January 27, 2023

After consulting my Neurosurgeon a couple of days ago I start reducing my Clonazepam dosage today. I am looking forward to this step, side effects can be hard to deal with but this time will be different, a smaller reduction.

Hello – today is the 12th of january 2018 two days ago the was that going to be 10th of january i suppose i went to see my neurosurgeon my neurosurgeon in great detail showed me why a operation would not be a good idea why they were not going to do it basically it’s because to get to that part of my brain where these thing is that they would have to remove they would

Have to go very close to i was told an artery and vein main artery main vein so that in itself would be dangerous put that against how ill i am if you like which is not the the symptoms are not so bad that the best thing was to take pills and just just have medication for well probably i suppose forever to be honest with you i agree it’s not that bad i’m happy

Taking pills now when i saw my neurosurgeon i’m a neurosurgeon has nothing to do with my medication but she did give some general advice and explained something which my neurologist had written into my notes that my family doctor didn’t understand or didn’t read or didn’t say anything about by the way my family doctor know that the medication i suppose should be

Controlled by me my neurologist really so i was able to get something from him for to help me with the symptoms last time i tried to give up otherwise he won’t give advice he does nothing so someone new neurosurgeon she gave me advice and that as a result of that i’m going to be reducing my medication starting today i waited until today because then i’ve got the

First couple of days will be at that weekend my wife’s here and so on what i’m gonna do last time i oh i’ll put a picture up now i put it there so you can see the size of the pill i’m dealing with which is small now i have to reduce that by a little bit now the way the way i did it last time i broke it in half you can see this like a line in the middle i broke it

In half then i bit what was left i bit that in half and it was more or less giving me and that and then swallowed the the other half if you see what i mean and then i was able to swallow and i thought at the time well i don’t know i could take us sort of go down by less than a quarter but you can see how difficult that would be that’s what i’ve got to do this time

The way i’m gonna do it just in case you don’t know and these different ways i can do some some a method of titration which is to to have it in liquid form and then mix that with water so i’ve got a larger amount half it half it half it again and then drink the what’s left after i remove the bit that sort of thing so you get the idea but i’ve always had a pill not

A not a liquid form so my neurosurgeon said well if you can stick to the pill rather than change to a liquid form so that’s what i’m doing imagine half break it in half right if i was to break it in two again i get a quarter if i break what’s left i get two bits one of those bits are thrown away that’s how it’s tiny bit that i’m reducing it by and i’m gonna use a

Nail file to remove that little bit that i’m not going to take i hope that makes a bit of sense to you and you understand how much how little it is we do sing by but that’s what i’m gonna do i’ve got some time i’ve got a couple of months now to work on this i’m gonna reduce it by that little bit i’m not sure i can’t say how long for they say the first couple of

Weeks the symp the symptoms of withdrawal get worse and worse and worse and after two weeks they’re at their worst so you could i can’t say you know how much i’m gonna reduce it by and wane but i’ll do that a little bit this is one an april after a few weeks or a couple of weeks or whatever i come back i’ll be alone in england then i go again at the end of june

At the end of july my life will come and join me she’s away working in july in the north of spain and then i will stay there for august as well and then i will come back so that’s sort of the timetable all that being alone all that being in a different country where my doctors are not and all that stuff i’m not gonna be with doing any reduction during that time

But you you get the idea of what’s happening and you can see how slow it is now one of the things i have have had thoughts about as well as as much as anything else is i’m quitting but the fact is so is my wife and i suppose the rest of my family but they don’t live with me and my wife now i have to be careful because of my for my wife’s sake as well this is not

Necessary for for her as well she’s got a deal with the symptoms as well she had to deal with the the couple of seizures i had last time i tried any is what so it is important to me so that’s actually once time a friday i think i could have done it started on wednesday but i’m certain on friday because i that will help her she’s around for a couple of days the

Timetable in general the the speed at which i would reduce it to me i mean i’ve been taking it for twenty years if it takes a year to drop one pill i don’t care the care that eventually it’s gone but it’s important that withdrawal doesn’t affect me too much and also but also that it doesn’t affect my wife too much because it’s it’s a big fit you know it’s scary

For her so that’s what’s happening i’m gonna keep you up to date i’ll tell you what the symptoms are like because last time they were hell we’ll see what happens so and good luck to anybody else is doing this this this thing out there anybody who sees it and think if you know a few comments i’ve received so far

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