who owns twitter and who owns instagram and who owns youtube and google and all these other entities that are clearly left-leaning and going freely really really we you don’t have money it’s

Ridiculous to think that left-leaning people don’t have money even if you function on the assumption that conservatives are the the the world makers and and they’re the ones who are truly you know the puppeteers and making everything happen even if that were the case and that were the world that we were living in the the alternative to conservatives being leftists

They would still have money you represent 50 of the united states population and you think that 50 doesn’t own any money and isn’t really significant in places like silicon valley where most of the world’s money is being held just come on now yeah it’s it’s uh it’s convenient to be able to say to attribute um financial incentive as dave rubin’s motive because then

You don’t have to contend with uh the arguments that made him change his mind you know and you don’t have to contend with the cognitive dissonance of thinking that somebody who thought just like me that i thought i agreed with that i trusted that was on my side has changed their mind i don’t have to contend with why i can just say they’re doing it for money and then

You know that that settles the argument and it’s it’s basically an ad hominem against that idea because you’re you’re attacking his character and saying and disparaging him as a shill instead of contending with his argument and that’s just a a very elementary fallacy in argumentation so if you’re inviting someone to a debate and you’re you’re biggest example that

You have is immediately to point to someone well they changed their mind and it’s because of money you’re attributing motives to someone instead of just contending with ideas which is what dennis is there for you can tell as he’s speaking he’s speaking just temporaneously he’s he’s using his thoughts he’s not you know he’s he’s very present in the conversation

And it feels like she’s going to talking points and pre-prepared lines of attack and just hoping one of them sticks right she’s like this one didn’t get him onto the next one this one get him on to the next one on to the next one but she has more integrity than the new york times people folks by by people on the internet and by wealthy donors but uh prager prager

You does the is is pittance compared to the money that is available just to blm how much how much money was given to black lives matter

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