November 29, 2022

This is the first time I’ve ever experienced an absolute ineffective dose of Bupropion & Vyvanse. I don’t feel that’s its’ due to a tolerance build-up only because I’ve taken it today and they’re working like they always have. It felt a lot like I haven’t taken anything for a few days. This was brand new for me.

Hey what’s going on y’all i want to quickly share what is going on with me this week has been the worst week for me as far as depression man it’s funny because i had the same shirt on when i made a video like this maybe about a year ago i don’t know if it’s a shirt i don’t think so i like the shirt it’s like a pink salmon kind of color but yesterday was horrible i

Slept for the entire day just feeling as lower than the snake’s belly i was just down and i think it started from monday night monday night i had a migraine and on a quick aside somebody mentioned that they get migraines i think either with wellbutrin or or bupropion or before the same thing wellbutrin or uh or vivants and i’ve never experienced them and when i

Say a migraine i’m speaking from what i’ve heard people tell me about it you feel nauseous you know you get of course you got the headache you can’t take bright lights that’s sort of what was happening to me um i don’t have any bright lights in particular say the light i have here this wasn’t even on but i started feeling nauseous i was about to make some ginger tea

And this is monday night i was kind of dreading going to work the following afternoon didn’t want to go for reasons that i’m going to get into in another video and another time but it just it was kind of bringing me down and down and down and by the next day i didn’t want to get out of bed y’all so i said okay let me take my medication i didn’t take it until about

11 o’clock because i woke up maybe 8 39 and that’s late for me i’m normally up like 6 7 i’m ready to go i took the medication i was still core still sleeping because you know it takes about an hour and i have two hours to kick in and i slept for like four hours i got up again i felt like i was coming off of a violence crash it’s almost like the sleep countered

The effects of violence slash bupropion when i say slash i think both of them together it’s not the same drug but man i was i was just feeling really down i wasn’t slow and you know i kind of told my wife you know i was like listen babe i’m i’m feeling i’m just not feeling myself today am i feeling well and when i say that to her she knows i’m not talking i got

A headache or my stomach or my foot hurts or back it’s not a physical element she understands that yeah i’m dealing with depression and yesterday i was straight up depressed i was down and the negative thoughts were coming in all those things that come with depression and i just like this this is not cool this is not good and i remember feeling this way my entire

Life when things when i plan my life out to be a certain way and it doesn’t go the way that i that i want it to go that’s when the the lack of control that i feel like once control is taken away from me that is a downer for me and that’s kind of how i’ve been feeling lately so i wanted to let y’all know about that um how bad it was and i’m saying this because

I’ve never experienced what i experienced with vyvance and bupropion typically you know if i take it like right now i took it a couple hours ago i’m rearing the goal i like the motivation rara says and yesterday though it’s crazy took you know my medication the same dose i always take i don’t have anything i don’t have like a you know a gallon of orange juice and

You know nothing you know to interact with it my blood wasn’t acidic you know at least i would assume this because i didn’t ingest anything that would that would you know do that like soda anything but let me tell y’all uh after i took it i didn’t want to do much i just wanted to sleep and that’s i haven’t felt that low in a while so i don’t know if anybody else

Has experienced that i know some people say you know they take it they sleep for x amount of hours it’s almost like the depression the sadness just says you know what i don’t care what you’re taking bro you could be taking all the vive ants all of all the stimulants ain’t got nothing to do with what’s going on right now you’re going to sleep and you ain’t getting

Back up that’s what happened so i got up you know later on that evening i was talking to her and stuff but today was a little bit better it was a lot better i should say i got up i felt a little better i took the medication and stuff like i said about two hours ago so i’m feeling better now but it’s almost like the sleeper said you know what it counted it made it

Null and void and i don’t know if any of you have experienced anything like that if you have please let me know and yeah that’s that’s my experience with that also um i got a special guest coming up probably next week or the week after i will talk about some things concerning how depression and adhd have their cousins relatives brothers however you want to look

At it but they’re related and how it affects you know the thought life your thought processes you know your your motivation your driving these kind of things um and i have somebody that’s kind of like a like an expert on these kind of things anyway god bless you i’ll see you in the next video hit the subscribe button hit the like button share this so we can get

These things out you guys like my family and i can disclose a lot to y’all it’s funny because i don’t talk to other people like this but um in real life but i’m talking to you guys like this don’t even know you feel like you’re my family because we a lot of us have a lot of these things in common and i didn’t even realize that but it’s great to know i’m not by

Myself anyway i’ll see you guys in the next video take care

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It's possible to still experience depression and lethargy on Vyvanse & Bupropion By Chris Moses