June 1, 2023

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Good afternoon everyone this is sarah arkness your clinical pharmacist welcome to episode number 108 of pharmacists education corner today i’ll be discussing another medication in summary for you the name of the medication is journey or meditating m er extended release it’s from iron sure pharma it was fda approved on august 9 and to the 2018. i’ve included a

Bottle of journey over here for you to see and i’ll get into dosing in a second but before that uh this medication journey is a central nervous system stimulant dedicated for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd in patients six years and older methylphenidate is a central nervous system stimulant the exact materialism action of for this

Medication and height helps adhd is at this point unknown uh it comes in the extended release capsules of 20 milligram 40 milligames 60 80 100 milligame journey pm exhibits both delayed release and extended release properties uh as far as administration goes uh join apm it should be taken only in the evening recommended starting goes for patients six years and

Above is 20 milligame daily uh in the evening it just needs to adjust the timing of the administration between 6 30 pm and 9 30 pm to optimize the tolerability and efficacy the next morning and throughout the day through a journey medication for the patient dosages may be increased weekly in increments of 20 million per day and up to a maximum daily dose of 100

Million with food or without food it comes in a capsule format obviously and maybe swallowed whole or open and the entire content sprinkled onto applesauce as far as side effects and from joining um clinical trials um mostly included appetite uh decreased insomnia vomiting description abdominal pain weight decrease and anxiety and other few side effects for more

Detailed um information of these side effects it’s important for the patients to be given the information guide for them to know what to expect and if they experience any of these side effects to refer back to a pharmacist or specialist for follow-up and the safety of jordan apn was evaluated in 280 patients and six to 12 years old obviously who participated in

Two controlled control clinical trials um having adhd study one conducted in pediatric patients six through twelve and was compar comprised of a six week open labeled dose optimization phase in which all operations received journey in p.m followed by one week double blind control phase in in which patients were randomized to continue joining apa and based on

This and few other studies yeah john 8 uh was approved from irish or pharma on august 9 2018 um as a central nervous system stimulant for the treatment of patients with adhd in patients six years and older this is some information about joining pm for more detailed information as far as dosing country indications and mechanism action clinical trials and limitation

Of the use please refer back to the package insert available online i hope you enjoyed this video as always stay safe and take your medications

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Jornay (methylphenidate)- ADHD- by Saro Arakelians, PharmD- Episode # 108 By Pharmacist Education Corner- by Saro Arakelians