January 26, 2023

Jody Ford talks about her personal experiences tapering Gabapentin. Jody is author of the book My Drug Taper Journey; a practical and inspirational book that can be a great benefit to anyone managing a taper protocol.

My name is jody and i will be reading  on august 1st 2017, i began an  this sent me on a profound, life-altering  i took this drug as prescribed for seven years  by that seventh year i realized the drug had been  affecting me negatively and that is why i decided   to come off of it. gabapentin, like many other  prescribed drugs,

Is powerful and unforgiving.   i experienced shocking and severe withdrawal symptoms. and i desperately sought help from doctors.   vast majority who have found themselves in   i was told all of this was my  original symptoms returning,   this is called ‘medical gaslighting’ and  to say that they had no idea how to

Help  me i stopped telling or asking, and instead looked to  where i eventually  found help and where i was able to understand what was happening to me in the meantime, i reinstated my full dose, hoping  to return to a normal state, which never happened.   and that was all i could tolerate for the nearly  four-year duration

Of my taper journey.   due to the injury of my central  go out to eat, exercise, travel,  to my family when they needed me and for  for two years i had no reading comprehension  and could barely form sentences while speaking.   the stress, sleep deprivation and brain injury  ignited more than one autoimmune illness,  

Become a burden to those around me and to myself.   what i had come to call and still refer to as   to make the arrangements i thought would  ease strain on my family for my planned absence.   what ultimately kept me from doing so, was the  reality of what my family would go through,   myself to see the taper through to

The end.   i was very fortunate to have a supportive and  loving partner, which is not always the case  for many. moderators and some wonderful members to lean on.   as i finish my last dose on april 4th 2021.  during that challenging time, in addition to   i journaled daily about how i was feeling,   were any

Reactions to food or supplements,   each day i graded my overall condition and in this way moving forward. i could potentially avoid making symptoms worse   and i could see that small steps of progress had  been made, even when it didn’t feel that way.   this gave  me a modicum of control, a better understanding of

What was happening to me and instilled the feeling that i was not alone. it created a record of what i was going through.   available but not much for people taking   this was the impetus for me to create a series of three personal journal work and resource books, which  i would have liked to have had during  my taper, called

My drug taper journey.   i’m still on the healing path and within this  for change and support in the prescribed harm  community. and most of all, i want to offer hope tell you, your experience is real, your feelings   and everyone supporting and educating those  in need of tapering resources. thank you.

Transcribed from video
Jody Ford talks about tapering Gabapentin By World Tapering Day Channel